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Nick Bryant | The Epstein Network Still At Large & Seeking Justice For The Victims

Show Notes

Journalist and justice-seeker, Nick Bryant is not only the famed author of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal but he’s also the person responsible for getting Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book out to the world.

He returns to THC to talk about his research into the larger Epstein Network, his frustrations with the injustice, how his network compared to the Franklin Scandal, & more.

He also urges listeners to, at a minimum, sign his petition demanding justice for Epstein’s victims: Stop the cover-up. Demand justice for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.

PLUS Content

  • Nick’s thoughts on Pizzagate, Jerry Sandusky, & suicides that have been speculated to relate to trafficking.
  • Nick’s thoughts on the death of Epstein.
  • How far back do these networks go?
  • Special prosecutors and their power over a Grand Jury.
  • Strategies for seeking justice.
  • Epstein’s properties & dvds.
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Logged in. No plus show here. Tried a lot of times. Please fix. This subject is dear to my heart. I want to see every pedophile locked up naked in a see through plexi glass room with 3 or 4 Black Eyed Kids. Itlll be recorded and broadcasted on Evening News. I don't think we shall have that nasty business happening to our most precious of all things on earth or in heaven~ our children any longer. Suddenly, just like THAT, these sick fucks are CURED! It would work. You know it would. Right?🤗




Thank you for bringing us this episode.  I was just wondering what happened to the Epstein case and if anybody cared about the victims any more.  Good to know that somebody does. 


Yes, I listened to the interview. My response is not as much about this interview specifically but Nick Bryant in general. I know I will be the odd man out here, and that's fine with me, but I really don't think Nick Bryant is much of a journalist. He seems much more narrative-driven than fact-driven. While not as bad as some (I see the irony of stating this in the comments of a conspiracy show), he does make a lot of guilt-by-association accusations within his work. He is also a really bad judgment of what constitutes a credible source. I believe (this is my conspiracy and the only part I cannot back up) that when he finds a questionable source or a source he knows is compromised, but finds their words compelling or essential to his narrative, he will simply use them as an anonymous source.

I know Bryant is a big name among conspiracy circles and many suggest that he has higher standards than many others in the conspiracy realm. That may be true, but I think he is an insinuator, posing as a journalist, hoping to cash in on tabloid and conspiracy culture. And above all people, he has perhaps done the most to spread the unproven conspiracy that some giant, cannibal, pedophile cabal of satanists runs the planet. While he has rarely mentioned the satanic ritual angle (though he does bring it up many times in his books), other conspiracy theorists have let their imaginations run wild as they hide behind the "legitimacy" of Bryant. I say these things not to trigger anyone or piss them off but to simply offer a counterpoint. I am unsure if I will respond to anyone discussing SRA as I find the back-and-forths rather pointless, but who knows.

The interview was fine, Greg. I have no beef with that. I even gave it a good review. My beef is with Nick, his integrity, his intention, and his ability to fool others into thinking he's a real journalist.


sorry I clicked thumbs up by mistake. I disagree with your statement joshhinnenkamp – I think with the subject that Nick is reporting on – it would be easy to get jaded. and to come from a more narrative pov. it would be hard for many of us to hear – logical, medical, detailed facts about children/teenagers being raped and sold – I don't think most of us could digest it or handle it. I dont think he is drawing conclusions or speculating – even Greg in the interview appreciates that Nick is not speculating. Its a rough subject – the bigger question is : are we all signing the petition??? 


I signed the petition (see Greg's link above)! Thumbs up if you did as well. yes

Signed and glad to donate

Also…. Courtney and the farsight team did some interesting work on Epstein. Normally wouldn't bring this up but this is a unique community of ppl and taking the data as it is (and knowing it obviously isn't what msm presents) it seems to be some kind of inter dimensional death grip on him before he died.  So the coincidences even though he was on suicide watch may have been some kind of Chris Knowles cocteau twins kind of shit.  

I think from this point forward I will personally reference this as Knowlian magic or Knowlian events haha that cocteau episode was just incredible


There is an unfortunate tendency of some posters to constantly attack the messenger and therefore try to undermine the message. .  If you read carefully back over the forums you'll see it.   Their posts will have little, if anything, to do with the actual topic but will  sneakily and very professionally attack the guest and any poster that agrees with them, then cleverly divert attention from what they are actually trying to tell people about what is happening in the world.  This means that the message is striking a nerve somewhere. 


Any one who remotely cares or has younger family and loved ones should sign the petition.What if it was closer to home? It literally takes 2 minutes to complete. We need to bring more light to these issues to ensure a better future for Us and our Families. 


Didn't care for this one. Lots of reaching. lots of shoe-horning Trump derangement into situations it is uncalled for.

Love you Greg but you seem to be losing your unbiased edge. hope you can get back to your roots soon.


I'm logged in also and can't access plus content


I so wish that somebody would expose the Royal Family of Britain and their relationship to their "best friend" Jimmy Savile, who managed to be even more despicable than Epstein.  It is so hypocritical of the Royal Family to ban Andrew from their little circle when they honored a pedophile, Satanist and child procurer and suddenly everybody in the media just forgets about that.  


Good interview, but Bryant is naive here. Arresting the procurers? Who would do it? Barr? And then Epstein's example shows anyone who talks can be easily killed in jail. 

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