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Steven D. Kelley | Dark Secrets of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, & The NWO Agenda

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Author and radio host Steven D. Kelley joins THC to talk about his research into the Clinton Crime Syndicate and the larger NWO Agenda they’re a part of.

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I’ve switched off after 27 minutes this guy is offensive and his ideas are absolutely without any shred of proof or credibility whatsoever. I’m surprised you even had this lunatic on. Trying to “pussify”?! What the Fuck. This is trivial bullshit anybody could go around making up stories and assumptions doesn’t make it true, and its definitely not entertaining. Some of the ideas discussed on the podcasts are a little hard to comprehend, however at least the guests back it up with a plausible case. Very disappointing


Thanks Greg, I’m going to give it another shot today


Even tho you have a very diverse audience I believe there are still very “thin skinned” easily offended people in here. I didn’t agree w everything he said either but I surely wasn’t OFFENDED at his opinion. He is entitled to it. I think if you folks are that easily offended, YOU need a paradigm shift. STOP finding ways to be offended and just open ur ears. Buddy in the comments below said it perfect, it’s like eating a grapefruit, u peel it and toss some things away but u get to enjoy the fruit inside. Take what u will and stop being offended. !!!!!! I think u are surely “the gold standard” (quoting a great comment below) and i know you will keep up the great work. It’s not easy “breakin trail” on a new path. ????


You dont know me enough to accuse me of finding ways to be offended. It was highly offensive to me you are not anyone to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be offended by. Prick


i wasnt talking about YOU lmaoooooo seeeee case in point man. i was talking to Greg. i replied to a comment thread HE started. i was commenting on the comments i read IN GENERAL…. not you!!! lol seeee WERE YOU OFFENDED JUST NOW????? how do you live like that? pay attention, u might not have been offended just now.


I started the thread therefore it seemed directed at me




sounds like somebody has some life issues to work out.


Politics always brings out the worst in people.


I am highly offended that you would offend seaman about his being offended. For shame . For shame. What is society coming to these days ? !


Mr. Kelley WAS offensive–for example, he called other people “clowns.”

When a guest says something, I don’t take their word for it. I hope most people feel the same way!

It’s not being easily offended, or thick skinned to NOT want to listen to Mr. Kelley. He said a bunch of dubious things in an abrasive, arrogant manner.

I listened for Greg 🙂


Most of what he talked about I’d heard before from other sources.

I agree, I was not offended; however, I hate listening to someone whose main proof was ad hominid attacks. Do I think the earth is flat? No, but he offered no scientific evidence as to why it was false. “It’s dumb” is dismissive of all the issues flat earth does poke holes in. Just my 2 cents


Now I am being picky but my tummy got all creepy when he giggled talking about people dying


Omg! Not “clowns” ! It doesn’t get worse than calling someone a clown


Hey Greg, this was an exciting topic but I agree with seanmartins- too much wild speculation! i love outrageous theories but the guests gotta give some facts or evidence to support the speculation. It’s your job as host and interviewer to ask more pointed questions. Overall you’re interview style is awesome, but when someone comes on the show like s kelley, you gotta ask questions and keep guests on track. Ask for proof, as them to back up some allegations or speculation. Good guests offer that up right away- but its not a monologue show!


Always enjoy your thoughts and rants Greg. But hey- why not just post a show every now and then with just you going solo, ain’t nothing wrong with that. I didnt listen to the full show. clicked off once i couldnt stand anymore. If you got an epic rant or something to say, i want to hear it, but dont clip it to a subpar show


Sean martins, not a fan of this guest. BUT…you missed an epic rant at the end by Greg!!

Mr. Kelley lost me when he said Obama wears Muslim garb and has sex with males; no proof, or evidence. Why not just say, “there are rumors that Obama….” or “I heard this and I believe it….” or “in my opinion….”

Conspiracy gets a bad name when people say stuff without citing their sources or evidence. Just because someone says something on a podcast doesn’t make it true! To me, someone has way more credibility when they admit they have no evidence, but believe certain things regardless. Mr. Kelley was absurd.


