Dr Rita Louise Alien Gods Interview on The Higherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

THC 39: Dr. Rita Louise | Alien Gods, Mythology, & The Kitchen Sink

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Dr. Rita Louise stops by to discuss her new book Man Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods. We talk and speculate about ancient mythology, genetic manipulation, 2012, aliens, conspiracies, and everything in between. Sheba Shane closes out 2012 for THC as only she can.

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  1. She said in the bible and in the garden of edon they sewed animals skins to cover themselves after they sinned. I have never read that in any literature. I see that it was fig leaves that were sewed for there covering. There is no question aliens have been interbreeding with mankind. The bible doesnt deny that. Neither do the ancient texts which were part of the holy writings before the bible was put together, such as the book of Enoch. It is clearly stated that these entities are false gods and did not have the singularities or universals blessing. We are children of the light. Science will teach you that, and so does Christ. What do you think it means to be a gentile? We have alien blood. But our blood will be purified. It is amazing to me that with all the wisdom of the world, the people fail to see the messages of life. The bible is a eugenic vs pro-life book. It is written in code for those who have ears. But people are too stupid to see it for its hidden messages, even so called Christians. Who are not even Christians at all. People debate whether Christ lived on earth or not but fail to here the massages of life. It is like Bruce Lee said. If you stare at the finger that is pointing to heaven you will miss all the heavenly glory. Dumb ass people need to stop staring at the finger.

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