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Martial artist, teacher, author, podcaster and all around dominant human being, Daniele Bolelli, joins THC to talk about Taoism, spirituality, and striving for excellence and balance. We also talk about dealing with loss, pain, laziness and all the other gifts life gives us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. That was a great episode! I see one of the key problems at the heart of western philosophy is “what can be known” and how it can be known. I think Socrates worked toward escaping the lies of the world of man with reason and logic, but got to the boundary of what those tools could accomplish, and in the western mode of thinking, beyond that is just nihilism. I think the mystery schools try to fill in that black hole with crazy shit. Maybe another approach is just to realize you’ve got limits on what you can translate into language, logic, or symbols, and try to contend with that. That appeals to me.

    I thought the guest’s comments on Ferguson were apt. Protesting, rioting, burning businesses in your own neighborhood, stopping traffic. What’s it accomplish? I feel that those actions are really acknowledging and amplifying the power of the system that oppresses people. It’s like rattling the walls of a playpen, not to get out, but to get a new bottle.

    I don’t think the police violence problem is really articulated well–that is, it’s hard to see an overall pattern. I’ve watched the videos that come out on a daily basis, but I definitely don’t see that conflict happening here, where I live. I’m not sure it actually ~could~ happen here. Maybe the social pecking order transcends the ability to deploy violence. I’d wager that, here or maybe in other similar communities, cops would actually be afraid of using violence on an average citizen.

    I live in an affluent county in Ohio, in a small new england-esque town. So, is it a different pool of people that are cops, here, Or, are the cops in places like Ferguson or Cleveland really cracking down on people sort of in a low level war of oppression to maintain a societal pecking order?

    I think Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown. I do wonder, though, if there’s something larger going on there–like is there a war between what are effectively tribes that manifests itself as police violence? Maybe it’s not even primarily a racial issue. I really don’t know.

  2. What an awesome podcast. I loved it, and I love Daniele, you need to have him on again. I completely abandoned Christianity(with the exception of gnostic texts), and really have a soft spot for Eastern arts like Qi Gong, and teachings like Taoism and Zen Buddhism, especially Taoism, I hope you have more podcasts like this, I’m very happy thus far you’ve been really adding much more. 🙂

    I think it’s good to have podcasts with people exposing all the negative bullshit that’s going on, but I think it’s best to have podcasts like this with people informing people of how powerful they truly are, this is the BEST thing one can do to go against the status quo.

  3. I really enjoyed this episode. Daniele sheds some light on how to be a warrior, and you each share honestly about things you struggle with. The Ferguson commentary was on point because we do all suffer in different ways, and to lack compassion for your fellow man only serves to further the agenda of divide and conquer. I had never heard that rendition of “Animal” as the outro, but it really emphasized the lyrics “I’m still, I’m still an animal”.

    I love Taoism and Daniele does a good job breaking it down. I also feel very influenced by the lectures of Alan Watts and it’s inspiring to hear someone continue to relate it to current day events. It’s an ideology that doesn’t demand your obedience- you can’t beat that! Getting our minds in tune with Nature is challenging when Nature is all paved over and we’re looking at cell phone notifications habitually, but there are ways. I’m currently big into daily dog walks, but I’m looking into lifting weights as part of the regular regimen. Gotta plant that tree today.

  4. Great episode! A perfect treat on Thanksgiving, I had to drive 50 extra miles to pick up the pie I forgot, but those were spent expanding my understanding and appreciation for “The Way of the Universe” or simply “The Way”. My favorite religions in my World Religious Traditions class were the Theravada Buddhism and Taoism philosophy (not really a religion per se) It seems like we live under legalism and conform to their ideas but this episode really inspires me to realize the control only leads up to my mind, I decide if it goes further. Thanks again !

  5. Great show Greg! Big fan of Mr. Bolelli. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your Ferguson rant. I suggest Mark Passios What on Earth is Happening episode 177 if you want my opinion on the issue. This whole thing has really hit close to home for me as I’m sure it has you guys as well. I’m glad your not ranting in favor of the governments narrative about Darren Wilson being a hero like Red Ice and Alex Jones seem to be. I agree with Kevin on the top comment that something deeper is most likely going on, but if I have to take a side between people who want justice and the governments dog and pony show, I choose the protesters. I’m sure you already know that just like 911 and the Warren commission, Sandy Hook, and every other government narrative, the Darren Wilson story has some holes. I obviously dont support burning down businesses, and assume provocateurs had something to do with getting that emotionally charged crowd going, and burning buildings down rapidly in freezing STL that had been getting rained on all week, fishy. The whole thing has educated me on a lot of conspiratorial corruption in St. Louis, I had never put a connection to St. Louis’s yearly VP fair (now Fair STL) and the Veiled Prophet secret society that the Monsanto president, and St. Louis mayor and police chief are all members of, if you haven’t looked into them, google; veiled prophets st. louis. But looking through most twitter comments on the Ferguson debacle, most people are suffering from the same Stockholm syndrome that gave us the Nazi Party and Manifest Destiny. Thanks for being a skeptical voice to the narrative. – Lou

  6. This was a great episode – I’ve not delved into the Tao yet but I will now! Also really dug your wrap up at the end — well stated, Greg. And I was super stoked to hear a Miike Snow cover in the outro – her voice is freakin’ sweet!!!

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