IF Obama dresses in “traditional” North African/Middle East gear and has sex with males,( both at once I am assuming. The ultimate insult??WTF?) that would be on the tame end of what rich and powerful blokes groomed for the spotlight get up to, don’t you think?


I TOTALLY agree! That’s no where near what the elites are up to at night wen the doors close at the whitehouse. Spot on man


My point is that Mr. Kelley offered no proof/evidence/logic for statements he made. I prefer my conspiracy to be based on something tangible. I have no idea what Obama does or doesn’t do behind closed doors, and in order to believe someone who says they do know, I need something more than just their word. This was one example of something I think the conspiracy community needs to grapple with: crediability.


I kind of thought that was his point, that it’s tame next to the Clintons.


I loved this show, it would have been better to have Greg ask more questions, but overall it was a cheery and funny podcast! Love listening to all the Clintons trappings, in Oakland the black population knows that Obama is a closet gay Muslim& with 2 adopted kids & parading his transvestite partner around the White House. Keep these fun shows coming!


No, it’s true. We are being poisons at every turn. Chemical food additives, bisphenol A in plastics, and many other chemicals increases Estrogen production in our body while suppressing Testosterone. The same goes with Hormone injection in meat and heavy consumption of Soy products.

Male species is under attack from all direction. NWO is committed in destroying the males because males are the protectors and warriors, they pose great threat in fighting back the NWO.

While you bring up good points, your post is misleading because there are other more toxic means by which we are being poisoned. For example, natural toxicity of grains which make up a huge part of our [American diet], natural toxicity of seed oils which are contained in virtually all processed foods, salad dressings, and used for deep frying at a lot of restaurants, toxicity of legumes (beans) thought to be healthful by many vegetarians and a huge part of the hispanic diets, etc. The basic issue is that we are fed a line in the media about food and we don’t bother to check the facts. In this case there are bigger fish to fry than the additives – even though they are a negative. Perhaps the conspiracy here is why we don’t know about naturally toxic foods and why we naturally think it’s only the external toxins that are causing harm. I studied a lot of health diet books – they are all over the map, with MDs seeming to give the worst advice. Best study guide, IMHO, is The Perfect Health Diet by Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet (a theoretical physicist and a biologist!) who do a good job of laying out the ‘food’ and ‘diet’ issue. Perhaps Greg can consider having them on the show.

papa dave

Wow. Huh. Ok. i’m repeating to myself…open-minded discourse…entertain alternative ideas..(really trying here)…seek truth. it’s not working this time. this is allowing a serpent into the house. i’ll not sugar-coat this for a “higher ideal”. this dude is a grade A nut. i’m giving a +1 on diversity for you brother carlwood. push the limits young man.


I have to admit I was pretty put off, and worried by the beginning of this show. I’ve gotten pretty burnt out on the NWO talking points over the years, but Greg really pulled this show out of the gutter. I ended up loving this show by the end.

So for those who turned it off, I say try to stick with it.


PS: FUCKING EPIC music at the end. FUCKING. EPIC.


I listened all the way through, and there were a few things brought to light that were new and enlightening like some of physics issues with the flat earth, hollow earth theories (assuming he’s correct). BUT, what I sensed throughout was an uncomfortable (to me) arrogance that made me question his integrity/ intentions. Perhaps his declared bloodline gives him an air of authority/confidence – like saying he is the only real truth seeker out there. Really ?!?!?! I can’t defend that either way, but just odds alone would be against that, I would think. Great job, Greg!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do so well!!


Thank you, Greg. Your closing comments helped give it all the best perspective, reminding me of the grapefruit I peeled and ate while I was listening to the show and reading the comments here. There is a bit I throw away each time but I sure enjoy the fruit. Just keep bringing it and keep it on The Higherside. You got it right.


I was going to vote for him until he started talking shit on Art Bell!
Seriously, this was the most fun episode you’ve had in a while. I already know what everyone on here will complain about, and I agree. You’re ending statement was 100% perfect.
Steven was laying down some truth about so many things, and inspired lots of discussions. The most fun I’ve had in a while hahaha. Keep up the awesome work Greg!


