Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall Injustice Expatriation

Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall | Systemic Injustice, Targeted Harassment, & Expatriation

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Dr. Bramhall tells her tale in The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee which describes how FBI harassment led a 54 year old psychiatrist, single mother activist, to close her 25 year Seattle practice to begin a new life in New Zealand. It begins by describing the fifteen years of covert harassment she experienced when she used her financial and social position, as a doctor, to assist two former Black Panthers who had occupied an abandoned school to transform it into an African American Museum. What began as unrelenting phone harassment and illegal break-ins, progressed to six attempts on her life and an affair with an undercover agent who railroaded her into a psychiatric hospital.

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  • Meat packing factories using prison labor in the coronavirus wake.
  • How the system traps low income families in poverty.
  • New Zealand’s Anti-vax activism.
  • A deeper look at the George Floyd situation.
  • Fluoride, MAP, & Menopause.

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    1. I don’t think you need to hang on every word in this case. It’s just a conversation with a woman who spent a lifetime trying to move the needle on equality, and was driven from her country after constant harassment from the big machine. A problem that’s existed for decades can’t fall on one party obviously.

      1. Didn’t find her all that credible. She talks about prescribing drugs to her patients, then complains about it happening to her, then moves to New Zealand and starts prescribing more drugs. Her anecdotal stories have no evidence.  She just seems to me to be an activist just to say that she is an activist. 

  1. Amazing episode!  I really resonated with both Greg and the guest on finding myself alienated from the general liberal community.  It's good to hear that others also see the manufactured disconnect on both sides to create division – particularly within rural and working class people.

  2. At some point towards the end she mentioned a website called “Spivey”?  I can’t seem to find it – can someone point me in the right direction?

  3. cant we sue gates cuz he owns the patent? hes acting accountable right? I mean cant Monsanto sue your farm if their shit contaminates your shit? whats up with that? sorry if that's a stupid question.


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