SMQ AI | We All Died In 2012, The Mandela Effect, & The Changing Timeline

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SMQ AI is a dedicated Mandela Effect researcher who has been on this trail since its earliest days. His ongoing coverage can be found on his YouTube channel, where he has also suggested the reason for this misalignment between memory and the timeline could be the result of a mass extinction event in 2012, which killed us all and we’re dead.


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-The geographic changes that Mandela Effect researchers are finding. -Could the Mandela Effect be natural? -How is this not the afterlife? -Archaeological anomalies. -Changes in nature and the rainbow mountains. -Cats with wings.

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  1. I love this stuff!! It really lights my mind on fire in the best way.
    I have an incredibly strong memory of Mandela dying in prison in the late 80’s or early 90’s myself. I first started poking around online to see if others shared that memory in 2006.
    As far as I know I was the very first person to mention online the Mandela death memory (in the “reality that I’m from,”, or whatever. (I had googled the crap out of it, no mention anywhere of the “Mandela Effect” for several more years after that). The blog was Pop Occulture, written by Tim Boucher. (He disappeared from online a few years later, taking down his blog, so there’s no record of this; I know it’s a terrible cliche to claim something with no proof, but it happens to be true.). He had been talking about some other synchromystical thing & I made a comment. (The only time I’ve ever “publicly” commented on anything is this one I’m typing right now.). I was soo glad to see a handful of other commenters say they remembered the same thing. Because of that I began to suspect that what we call reality is very malleable.
    The “reality I’m from” had Bearenstein Bears, a Monopoly man with a monocle, there were years & years of commercials of Ed McMahon delivering the big check (always with balloons, I might ad), etc. I have very very specific memories of these things! Sometimes it feels like someone is effing with our heads on a grand scale
    I have a hard time wrapping my mind around all this but I’m soooo glad there are smart people researching & talking about the nature of this reality & that you’re interviewing them! Thank you!

  2. Incredible. The Ed McMahon thing is crazy, I literally remember the commercials. So it seems like time travel is occurring, and these are the noticable symptoms. Damn man. It always blows my mind how many really interesting guests have low sub numbers. Some of the best ones only have a few thousand. I’m definitely a new fan

  3. Greg, first of all, Happy New Year, love the new take on the intro music.
    Second, you’re a fucking sorcerer or something. You often state your discouragement at not being able to “feel energies” or have other solid affirming experiences, yet you have no idea how deep the synchronicity goes sometimes. One tiny little example is the recent Chris Knowles episode, at just over a minute into the intro, I had a sudden powerful itch on my back. I reached for the nearest elongated object to use a scratcher, which just happened to be a cheap plastic magic wand prop, and grabbed hold of it at the EXACT instant that you said the word “Wand”. A mundane occurrence, but actually stopped me in my tracks when it happened.

    I know I make some strange and bold claims on here sometimes, and it sounds like I’m literally connected to everything sometimes, but it’s even stranger for me because it’s all true.
    The road on which I live comes out of Gettysburg PA and ends in a small historic town in MD. Situated right at the end of the road, about 2 miles from my house, there is a house where the kidnapped Lindbergh baby was held for a time. I have been inside, just before it was recently remodeled.
    While listening to this episode, I was researching the winged cats and the rainbow mountains and stuff, and I even paused to ask 2 older people who are here if they remember Ed being part of the publishers clearing house prize team, and they both instantly agreed that he had nothing to do with it, and the one guy even thought it had been Art Linkletter.
    I checked the wikipedia page on publishers clearing house, and it didn’t even identify who any of their spokespersons had been, and it focused heavily on the lawsuits that had been brought against the organization.
    I did notice that the page had been edited just days ago on 1/7, which was my birthday (I’ll get back to that in a moment)
    the page did state that PCH was founded 66 years ago, and has it’s headquarters in Jericho NY.
    I have memories of being at my grandmother’s house as a little kid in the late 80’s and seeing him pitching a sweepstakes on tv, but I can’t confirm that it was PCH because I was about 4.

