THC+ Exclusive: Gerald Celente | Future Economic & Geopolitical Trends of 2015

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As a big thanks to the THC+ people, and in partnership with – I was able to spend a little time with one of my favorite economic commentators on the scene today, Gerald Celente. We talked about the current state of things, what the trends look like going forward, Bitcoin, many of the crimes and criminals of the power pyramid, global protests, and Gerald’s new project: Occupy Peace.


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  1. Just grateful this was only 30 minutes long. For a carnival barker who urges sheeple to wake up, name names, and tell the truth, Celente will go nowhere near the Jew word. Not AIPAC, not B’nai B’rith, not ADL, not the World Jewish Congress, not dual US-Israeli crooked politicians, not the real reasons for NATO’s incursion into Ukraine, not Jewish controlled and or owned mass media, academia, the banking Kosher Nostra …. just Harvard, Princeton, White Shoe Boys, Presstitutes, blacks, Chinese, etc.

    Not to mention his next to worthless economic predictions. In 2014, gold and silver go to the moon, the stock market takes a tumble, interest rates normalize, the U.S. economy collapses. (see below)

    It this because 75% of his staff are Jewish and the last 3 women he dated were also Jewish? Either way, in an age in which truth (snake-oil prophesies aside) is paramount and as necessary and vital now as in all previous eras combined, Celente steadfastly refuses to come clean. And, as such, fails to cut the mustard.

    2014-Middle East Total Turmoil and Financial Crisis-Gerald Celente

    By Greg Hunter On December 29, 2013 In Political Analysis

    By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

    Gerald Celente is one of the world’s top trends researchers. His top trends in 2014 start with the Middle East. Iran, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Yemen and Turkey are just a few of the countries facing big problems. Celente exclaims, “You just keep going around the Middle East, it’s total turmoil.” Will there be war in the Middle East in 2014? Celente says, “I thought it would have happened last year; but, then again, there are wild cards.” On the economy, Celente predicts, “Interest rates are going to go up. . . . When interest rates go up, the economy is going down—period.” Celente goes on to say, “I think they are going to institute more tapering, and it’s going to create a financial crisis worldwide.” On gold, Celente predicts, “Then they’re going to dump more dough into the system. When that happens, that’s when you’re going to see the real panic start to happen. . . . You’re going to see a rise in gold prices that’s going to eclipse the last one.” In Asia, Celente points out, “Things are heating up between China and Japan. If that thing goes into a war, it’s a whole new game.” Celente predicts, “Absent the war card, I think we will see a financial crisis before the end of the second quarter of 2014.” Celente sums up what he sees in 2014 as “a year of extremes.”

    1. Well said dantehicks37. I have a prediction / hope for 2015. I hope people start putting some accurate names to the groups behind the problems – wars, banking scam, global monopolies, organized crime, media etc etc. If we can’t even talk about the Jewish problem we can’t begin to sort these problems out.

  2. Hey Greg! Many thanks for every single show you put out there. I was delighted to see Gerald as a guest and hopefully he can make semi-regular appearances. Always logical, informative and suave as fuck! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the upcoming Hollow Earth podcast – it’s one of my favourite topics to reflect on.

  3. “Carnival barker” just nails how Gerald Celente sounds in this update. With headphones on, I couldn’t turn the volume low enough. Sounds like a horn honking. I love criticism of the banks, but I don’t agree that this kind of over-the-top screaming helps the critique sound stronger. When he calmed down and said that the youth are reviving the best aspects of the past (artisan, craft, quality-oriented), I enjoyed it. Thanks Greg for chiming in with a calmer, more focused tone. Appreciate the update.

  4. I wasn’t familiar with Mr Celente til today. Looks like he’s got some haters but anyway great conversation with Papa bear of predictions. You kill me … Pimp hand is one of my fav words next to cockblock. bwahaha I love it.

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