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Christopher Knight | Megalithic Measurements, Freemasons, and The Moon Makers

Show Notes

Christopher Knight, 33 degree mason and author, joins THC to talk about many of the interesting threads that have come out of his decades long line of research into an ancient measurement system that rarely crops it’s head up in the mainstream, but can be found used at Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Washington DC, and several other seemingly unconnected places. Interestingly enough, Freemasonry seems to be the common denominator, and it might not just be on Earth…Strap in.

Check out Chris’s books including “Who Built The Moon?” and “Solomon’s Power Brokers” –Β

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Awsome i havenr listened yet but i just wanted to say thanks for doin these shows they are my favorite. I am new to the higherside plus i also ordered and conspiratee the obama one. I plan on being a subscriber and customer as long as the higherside chats keep doing rhese shows your a great host and im hooked. Thanks for the awsome work and especialy thanks for interveiwing seven bohmar i been following his work for a few years so that was awsome having my favorite host talk to my favorite speaker. I have a feeling this one is gonna be awsome as well.


Welcome friend to a rarefied powerhouse of exploration : alas too few entertain such a range of ideas as our Magnificent Overlord – so whilst the rest of the world languishes in a state of impoverished absence of vision… we bask in the endless varieties of truth… at the last well in this expansive desert of lies – for where else are wearisome travellers to find such diversities of thought I asketh thee…? Higherside oases are few…


Lol I know exactly which podcast you’re referring to with the ‘I am above asking for positive reviews on iTunes each episode’ – Your show is my favorite all the same, though, since you asked, you will get a review on iTunes, since they already got one from me, and I actually listen to your show much more once again – I’m sure as the planets turn and the stars’ energy churns I’ll listen to theirs again, but they’ve been doing a, well, it’s not going as well over there for now.

Man, this was a feckin’ heck of an episode. Let me process and I’ll make some comments. Oh, sync – last night on the sync book member chat, Frater X was brought up, seems like he got really upset when the publisher of a book he was working on with the guys at sync book became a Scottish Rite Freemason – I would love if you had a show with a Scottish Rite on – I mean, Chris isn’t one, if I listened proper. That would be fascinating, but, as Freeman asked… Can you trust a freemason? But to have that, well, interesting – even better if you did a York v Scot, but really, I guess, where would that even get you… Haha!

Get Matt Groening on! He’s a 33rd degree, inn’he?

This was a much better show than last week. And thanks to you, I’ve got ‘Wiccan Wives’ stuck in my head. Outstanding tune. And this ending song is purely lovely. Great job to these guys. And to you, Amigo. You are making such a great show. It’s going to be seen as historical. So I see it.

Oh, sync book is doing some events soon, you might want to look their way for someone to interview – definitely check out their Kabbala series under videos over there.

This song, did I mention, is LOVELY ~


Welcome! Glad to have ya!!! ?


Thanks for making this happen Greg, can’t wait to get to work and start listening to it, hope it’s a quiet shift.


Sorry, but I’m so far down the batshit crazy rabbit hole these days that I kinda believe the moon is a projection! The earth moon is just wayyy too bright. The emitted light intensity is just wayyy too uniform. If you look at some pictures of moons of Saturn, you can see a variation in light intensity across the surface (and I don’t just mean the bit that’s lighted up and the bit that’s in darkness). Every time I look at the earth moon, the light is way too uniform. I look through pictures of the earth moon and it’s way too uniform. And why do so many of the moons of Saturn have a big feckin hexagonal laser death star weapon!????

And then we have sooo many cultural references to the earth moon basically being a mischievous BASTARD! Here we have a former British celebrity paedophile with his creepy little song about the moon:

So maybe the moon is a system for sucking up our souls, like a vacuum cleaner, when we die? And these souls are then fired off to the sun for “processing”?!? And just to prove how mental I am, maybe the sun spots, on the sun, are holes into the sun’s hollow interior to let the souls through?!

And you thought Joseph Farrel did high octane speculation!


Everyone’s gone to the moon (yeah, to get their soul harvested by the grim reaper AKA Saturn… bushels of corn symbolise the harvesting of souls and what do we see? the UN flag surrounded by bushels of corn…. children of the corn!)

And at 1.15 of the song, it says everyone went to the sun (before the moon was built?).

When the sun rises we say “good morning” or should that be “good mourning” to mourn all the souls that were cremated!


While I’m far from sold on the projection theory I don’t find these ideas to be mutually exclusive.
If the moon is a projection then it being “built” according to human/standard unit of measurement ties right in any may well be an easier task that actually building the moon.


