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THC 70: Jae Sabol | One Community: Blueprint For A Self Sustaining Society

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Mike Nelson from the Midwest Real podcast ( joins me for an interview with Jae Sabol, the founder of One Community. One Community is a non-profit organization purposed for creating open source and free-shared blueprints for sustainable civilizations that are for The Highest Good of All. ( Jae explains their position as “a stepping stone towards the Venus Project and a resource based economy.”

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  1. I’m not saying I dislike the content of what the guest had to say at all, it’s just that once I hear the agenda 21 lingo thrown around I start to raise an eyebrow. Upon research I managed to find this…

    It is a close adoption of the current agenda 21 plan (with modifications) I am just weary of corruption, especially with regard to the “mainstream money” the guest mentioned as a goal of the project.

    Other then that he sounded genuine and like he was committed to a good cause.

    Keep up the good work, love the show. The donation raffle thing sounds like a good idea. I’d make it less then a 50/50 split. Maybe 80/20. You gotta pay them bills, ya know?

    Would love to ear what others dig up, maybe I’m way off

  2. Dude, Greg, I think your brain shut off during this episode.

    Pair this episode with the Wendy Tremayne episode 73. She just went off and did these things and lives this way. No need to radically re-engineer how “society” (that is, other people live).

    The notion that we need to create “systems” to change the world is sort of a sickness of people raised in systems. This douchebaggy planning and rule making sounds ultra annoying and passive aggressive control freaky.

    Being a cog in a system–any system–THAT is the problem.

    Also, it’s noteable that a lot of this interview was focused on replacing the mind control we live under with a new version of mind control–not freedom.

    Just imagine sitting around in some meeting deciding for 30-100 people if dogs should be allowed in these tatooine huts. How many fucking papers will these dudes write about the sustainability of pets?

    Yuck. Sounds like non-freedom to me. These people are technocratic bitches.

    Really, fuck that passive aggressive control freak shit! It really sounds like they’re building in some techno-amish-hippie starbucks town.

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