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Exopoltics founder and legend of the extraterrestrial branch on the conspira-tree, Alfred Weber joins us to talk about the content of his new book, “The Dimensional Ecology Of The Omniverse,” which aims to create a new model for the scinetific community that includes all the strange aspects of our reality and the beings within. We talk about the many different types of entities people are encountering, the alien race war for Mars, the Intelligent Civilization of Souls, and a whole lot more.

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  1. Well. I really enjoyed the first 40 mins or so. Contemplating all the information and concepts about the afterlife and our God like soul was really mind opening. The rest of it lost me & caused me to question the validity of the stuff I enjoyed earlier in the interview. Oh well. Still better than anything else I would have watched on television. Thanks Greg.

  2. Loved this show. Been dying for you to interview Alfred Lambremont Webre – I listen to his youtube videos while I’m sitting at my desk at my federal job. Blah. Im pretty sure Alfred is as close to figuring all of this out as anyone has. I just signed up as a plus member, I can’t get enough of the weirdness.

  3. I listen to the Tracy Twyman interview, and I’m thinking, “maybe, just maybe demons orchestrate our reality”. I listen to this one and I’m like, “interdimensional aliens, nah, don’t think so”. Wonder why one appeals to me, and one doesn’t.

    In both cases, I think these researchers are really like the buds or root tips of our growing culture. They’re out there wildly speculating and probing into the black chaos and wilderness of no ideas. Then, taking that one step further, I could see how this type of idea can turn into a cult, and then into a religion.

    1. The show with Alfred required more editing than usual. Its 40 minutes longer than the free show instead of the usual 60, but all you’e missing is a lot of “uhhh…well….after the….here’s the…umm….” and that’s it. You didn’t get scammed.

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