    Soooo, to wrap this up, here is the juicy bit.
    I just turned 34, and on the night of my birthday I dreamed that I was living out a different version of my life, as though I had slipped across timelines and was living an alternate version of my life. There was such detail, I was married and everything, it was so real.
    I woke up and didn’t think too much of it until I called to order some breakfast which I was going to pick up from this spot I like on the way in to work. I ordered the exact same thing I always get, it fact I think it’s the only thing I have ever ordered there, many times. So it would seem to reason that I know how much it costs, as I have always handed them $8 and told them to keep the change. They told me my total it it was more than it had ever cost before. I mentioned it and they looked at me like I was crazy. I wasn’t being cheap, it was just confusing, so I paid, and several minutes later I was at work, and I dug through a drawer and found one of their old menus. Lo and behold, the prices on the menu were different, and even the logo on the front of the menu just seemed strange as though something was just a bit off that I couldn’t put my finger on. The menu was over a year old, and I had just gotten the same order just days before. for the next few days, up until this very moment in fact, I have been seeing quick moving shadow figures and getting the sensation that the area around me is much more heavily populated than I can see. It literally feels like there are people everywhere.

    Jump to last night, I was hanging out all night until the wee morning hours with several colleagues, including a former guest of yours (no name drops). We were blazing and drinking single malt scotch and getting deep on all kinds of shit, and eventually the Mandela Effect came up. The usual stuff, Berenstein (yes Berenstein) Bears, etc. Conversation didn’t really go anywhere groundbreaking, but I kept getting the sense that ME subject matter was playing heavily in my experiences for some reason. Now, Boom, killer episode on the topic.
    I have checked out SMQ’s work in the past (or future lol) and very much appreciate how outside the box (cube) his thinking is.
    I agree that we’re only on the brink of starting to understand these things, and I definitely think it has very much to do with the shape of time and our relationship with dimensions.
    I had recently started a thread on the THC forums along these lines, and Shamangineer shared some awesome info in the thread.
    I am doing my best to be active over there from time to time, but many things call my attention at the moment, and I’m not as active as I would like to be, as it really is an awesome space to share Ideas.

    Anyway, I won’t drag this on any longer. Just wanted to say thanks for continuing to deliver awesome content Greg, and not all of us are meant to work with the mysteries in the form of Reiki or Chi work or whatever, some of us manifest our gifts in other ways.
    Just consider how your imagination has manifested over the past several years as this show has come into existence, and the impact it has had on many seekers of truth like myself.
    You’re doing it man. It’s all happening.

  4. My Mandela effect was the pyramids. I was hugely into the structures at giza from early 90’s and always remembered the three pyramids as 2 smaller ones and Giza in the centre. Now it seems, it’s only one smaller and 2 of almost equal size. Greg, can you ask Graeme Hancock about this? Ive so far found no one else who says they remember it this way….

    1. That could be because the only aesthetic way to get the entire complex in one shot photographically (all 3 main pyramids, then the row of 3 tiny ones), is with the smallest ones at the front, and the great pyramid at the back, which makes it appear smaller than the Khafre pyramid. That’s the shot that most people saw in books and that’s probably why the central one is regularly mislabbeled the great pyramid.

  5. Hi Greg
    Interesting show. I think you got it right near the end of the interview when you said words to the effect; if we can create our own reality, so why can’t AI?
    As most of these changes and new realities seem to be internet based, then there is a very good case to show that the internet is controlled by AI. It appears it is collecting information from all the users and producing its own reality by changing history and creating new events.
    A good test would be for several people to enter the same falsehood into google over a period of time and see how long it takes AI to create an ‘internet reality’ from that falsehood.

    1. Yes, that (AI/machine learning) is more likely what this is about. It’s another way to erode confidence in what we know. Why are we treating digital copy as if it is an absolute authority anyway? In other words, isn’t this “effect” more likely another manipulation rather than a full blown change in reality? It seems that I’ve even heard others claim a mistrust in making all literature digital. This “effect” is more likely exposing our dependence upon digital copy over real experiences in the world.

      I remember the McMahon Publisher’s clearing house commercials myself. I also remember something that seems even more subtle (at least in my mind): white supremacist vs white supremist. I remember the latter version being used throughout my school age years. “Supremacist” is a newer convention.

      Interesting mind experiment and decent show but I find all of this acceptance of mainstream authoritative memory as overly simple. No I’m not attempting to insult anybody here, but how does any of this “googling” a digital copy constitute a real change in reality? BS

      1. Yes you’re quite right, the mere fact that a site like wikipedia is continually being EDITED should give a bit of a hint that digital data it’s not a slab of perfect unchanging concrete truth.

  6. I like your neutral stance as summed up with, “Who am I to say…I just ask the questions.” And you ask the BEST questions. Not run of the mill stuff. My mind is blown every episode. Thank you so much!