I have heard mention that the sun does indeed have holes, like geometric key holes, but they are two way…..
Now I recon, if there are any bad bastards,( Bast has a really bad rap, no?) around here, they ain’t burning souls; they are scrubbing them as clean as they can get and fooling them into coming back around again. Why kill the cow if you can milk it for ever? Trouble for them is, I think they now have too many sleepers in the system who knew the game, jumped in anyway, and snapped out of it waaaay too early for the leeches liking. Just a feeling…

If the moon has any sucking going on, it is dense info. I spaced out looking at it the night before the full moon just gone,( tried on the full, but it was way too heavy) and after about 5 min the light got really weird, got a blue rim, went golden, and then started wormhole funnelling at me! Like a ‘light download’, but weird mixed emotions, not anything tangible. Those who say it holds the earths memories, good and not so good, might be onto something.

As for holograms, isn’t everything? Yes the ground is hard, yet some say you can pass your hand right through it if you know how. So is the moon a hologram in a hologram? Or is it just hollow…
Whatever it is, I’m sure it was parked there, if only to take our attention away from Venus for a few nights a week. πŸ™‚
Scene stealer.


Film the (earth) moon with a 100 frames per second camera, and then watch it back slowly to see if it flickers!


Made my day Greg, can’t wait to hear this one. Thanks for letting some more magic lose into the world.


The new song is fucking awesomeness!


I think they’re still tied down by that creep, Einstein, who abused his own family and butchered physics and left the body in a shallow grave!


Going on what we know about Neanderthals, (which, admittedly is not that much) it is more like We are the Orcs!!


I like what Colin Wilson has to say about Neanderthals, but then again the orc rabbit hole is intreaging:


Re: the moon: Can’t it be a projection hiding the constructed moon?

I assumed the holo moon was covering the artifact covered moon.


Unlistenable, as was the one before!


Great song!! Thanks Greg for your work. Your work is unique and difficult. Rarely am I 100% satisfied but u have surprised me unintentialy. Keep up the good work!! Remember Waco


Another great episode, Greg! Signing up for Plus was the best use of $5 I could spend! Love, love, love the closing song on this one…


Yesterday, on Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program with Corey Goode, Corey was explaining how frequency is used for lighting. I thought maybe even inside the pyramids at one time. But, I’m really wondering if Crrow777 is photographing the ‘frequency’ that is lighting the moon? I enjoyed the show very much. Thank you, Greg.


This guy was pretty mainstream, which I’ll admit was alittle disappointing.


hey totally agree with last comment-this is MerryMozart aka giuliacan aka OICURMT-back, with a bang, with my phat opinions-yes sir-i loved the song though, greg you still on the globe theory?


No, no, no, no, no, DNA is not some big book for recording human history or some big lesson of wisdom or science. DNA is a biological thing. There is no junk DNA. DNA exists in the cell as a big convoluted “clump”. The interior of this clump is less exposed than the exterior. Thus, the code on the exterior is more expressed than code in the interior. It’s like a volume control for DNA. There are also parts of the DNA that act as “transposons” which is something to do with moving chunks of code about. And it could be that the RNA is more important than the DNA. Dunno… can’t remember! Anyway, here is a video about how humans were genetically engineered:


Lost me @ “earth moving on its axis.” G-dammit..Frustrating. gotta listen to these shows in such a different mind set since I came to know FE. Love you and the show just the same Greg.


Try to imagine it all as academic, or it really starts to get in the way.
By that I mean, flat round or pyramid, just as we see it, or hooked up to pipes in a float tank, it is all just a theory( as is most of what we are taught!) Watch for that word; theory. It is fucking everywhere!

The idea of flat with an ‘Earth Mountain’ in the middle is a really good model for some things, otherwise it would not have persisted…but it is just that. A model. And until someone gives us a shot from ‘The Firmament’ that is ridgy-didge, so is the ball model.
Saying this one or that one can not be so because of this or that is cute, until you realise that all your debating points are based on bloody THEORIES!! πŸ™‚

For me, it’s just another energy drain, right up there with mainstream news, television, bitching about politicians and all the rest.

Focus on what you can change, and what can change you, and view all the rest,( and I do mean all. You have no real way of knowing if any generation even existed on this planet before you, or if anyone around you is ‘real’, or just window dressing.) with a sceptical, non attached eye.

You might be amazed what that energy can do if you keep it in, rather than leaking it out. Shit can get very real, in a very strange way! πŸ˜‰


Same here. The Universe, Big Bang, distances to the Moon and the Sun, the globe, spinning and other BS. Facts, evidence, Science, mathematics – yeah, some of us now how all that can make flat things turn into spinning balls flying through space 1.7 mil.miles per day :D. I don`t trust this guy. “Oh, free masons are good they help people. Yes they practice geomancy but it`s for the good of the people” – awwww so cuuuute πŸ˜€ !
Just woke up, had to comment on this show. I`m 1h20 mins into the show, it was way too hard to listen to him that long, but I will endure πŸ˜€ . Gotta hear what he says about tripple crown control.
Yeah, thanks Greg anyway!


