Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows Venus Project Interview on The Higherside Chats conspiracy podcast

THC 47: Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows | The Venus Project – Building A Better World

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Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows join Kyle and I to discuss The Venus Project’s societal model for a world beyond poverty, politics, and war. I apologize for the drops in audio quality, my guests were not in the best situation to be recorded, but the show must go on. A highlight of my life, here’s THC 47. Learn somethin.

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  1. Hi. I have so much to say from my notes on this and other of Jaques and Roxannes shows. Too many questions are not answered fully because they or Jaque is in a loop. Still too much in concept when it comes to human emotion and, say the argument factor. I actually agree with so much of what they say, but they have GOT to get the social steucture working with in their own property first. They have there the homes, at least a few to do this.
    I have pointed this out to them often, that before he or any of us, you , we can sell this to a larger society it muat go theough trial and error with in rhe Venus proect itself. The concepts must be put to practice and trial and error amd correction and time

    You mention the problem of cheating in schools. I have already written about that in my own papers on our new schools. Cheating is nonexistant because a person is allowed ro get answers from others over and again untill they know it. It is expected. The movement through or passing of a subject or learning area is done theough personal demonstration of the area they are working to achieve. If a child or person is ar odds with one parh and cannot demonsteate knowledge in it they are directed or guided and helped ro discover that area that they are more compatable with. This may take time but with in the constructs of the society that J and R speak of time is not a concern nor age other then the safety of the young. Cheating is not a peoblem because it is in its essence encouraged to leaen from others and dwmonstration in the field is the quote unquote passing grade

    Well o tried to post this and got an error message.saying that my post was too short! Most people complain that iam too wordy and this page says more.
    One of rhe subjects where i have to disagree with Jaque is that of norhing being inherited feom out genetics.y son was not raised anywhere near his father feom the age of 3 years yet he is sp like his father in character, laughter and self style it is eerie. Jaque will mot diacuss this because of his views on argument, yet the term arguement must be used in its obsolete usage to mean discourse. We can have seperate views but if the societal construct is to secceed we must give allowances to low argument.
    The scientific evidence of genetic heritage must be given creedance and wxplores in its actuality with what we know feom our experience with split families.
    I just want to say something to you personally anout cops and law. Not all police and officers are corrupt. I have had only positive encounters even when i am getting rickets for breaking a law. Ie speeding and trespassing. I know that others have had different experience but that does mean it is all bad. That being said i feel that although Jaque does have more experience in working with more people than myself he is seeing the whole society through only physical science amd does mot understand the nor care to inderstand the behavioural sciences as well as the emotional and heart of man sciences. This is a vital need if these consteucts are going ro advance

    1. It’s good that you’re asking questions. You are close to understanding how TVP works, but our language, technology, and information is not perfect and is sometimes difficult to pass on and interpret. So for your consideration:
      Jacque doesn’t mean police officers are “inherently” corrupt, he’s saying the monetary system is, and effects us ALL so negatively because it is so obsolete. Unfortunately police/military suffer some pretty negative experiences, information, and indoctrination. This is true of all of us to different degrees, which is why TVP advocates helping ALL people.
      What Jacque means by “genes don’t matter” is that what matters is fixing the socio-economic, environmental factors that shape and affect our genes, which would improve all our lives and the world immensely.
      “I have pointed this out to them often, that before he or any of us, you , we can sell this to a larger society it muat go theough trial and error with in rhe Venus proect itself. The concepts must be put to practice and trial and error amd correction and time”
      – Millions of people around the world who support TVP are trying to do just that.

      1. One more thing, if you think Jacque doesn’t care about behavioral science, perhaps you haven’t studied his background enough. All he’s trying to do is improve our physical environment by using not money but science; which is the best tool we have to solve problems. TVP is absolutely about taking care of everyone’s hearts, emotions, and everything else!

        1. With all due respect, I’ll take care of my own environment and emotions. I know a tyrant when I see one and I’m disappointed to see this sick child abusing cult promoted on this podcast.
          Then again, this was a while ago, hindsights twenty twenty.
          It’s sad when people don’t recognize that same predatory personality just because he frames it as helping people rather than controlling them.
          Sorry, had to let that out. I just completely despise people that offer to “help you” by deciding every aspect of your life and enviroment. Beware these new age fucks. Using loose language to justify anything, and make up anything.

  2. Money is the problem, for I agree. Money is a man made object which makes the world go round. For without it you will die of starvation. It is a false form of energy. It is idolitry. A man made object which we breath a false life into. Food, water, seeds, solar, wind, these are true forms of energy. If you wait for the collective you will be to late. Personal soverignty through natural energies is the only way to be a lion. Extract the rafter out of our own eye and then we can help our neighbor. We cant wait for our neibor to help us. They are alseep in babylon. You must get out of the eugenics matrix to not only die by it but in order to save others. Why was Daniel the wisest of all the men? Until people think in terms of eugenic bio-chemical warfare, they will never wake up. Why are we as a nation the leader in cancer, heart disease, obesity and many diseases? There is nothing new under the sun. The only way to fight this fight is free yourself from out of babylon. You as a soverign should control your own resources. You shall till the organic soil yourself to save your life. If you want to see the kingdom of the Universe, stop starvation by planting fruits and vegetables yourself and then share and teach your neighbor so he too will not starve. The Universe has declared food free yet we set up false life-forms as money and corporations to feed us. They are false gods or false entities. Isn’t Lucifer referenced to Venus and Venus is called the morning star? Christ said he is the morning star and or our sun. Lucifer is a knock off of Christ. We are star dust, not venus dust. The only reason we could have venus dust in us is from the false gods or aliens or demon have been unrightfully breeding with us. We are children of the sun. Just an occult aspect to think about when the term Venus is carefully used. Technocracy verses Nature? I would rather myself be the Budda or have Christ consiousness and be free in spirit. To have the knowledge to understand how to heal the sick, or how to feed the pore, or not only how to wake up from corporate bondage but most of all how to be free from the bondage of everything having a cost. This doesnt take a robot technician or tecnology to solve. This will take the conversion of people finding the truth about disease, starvation, eugenics, and only then having true love and converting to plants as Einstein quoted and becoming pro-life on a bio-chemical carbon foot print level. A good inspirational and revolutionary film can be seen for free ar
    This is how nature will feed us. Claim your soverignty today and dont wait for a eugenic system to take your life.

  3. you cant do the things hes done without greatness,it s just unrealistic for 7.5 billion people,u got a bit defensive when he mentioned smokings a no no greg,hahasad

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