  7. The moon museum is a TINY three quarters of an inch by half an inch tile. It’s not like some kind of structure one can visit. And I thought he was trying to say that the Publishers Clearing House ‘big checks, delivered to the door by men in suits’ scenarios never even happened. He’s just saying the Ed McMahon never actually delivered the checks. That’s exactly how I remember it. I was a TV sponge in the 80’s and I clearly remember McMahon being a spokesperson for a competing sweepstakes. He never interacted with the ‘ecstatic winners’ at their front doors. I love fringe stuff and this was still an entertaining episode but I’ve yet to hear about a single Mandela Effect that holds up for me. Honestly, I think Sinbad playing a genie in a 90’s movie is the only one that ever kinda gave me pause.

    1. nothing rang any bells until I heard about Dolly not wearing the one thing anymore which she had in common with Jaws and which was the trigger to them falling in love in the first place. Very odd

  8. Great show, Greg! Please try to get Jon Rappoport on ( He is one of the brightest minds out in the public eye right now and I think he has insights into this and other important topics.

    Keep up the great work — I look forward to every new episode from you!



  9. This podcast reminds me of a show called Fringe (possibly still on Netflix). Show covers a lot of conspiracy and government projects like shapeshifters and MK ultra. Storyline gets pretty interesting and though provoking.

  10. Greg,
    I live in Santa Barbara county and the shelling that your guest was talking about occurred in Goleta, CA.

    It was an oil field on the coast that was shelled. At the site of the shelling, there is a pre-2012 plaque/informative description about the event.

    Just saying.

    1. Ha That’s good to know. Like I tried to say, just because I hadn’t heard of a few of the cited examples, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen in my own timeline.

      Good looking out!

      1. I learned about the German balloons in the jet stream at school. All the WW2 stuff he mentions could easily be explained by different education systems across the world teaching different “versions” of war narratives. As for the technology stuff, photography, cars etc…again it just sounds like bad education regarding taking the time when things became “popular” as being the time of their invention.

    2. Goleta local chiming in! There is a sign near the beach next to Bacara resort. The shelling of the Ellwood oil fields one of the big pushes for the US to send the Japanese to internment camps.

  11. My “Mandela” moment isn’t any of the mentioned ones but is one related to Actress Sondra Locke.
    I remember her passing away in her mid thirties of breast cancer about thirty five years ago.
    Then to see reports that she passed away on Nov. 3rd 2018 boggled my mind.
    I have no clue what happened but something did indeed happen.
    It has had no real effect on my life that I can directly attribute to but it’s still rather strange.
    Douglas Dietrich talks ALL about the Japanese balloons starting fires using the jet-stream coming from Japan and were later to carry biocidal’s which cause the U.S.A. to surrender WWII. America didn’t win, they lost and the history shows this now. American soldiers HAD to clean up Hiroshima & Nagasaki with solder’s being used in the clean-up starting in Sept. ’45 as part of the reparations which they had to carry out as part of the surrender which was later sign in 1952, see – The Treaty of San Francisco.
    The woods are lovely dark and deep and I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep

  12. Hi Greg another great show, one to really make us think. I found it interesting that when you mentioned the mud flood SMQ had not heard of this. The mud flood and Tartaria go hand and hand to being, possibly the greatest changing of the time line that has occurred. Tartaria was an Empire that dominated most of the earth, there are many maps showing the Empire, and some great research done on this topic. Lone Wolf is one, others are Max Igan, Jon Levi and Andreas Xirtus. I believe this is a topic that that would interest THC listeners and benefit from the Carlwood touch.

  13. Ha , yeah that Sinbad one
    Ill throw out the Moonraker scene that doesn’t make sense now, Dolly without braces

    Great episode and nothing I won’t entertain..

    I almost didn’t make it passed that intro song, boy is talented. Had me pissing my pants.

    Feeling the otro as well

  14. Has anyone ever passed a sign on the freeway that says
    your exit is one mile away, but Waze says your exit is 1.3 miles away. Is earth growing and they don’t change
    the signs because it would be too weird! ? Or is waze just all fucked up?