Can we really? She’s spent time with Icke and Jones, I can’t really get behind anyone from Camelot anymore…


Far be it for me to speak for Gregor of the Woods de Carl, but what the hell, I’ll give it a shot – I think he was being, as they say, ‘sarcastic’. I know how it feels to want everyone to be sincere, especially when this material can be so upsetting, and confusing, and we all want to know what’s really REALLY going on, and I have approached this with my heart on my sleeve, still do honestly, mostly, but methinks reading in to subtext that, both with what I’ve come to learn about Camelot’s rep, and from the above tone of statement, I think Greg is sticking his tongue firmly-in-cheek with that comment WessexStock, mon amie.

But if what I take from your comment is the need for pure sincerity, not joking around, well, I’m with you in some modes of my being, and in others, I guess it pays to start being a little ‘street smart’, even though that’s often a tough sell for touchy cells… ha! But yeah, I’m only starting this episode out – actually interrupted listening to Harald Kautz Vella on THC + to do so – Christ (!) that show is confusing. I mean, it’s breaking my mind down to the point where, combined with Professor Doom on here, and with Dr F on here, I just don’t know what to believe… but… but surely the ‘puppet masters surely have a plan’, that’s all I can fathom in this moment.

Well hell, maybe reality is so warped, WE are the puppet masters and we don’t even know it yet. I am of course, joking, aren’t I? 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your day WS 🙂


I just joined two days ago. I’m very new to the truth movement. Only 6 months in or so. On the subject of Kerry,all I can say is I would have fucked her before the one side of her face froze. I’ll try to make my next comment more enlightened.


What’s wrong with spending time with Icke and Jones?
I think Icke is genuine, Jones… however, I’m 50/50 about that guy. But I think they both are genuine.


This is a great show, everything the guest is saying is spot on. Greg asking excellent questions as usual. I believe some of the critics of this episode may be trolls sent to infiltrate THC and throw people off base. One point of info, Hillary was running for PRESIDENT in the Dem primary when JFK Jr. was killed. Both Bush Sr & Jr., along with Hillary, were seen at the airport where plane was stored, one day before the crash. That’s why they call it the “Bush-Clinton Crime Family.”


I don’t think he was being homophobic. I think he just has a very outdated vernacular.

Homosexual sex *is* a characteristic activity of the power elite.

I may have missed his point, but I didn’t get that he was saying homosexual sex is satanic but rather that satanists tend to engage in homosexual sex, among other things.


Yes it seems to be.

It’s a really REALLY difficult topic to analyse and discuss.

In the recent film ‘Deliver us from evil’, one can see the evidence of the Vatican silence on abuse. Their business *is* the cultivation of celibate sexual repression in male priests.

It’s all very miserable.


Interesting that he left Bush out of “the Bush-Clinton crime family.”
The fact that there is a Clinton and a Bush running for POTUS again illustrates what an insane situation we’re in.


Some solid thoughts and some… not-so-solid ones. Very entertaining as always though man, and I definitely picked up a few things! I loved that you socked it to him in recap too 😉


Liked your comment at the end. Definitely needed to be better prepared (the guest, not you, Greg 🙂 . Such sloppiness is disrespectful to you and us. The guy is ex-CIA / military so such bravado isn’t surprising and really I am amused at how offended people are here in the comments. I think some people are too thin-skinned, that political correctness is a disease that has really messed people up. I enjoyed his frankness even if I didn’t agree with everything he said. I thought it was a good interview and you, Greg, are not your guests. Those who can’t figure out such a simple concept are afflicted with adult-baby syndrome and need to throw away their bottles.


