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Author and researcher Richard Cassaro joins THC to talk about the remnants of ancient wisdom he’s uncovered through rigorous investigation. He also breaks down many of the ancient and modern symbols we see used and talks about what they might have meant in the past.

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  1. Greg, what can I say…….I am awestruck!!!! Your last two shows are were over the top!!!! Every word resonated with me. There were so many good quotes, I couldn’t write fast enough!!!…I’ll just have to listen again!!!! You are the best interviewer!!!….you are so well informed about your guests and then ask them the right questions!!!! I truly admire your decision to leave your 9 to 5 job and pursue what you are doing. You are excelling and I know you will continue to do so… have the right mindset and for what it is worth, you will always have my support!! The music is also great!! You have some very talented people following you!! I am a “senior citizen”, and it gives me great hope that the world is in the hands of young people like you and your listeners (at least most of them, there are some bad apples in every barrel)!!

      1. I’ll third that! The last 5 episodes have been superb. It’s especially great when the episodes link together as these have done since you spoke to Santos Bonacci. It’s got me researching all sorts of areas, including the Neoplatonic philosophers, which I never thought I would be doing! Maybe you could work in some sort of theme/topic for each month?? Just an idea. I’ll be listening either way though!!

  2. Hi Greg,
    Just finished with Richard Cassaro and loved it! My husband is currently at work trying to download so he can listen to it now!!:)
    I am reading “The History or the World” right now by Mark Booth and although I am only about 200 hundred pages in to it, it seems that they are very similar in their work.

    I was raised 7th Day Adventist which is a very tight nit denomination of Christianty, considered by some to even be somewhat cult like. Although I am not ready to give my faith up quite yet the problem I always had, attending the church school grades 1-8, was that Christianity and Jewdism were so young in the whole scheme of things.. You know how could something that came along thousands of years after the beginning of time have all the answers?? Well this look into All the religions of the world and all the major civilizations of the world has shown me that there is a pattern and there is a lot more too those so called missing books of the Bible like the book of Enoch, or the Kabal and other great works etc.. Mystisisiam, the Greek Gods and the Egyptian Gods are all part of the same story I think. That makes sense to me..

    Anyways thank u for your work and bringing us to a higher level of living. Truly!! Through thought provoking conversations and interviews I believe that I have truly started to have a serenity that was truly impossible for me in my previous thought patterns.

    My husband is still having to do the 9-5 for our family but I am so thankful that we made the decision to live with less and have me at home with our kids instead of the maddening reach for more Stuff!
    keep up the good work!!
    Always the Micks

    1. Wow, Sabraven, I thought the exact same thing about how young Christianity is too. I thought that as old as man was, there was no way all those prior ppl to this new religion would or could truly be put in Hell or even Limbo for not being a damn Chritian. You are on the right path. Next examine the TRUE nature of our so-called Holy Books. I was blown away. But the science of them and the true history has been very well researched. Just know that really, it’s all about LOVE and the Golden Rule. That’s what really matters and what will help our world. Good luck my Sister! ❤️

  3. Very thought provoking ideas coming from the first half of the interview. Timely for me especially since I am currently visiting France and had just returned from Chartres Cathederal the same day I listened to this interview.
    I had only been here 2 days and because I can’t sleep due to a 6 hour time difference from my home in
    the states I listened in the wee
    hours of the morning. A lot of synchronicity as you can imagine. My brain was racing with joy and unity with the ideas presented by your guest. I plan on investigating his ideas further when I am able to sit and take some good time to do so. This is the type of person who I would love to hear more of as I share much of the same philosophical leanings.
    I would like to attempt to clarify one topic you raised though of your perspective of the Alchemical concept of the “Green Lion”.
    According to Fulcanelli’s interpretation, it is the first magnetic agent used to prepare the solvent known as Alkahest. Which if I remember correctly is arsenic and lead. The rudiment of the embryo of the philosophers stone. I am paraphrasing obviously, but Alkahest can be looked up easily
    enough to understand the real meaning of Green Lion. I do believe the cannabinoid reference is wishfully off the mark.
    I am grateful though of your ability to bring guests of this caliber to our attention. And I will continue to support your efforts to do so.
    All the best.