  15. My first trip to the states was back in 1980. I went to Texas. At the time Iran held US Embassy hostages. “Where is Iran? Is that south of Cuba? Nuke them!” That showed the fine inquiring mind of a 20 something at the time. I wont report some of the intellectual questions I was asked about my own country of Ireland by those wonderfully friendly people. All these years later I guess the dumbing down of the US education system has produced some amazing results.
    Gibraltar was an island? Eh, no and Iran is still not just below Cuba. Geographic ignorance doesn’t lead my Occam’s razor to believe in timeline flips.
    Some interesting points about the possibility of time not being fixed and the present can change the past as well as the future but I’d need a few better examples of misremembering to be convinced that this is real. I mean, everyone remembers Captain Kirk saying “beam me up Scotty”. Oh no. That’s right. He didn’t. Must have been in another timeline.

  16. Sorry but, the guest’s whole “OMG 1950s video jukebox bro!” thing is utter, utter nonsense.
    The technology in question simply used 16mm film, not video. So while, yes, they had “music videos”, on them, they weren’t made using video tape in any way. Why were some of the videos “risque”? Maybe because there weren’t any laws at that time covering that weird loop-hole of media? I first read about this technology about 20 years ago, it’s all completely normal tech for the time period – only thing is, they were expensive and pretty rare compared to a standard jukebox, only installed in big cities and were all long gone by the 70s, so no one has much memory of them.

  17. I’m interested in the ME. I remember things do seem to have changed. Definitely, in fact. But I don’t believe this interviewer knew his stuff. His contentions show ignorance about eg Gibraltar moving – it’s famously, for us British, right next to Spain. Singapore falling to the Japanese is a massive defeat in WW2 to anyone who knows any British history. No proof re lost family members etc.
    With the ME, it’s essential not to show ignorance. Because that is the main counter argument. Disappointing.

  18. Not the best guest. I think the Mandela effect is more a product of the terrible American education system. South America is not directly south? Look at a map once in a while. This guest was also not correct on many topics. There was a shelling at the mouth of the Columbia which could be Oregon or Washington but not two separate attacks. There are no GD cats with wings. And the rainbow mountains in China? Think that has anything to do with a highly secretive government who spent the last 75 years or so murdering tens of millions and wasn’t exactly ‘open to tourism’? I think people that think Mandela died in jail just aren’t really paying attention. I’m sure there are more compelling arguments than those presented by this gentleman, and I will admit the world definitely seems to be on a very divergent timeline, but maybe that’s just because our eyes are opening to the puppet masters (Milner’s kindergarten) that have been here all along.
    P.S. mud flood is bullshit.

  19. SMQ AI | We All Died In 2012, The Mandela Effect, & The Changing Timeline.
    I think it’s incredibly easy to marry this episode with Anthony Peake’s theory that we are basically a game character, having lived multiple times before.
    If Cern, or whatever caused a massive power failure/ system crash that hardbooted EVERYONE, then yes, we have a collective consciousness deja vu memory of Berenstein, ‘Luke, I am your father’, Ed McMahon-‘You could be the next winner’, etc., because in that last life for ALL of us, Steven Spielberg wrote the line that way. Hell, Chris Farley remembered it so well, that he quoted it in Tommy Boy. But in this new life for ALL of us, Spielberg wrote it slightly different, etc.
    Every single mandela effect is freaking us all out, collectively, because they all changed in some way this life around. And it caused an entire history reboot, and the reason it’s all not setting right with us, is because it was a ‘recent’ system crash to the Daemon, to all our Daemon, where they All had to start playing their game over again. An afternoon to them, millennia or eons to us.
    But we have that slight, nagging collective consciousness deja vu memory of the differences in the game last time, before the great reboot, because our daemons do.

  20. Wow. This was probably the best episode that you have ever put together as far as relevent info, especially as something as seemingly ambiguous as the Mandella Effect. This really allowed for me to gain a whole new understanding of the whole situation! Thanks Greg, you rock! (as always)

  21. Hi,

    Great episode as always.

    Just as a thought experiment, I was wondering if the Mandela effect wouldn’t be the reverse of what we think of it: instead of modifying the timeline and becoming different than what we remember; could it be that we, as a collective memory, mis-remembered things and as the spell weakens (whatever the spell might be) reality is catching up and differs more and more to what we remember.

    The analogy that sticks wih me is the episode of Rick and Morty “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” . As we start to overload our world with new information (CERN based expirement, HAARP or similar, internet , 5G…), the system overloads and starts to glitch (too much info to handle) and we start to see the limit of it by experimenting more and more dissonance between what we remembered and what was once, but not in the sense that what was once is changing but more that the grasp that the system had on us is weakening and we start to see things as they are (or were).

    The problem is that most of us are regular “Jerry” (please see the Rick and Morty episode) and we are totally oblivious to what is happening around us.

