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Robert David Steele | Open Source Everything, Upgrading Society, & Building The World Brain

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Today’s powerhouse of a guest, Robert David Steele, grew up all over the world as the son of an oil engineer – witnessing colonialism and predatory capitalism up close and personal. He’s been a marine core infantry officer, a CIA spy, and even had a brief presidential campaign in 2012 with the Reform party. A man who has been an insider, served the system, yet has emerged like a white knight from the deep, dark, belly of the beast to become the CEO of Open Source Solutions, and a voice for what could and should be the next evolution of human society….the blueprint of which is largely laid out in his book: The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust

Check out Robert’s Public Intelligence Blog here:

Also, you can Robert’s latest book (only $8 on Kindle) on Amazon here:


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Thanks for the Christmas present Greg. THC+ ROCKS!! Im gnna listen to this at work xmas eve day. Great work buddy keep em comin and illl keep giving u 5 bucks a month lol


Damn Gregg where do you find these people!

Awesome awesome awesome, can’t wait until I’m done Game of Thrones season 1 to listen to this gem.

Kyle Prindiville

I loved it! We are re-living the foundation of this nation, except this time the colonial-imperialist-nature-dominating-genocidal-maniacs are being un-settled by the nature-abiding-communal-sharing-loving-anarchists. Their force of Arms is now losing to our force of Ideas. They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds. Just like Lao-tzu said, water eventually erodes the rocks. Open source everything to undermine the foundation of their Control.


Greg this guy was so spot on with his presentation that I really believed some of the concepts he was trying to bring. I noticed he was pushing towards not answering some questions and letting ppl do the research on their own and for other questions he was referring for people to read his book. And i get it, you got to make money and cant lay out all your ideas in a 2hr segment. But one of the concepts that bothered me was his portrayal that in some way we really don’t need the privacy guards that technology has sprung upon us on our tech products if we are going for an open source model. I just cant see anyone making money with an Open Source model for every fabric of human needs. I get the feeling that his idea sprung forth because of the gigantic domination the Republicans/Democrats and lobbying groups have in enslaving the lil man on the totem pole for financial gain. His Presidential race left a very sour taste based on his description. His Methodology requires a Herculian/Titans-of-Greece effort to push this thru to the common folk and stir up some major change. Great educated guy tho with an honest to god method he thought up.

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