  4. As much as I love far out conspiracy stuff I do enjoy simple conversations about the human condition and “the struggle” as well. Shits real and I’m sure everyone can relate. Enjoy your trip, man.

  5. Wow. This was is one my favourites. Richard brought some really interesting information to my attention which resonates with my own studies. Richard comes across as a true gentleman and is very easy on the ear despite him saying how he is a terrible talker and what not. Greg, once again, great work, thanks for bringing us a great show and asking all the great questions, and you too need to give yourself a lot more credit because without you these amazing gems would never come to light.

  6. Greg

    As a long time listener and huge fan of your show I felt slightly obligated to comment on this epsiode, simply to give constructive feedback. I thought it may be good to hear from a long time fan. I really did not enjoy this show and it had nothing to do with you at all. You were great as usual. I just felt the guest was bit repetitive and didn’t really provide any interesting information that broke past the surface. I felt that he spoke a lot about himself and not enough about the subject matter. When he did get into the topics, I didn’t feel that he really gave much information. Again, I absolutely love your show and i couldn’t be happier with the offerings you provide on a show to show basis, i just wanted to give my honest opinion on this particular guest because everyone seemed to really enjoy it based on the comments and i was hoping to get feedback from other listeners on this comment in a constructive way. Maybe I missed something, maybe I’m nuts! Who knows.

    With all that said, I do want to tell you again that i thoroughly enjoy your show and I thank you again and again for all the marvelous content you deliver to your fan base. Not that my opinion means much, but Please don’t take this comment in a negative way, I just felt that some honest feedback could be appreciated. I am listening to the Steph Young show now and so far its been great! I hope you enjoyed your trip and I can’t wait to hear more from your show. THC has honestly been, and continues to be, the best podcast I have ever listened to in the realm of conspiracy, paranormal etc. And its been a pleasure to watch the show, and you, blossom into a really amazing experience. I know you hear it time and time again from your guest, but you are truly an incredible interviewer. I relate to you and the way you go about the show very much. I wish more Podcasts could take a page from the Carlwood book and be more like THC, but until then i remain a avid listener and huge fan of everything you do on THC. Stay cool man and keep fighting the good fight. Be well.

  7. Dude sounded from the heart, good show. Enjoyed the part about old-school masons being a bridge between ancient mysteries and the medieval cathedrals, encoding sacred knowledge along the way. Maybe they were super heroes that for a time held back the kid rapey, taxy, witch burning priests that we’re looking at now, those dinosaurs too belligerent to die. Or maybe they were the next priest class jockeying for position, corporate (trans-humanist) takeover style (where did all those Old Gods go?). Either way, good show.

  8. I think you might be right that there already is a one world government and the lie, as they say, is to convince us the devil doesn’t exist. By promoting the idea that ‘they’ are still trying to create a one world government they lead us to think we don’t have one. That we are still, by the skin of our teeth, free. And the idea of traveling is so true. I’d meet Americans in Europe and most acknowledge how limited the media is, or even the lies that are told. I like the way this man thinks, it was a good dialog between the both of you that I enjoyed listening to.

  9. I loved this show! Richard is so loving, kind, respectful, and very very wise. It was a pleasure hearing him state the same exact beliefs that I have after a 25 year long search for the Real and the True. My favorite Ancient Wisdom Tradition is taught by Theosophy. It says all the same things, really. In 1888 HP Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine came out in a two-volume set. One volume tore up organized religion’s nasty ass and the other volume kicked the asses of the science community who was passing off bullshit as revealed truth. HPB was a whistle blower before it was cool. It’d be great to have a balanced show about her amazing life and how she got totally screwed over but choose to turn the other cheek and live her life. It’s a shame that the lies are still being toted as truth. Same old. Same old.

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