    Again just a thought experiment. I have yet to live the Mandela effect, or I’m myself a “Jerry”, who knows 🙂

  22. Why does no one attribute the “Mandela Affect” to a random caller to the Art Bell show. By having open lines with an educated broadcaster who never expresses his opinions, Art Bell (now deceased) had opened many peoples’ eyes to numerous unusual experiences. For instant, “global warming” causing major world disaster (see the movie); Shadow people, confirmed by a member of Indian Counsel, I believe his name is Thunder strikes, who was able to identify pictures faxed to Art. And was capable of interviewing major Ph.d.’s, like Robert Lanza, M.D., ( TIME magazine picture of Lanza as the Genius of our time) and his theory of Biocentrism. There is too much out there that we don’t understand. As far as reality, it seems to boil down to the quantum dance particles/Quarks etc. are doing. In eternity, since there is no time, there can be no particles etc. dancing as there is no time. If you have no time, there is no music etc. I have experienced this in deep meditation, having seen heaven and hell while I was quite young. Most recently, I experienced eternity or timelessness. There is nothing in eternity. Read my book…

  23. I’m in my sixties and I distinctly and clearly remember what Sally Field said at the Oscars. Everybody made fun of it the next day. She did not say what they are now saying she said. Well, you know what I mean. I think many of the examples could be explained away, but not that one.

  24. Great friggin show Greg!!! Listened to it twice and may have to go back and listen a third time. Shared with some friends and totally blew their minds. Awesome stuff buddy! Please more like this!

  25. Jeopardy had a clue that claimed Smokey the Bear said, “Only you can prevent WILD fires.” Having been in girl scouts in the 1980s, I KNOW it was “Only you can prevent FOREST fires.” These things are a giant mind screw.

    Mandela Effect is an anagram for “mental effaced.” Memory erased.

  26. I do remember the Ed McMahon thing… I remember the junk mail (the orangish/brownish envelopes, with the certificate looking paper showing through the window, and a stamp of Ed McMahon’s face on the outside of the envelope). I had just moved out of the parent’s home and was living on my own… so I too could enjoy the wonders of ‘junk/hypno mail’ addressed to me (instead of my parents). If only I had kept one of those envelopes for this occasion.

    I also remember the cheesy commercials of people screaming like apes… supposedly because the prize patrol had shown up. I always thought they were fake.

    And maybe they were faked…. but in a way that might not be so obvious.

    The curious part about hypnosis, is that the hypnotist speaks to the subconscious archetypes residing in the hypnotized (known alters or templates). On the surface it seems like the hypnotist is speaking in the common tongue. But underneath the surface there is an alternate sequencing/triggering system hidden in seemingly innocent words, that speaks to the hypnotized… planting seeds. That those seeds should sprout ~30 years later, as an inability to access confirmation on such a memory, would not be surprising. One might wonder what else has been planted.

    Maybe this whole freaking experience, I’m supposed to call a life was ‘seeded’.

  27. Glad to see a few posts here that are in sync with my opinion about the episode: This guy is a loony !!

    This was the first interview i was unable to go beyond the first 20 minutes…

    To be a little “crazy” is good, but adding to that a poor education (the good one, not the main stream) the result is waste of time to listen.

  28. I find it interesting that the “The Mandela Effect” itself in name / could be misleading (?). I remember lots of chatter and discussion about who…was…the real “Mandela” that was released from prison. The actions of the widow have always been controversial. One of those things !

  29. I noticed he called you Graham when saying goodbye. Proof positive that he was actually talking to your former incarnation and not the altered ‘Greg’ version 🙂

  30. How appropriate this “Greg” Carlwood would push mandela agenda as he replaced the classic Craig Carlwood pre 2012 cross over.

    I come from a universe where Craig Carlwood the host of The Higherside Cats revealed the agenda of the hidden cabal and led humanity to True freedom, only to have that universe scrubbed by the Time Controllers Commission And replaced with this Greg fellow… 

    I’ll return the timeline I swear it, Craig will return hence forth ! 

    Okay you got me I’m just stoned as bajeesus and having fun 🤡

  31. I've been to the rock of Gibraltar and climbed it.  Almost got attacked by a monkey for my coca cola haha.  But dude is right kinda it was an island but they attached it to Spain there's a military airfield there now.  Gotta pass the border there.  Don't eat the food, it's fucking gross British food haha fucking horrible.  But Spain was awesome got back right before the Covid-19 mind fuck 

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