Gotta Say BRAVO on this Greg! You Are Amazing At Interviews and Seem to have that Incredibly Unique 1 in Infinity Spark that Just can’t Be Captured By Words! Also, For Lauren Silva, That Song At The End Is Beyond Beautiful! Congratulations and I wish Nothing But The Best For You In The Future And I Know You Will Do Great Things. Don’t Fret About Anything, You’re Doing Quite Well. Cheers And Hello!: )


Wonderful show. I love this guest as he is so genuine; he once hinted on Red Ice that Scottish Rite answered to another group. Rings within rings. I am curious what other listeners think that group is:

The Templars? B’Nai Brith, the Jewish Elite Freemasonry? Majestic 12? Does that group have a leader, a King of the World, mimicking Jesus and the 12 Disciples, or Arthur and the Knights.

I am also intrigued that the special room is an elliptical chamber with the most sacred icon/object at the center, and how he referred to it as the “hub.” It makes me also wonder what period in the middle 1800s this was placed there and if it had anything to do with the Washington Monument, which had halted construction for a time.

Is the elliptical chamber a microcosm of the solar system, with the object as a proxy for the sun, an ever burning lamp?

No one knows what happened top the “Ben Ben”, the pyamidion that sat atop the Great Pyramid, and is deemed to be technological in nature. Many past civilizations prized it, and it was probably something kept in a gold ark. Was it radioactive, electric?

If it has survived the centuries, one would think it is not a working piece of technology presumably. He alluded to documents and objects being secured by the Templar dug, and many people going to Europe. He was careful to mention it ma not have anything to do with Jesus, so I am so curious.

Was it a map, the Emerald Tablet, some anti-diluvian “blueprint”, a kind of protected time capsule entrusted to the future by a dying high civilzation so it might know how to rebuild and start society again?

I have always been curious about the Normans, and why they were interested in the mideast land. They were a war-like people. Sometimes I think Michael Tsarion ideas about society originating in the northern European countries has something to it. Thracian culture, after all, was known for their red hair and blue eyes, and they were down close to Turkey. Perhaps the middle east was a place people went when the glacial periods made the north no longer viable to live in. And when the ice melted, they returned to the original emerald lands.

Clearly, such a secret group clearly running our society behind everyone’s back is not a good idea, no matter how much they think of themselves and benevolent guardians. Clearly, there is no social contract, and we have only a legacy of ashes from the stewards and would-be-guardians of our civilization.

Perhaps people need to focus not on any one minor conspiracy, but head straight to the fact of how power really works in this world, since even presidents are not read in on much special access programs. There is a power above presidents, and the people live in ignorance.

Something tells me these people are not philosopher kings, but are just like any mortal human soul – vulnerable to the corruption of power. And while 80 people currently have 1/2 of the world’s wealth and these people have no problem with the profane masses living with fraud and lies as the bedrock for their lives, something needs to change.

So perhaps any truth community should target true power, and appeal to this power, and if not, ruthlessly expose it. Civilizations rise and fall, and our technology is clearly in the wrong hands; science is being used for destruction and military technology, surveillance and totalitarian control. We might be better off without our Empire, which is basically an organism that lives off slave labor. Only our slavery is named and propagandized as the status quo work we must endeavor to do, despite technology’s advances and our ability to have a much more peaceful and capable society. If those greedy few would have a transparent and more egalitarian society, and if money were changed if not abolished all together somehow, we could create a world that spent the labor and passion of the people on making everyone have basic needs: food, shelter, and the ability to pursue a livelihood of their choice. Instead, how much of the money goes to prop up schemes, cartels, war making ability, and bureaucratic waste.

Thanks for a good show. I would like to see more people appear on the show that can speak about the Scottish Rite from an inside perspective, or perhaps a former intel agent, someone with enough esoteric knowledge to shed some light on how things work, even if the guest did not have all the answers. The more we can understand how things work, the more we can target the mechanism and finally, the people behind this secret combination that rules in the shadows.


You really bring up a lot for great questions / food for thought. I don’t know the answers either but, I really liked this part.

“somehow, we could create a world that spent the labor and passion of the people on making everyone have basic needs: food, shelter, and the ability to pursue a livelihood of their choice. Instead, how much of the money goes to prop up schemes, cartels, war making ability, and bureaucratic waste”.

Somehow, I’m hoping / seeing/ a different future or a different planet. πŸ™‚


Thanks for this – a brilliant summary of the issues i had with this guest! but said so much better than i did below! it felt dishonest and i was struggling to justify that – so thanks!


Awesome podcast, he made great points that I’d never heard before a and he made some a didn’t agree with, but that’s the conspiratorial world for ya.

Also, the music at the end was fucking awesome, unbelievable song, THC Music kicks ass.


Entertaining but this guest falls in the “A Certain Mind is a Closed Mind” category…

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