Shockingly bad. Not your usual quality guest Gregg. Steven came across as offensive, delusional at times. Even his insights on Clintons – his speciality – was light on evidence and mainly hearsay. That said your show is (usually) the gold standard – cheers


I listened all the way up until the point where he claimed the Flat Earth movement is just some psyop to make everyone look dumb. While he is entitled to that opinion the prior 10 minutes up until that point was him crying about how is “the biggest thing out there” and C2CAM not having him on proves that he is the most important thing in the “Truth movement”. Talk about delusions of grandeur……. Oh and if he is ACTUALLY a scientist then he’d have zero issue with people retesting all the prior theories postulated about the “Globe”. I should of turned it off after the strong homophobic vibe I was getting from him early in the interview but I made it almost the whole interview. F

FYI – Steven if you are reading this please give me REAL photographic evidence of the Earth that isnt filtered through NASA, I dont want to hear about numbers you write down on a sheet of paper because the amount of times YOU SCIENTISTS have changed the distance of the sun from Earth alone in the last 100yrs is enough for anyone with half a brain not to trust what your equations say let alone the fact your entire model is based on an unprovable theory called Gravity.



The main reason I hold flat earth is a possibility is that those who oppose it simply openly mock.

papa dave

hey Greg, just have to add something. i’m a 55 y/o grandpa and to be called a troll, a tool to disrupt THC, you honor me. i got a laugh out of that Greg. you all made an old “trolls” day. Peace.


“Parasitical road pirate bastards”.


Much love.


And I’ve had money taken by police because the guy next to me being shaken down didn’t have enough so I must have been holding his.

Portland, Oregon.

They’ve been investigated by the Feds for killing too many elderly and disabled.


Welcome to Merry Old USA. There was a time in England when the surname ‘Catchpole’, (the early name for coppers, long before copper stars/shields) was enough to make people spit on the ground, in front of the name bearer!!

And then run like fuck, I am assuming!! 🙂

Aussie is not much better at the moment, but I think it is still slightly. Although, I may be delusional…


Vinny Eastwood is awesome. Everyone should check out his portfolio. He has many Great interviews with many outstanding guests. Really guy? You got to bash Vinny Eastwood. Vinny is doing the EXACT same thing Greg is doing here with THC, and both are extremely talented. This Steven Kelley guy is pretty talent-less, and his conclusions are very suspect. I think Steven Kelley is a douche who doesn’t have a clue whats going on out there.


Once upon a time there was a wicked old witch who became president of the USA. Many people died in misery and pain. The End!


will download from library tomorrow


Shockingly bad. Not your usual quality guest Gregg. Steven came across as offensive, delusional at times. Even his insights on Clintons – his speciality – was light on evidence and mainly hearsay. That said your show is (usually) the gold standard – cheers


The Clintons would steal a hot stove.

There are many books and white papers to confirm these crimes. Mike Stones Clinton Money being the most recent. Mike was a supervisor
in the secret service that quit his job because morally couldn’t do what Madame Clinton wanted him to do. Read the sourced material and one will find this guest and others are correct. For those with a television i heard HOUSE OF CARDS is based on Bill and Hillary. Perhaps one could observe this program through this filter. This was a necessary show to further educate the public about the false left right paradigm ,
show the hypocrisy and further prove my case that we are being RULED NOT GOVERENED.

The Clintons would steal a hot stove and the Bushes would fence it for them. There is so much overwhelming


DEF NOT voting for this guy, oh…………right……….i stopped voting years ago when i found out the illusion of that game.
Anyway, interesting guy, didn’t realise he’s a comedian, too funny when he said he was top of the list at Bilderberger……hahahah
I kept getting splitter technology (Negative Alien machinery) thrown at me while listening, so shields up, folks, while you listen.


I listened to this guy and if he runs for prez he’s got my vote. HOWEVER, he surely needs some “catch up” on the deeper end of the rabbit hole. He seems to know a lot but holy heck, doesn’t know about Saturn, hasn’t done hardly ANY research on Flat Earth but has a SOLID opinion that the world is heliocentric. I’m not buyin his stuff either. But, as I said, he’s got my vote for prez because he’s clearly leaps and bounds better than his competition, then again, it IS a broken system and our leaders aren’t voted in, they are assigned. So in the end, he’s fighting a losing battle. I say he needs to listen to at least half of the shows you’ve done and see if he doesn’t change his paradigm a bit more.

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