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3 responses to “THC 46: Food Matters & Hungry For Change w/ James Colquhoun”

  1. One of my favorite of your episodes! Would love more on the topic (along with all the other conspiracies). While I’m not a vegan or anything in particular, I did make a BIG change in the way I eat and feed my family some years ago, and it has definitely made a difference. Greg, you can do it! Those little changes make for big results!

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  2. This guest was very accurate and I thought it was a good show. Watch the gardening film at
    Research chlorophyll and blue green algeas such as spirulina and chlorella. He was talking about sunlight. These are the most condensed forms of sunlight for us to consume. Eat my flesh and live. Pure energy in the flesh.Sea salts are a good thing. High frquency crystal energy. Sunlight and minerals raise our vibrational energy. All diseases are toxicity or nutritional deficiencies.

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