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THC 68: Jay Weidner | Stanley Kubrick & The Archon Conspiracy

Show Notes


Adam Gorightly and I start the show off by talking about his newest article in Paranoia Magazine, “The Dead Comedian Conspiracy” which discusses the lives and deaths of great social commentators like Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin. We also talk about the suspicious circumstances, errors in reporting, and the morphing narrative surrounding John Belushi’s death in the pre-show.

We’re then joined for an interview with a conspiracy world jack-of-all-trades,  Jay Weidner, to discuss his work on Stanley Kubrick, the moon landing, and his involvement with secret societies. We also discuss the Argons, the supposed non-human entities at the top of the global elite’s pyramid, and the big conspiracy to keep humanity enslaved and in the dark about man’s true potential. Whoa.

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  1. Hey Greg. Great show. Especially part about living our potential. Wanted to give you and everyone some inspiration around that. In 2011, I had to leave my corporate job due to a chronic pain condition. (Didn’t get disability – I just quit.) Shortly thereafter, I got turned on to the Law of Attraction/manifesting stuff. I came up with the focusing phrase, “The money will always be there.” I made it a reminder on my iPhone so it popped up every day. I’ve been unemployed almost two years now. Funds & freebies just keep showing up. I know this is going to seem unbelievable but I swear it’s true. Like Jay, I was an atheist. So I’m just as floored as anyone. It’s amazing.

    Now, I’m not suggesting people quit their jobs flippantly. I did have some savings. But not near enough to last this long. The important thing is to really believe in the power of manifestation. So if you don’t think you can quit your job for XYZ reason, contradict those reasons in your mind and believe that those barriers will fall away. Practice manifestation in other areas like Jay suggested.

    But you have to leave doubt behind – completely! There were times I thought I was being irresponsible by not worrying all the time about money. Others did. But I replied to those thoughts with, “I refuse to participate in the consensus reality.” And the money/free stuff keeps showing up.

    Like Jay said, this battle is being waged in the spiritual realm as well as the physical. So, resist in the physical, but also practice using the spiritual power that you have. In any way. Big or small. Doesn’t matter. Just get in the game!

  2. Nice! I hear stories like that from time to time, but it’s just so hard to believe. I’ve taken on your phone reminder idea, that’s good. Congrats on finding a path you’re happy with, the corporate machine will use you up and put you down like a racehorse with a broken leg. Glad you found a way out and thanks for listening!

  3. Here I am seven years later loving the Carlwood. I’ve been here a long time- since 2013. Now  it’s 2020 and I just heard somebody stealing your podcast -they had it revved up so that it’s a faster sound but it’s definitely this episode and the YT channel is called Zoroaster. It was posted in  feb 2020 

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