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Nick Bryant | The Epstein Network Still At Large & Seeking Justice For The Victims

Topics Covered: Connecting The Dots, Epstein Network

Show Notes

Journalist and justice-seeker, Nick Bryant is not only the famed author of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal but he’s also the person responsible for getting Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book out to the world.

He returns to THC to talk about his research into the larger Epstein Network, his frustrations with the injustice, how his network compared to the Franklin Scandal, & more.

He also urges listeners to, at a minimum, sign his petition demanding justice for Epstein’s victims: Stop the cover-up. Demand justice for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.

PLUS Content

  • Nick’s thoughts on Pizzagate, Jerry Sandusky, & suicides that have been speculated to relate to trafficking.
  • Nick’s thoughts on the death of Epstein.
  • How far back do these networks go?
  • Special prosecutors and their power over a Grand Jury.
  • Strategies for seeking justice.
  • Epstein’s properties & dvds.
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