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Pierre Sabak | Holographic Culture, Angelic Sailors, & The Divine Invasion

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Pierre Sabak is an expert on ancient symbolism and etymology and is widely recognized as a leading academic in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism and the esoteric. New Ufology is the Study of Occult Symbolism to deconstruct the Ufological tradition, a restricted teaching equated with the Flying Saucer and its occupants (a Crewmember of a Vessel). A completely new field of research, the focus of New Ufology is Skaphology (the Study of Angelic Boats within Religion and Mythology). Pierre Sabak’s work on the Saucer Cults details a Secret Alien Code within Language (the Artefact), one that is identified archaically with the ‘Angelic Sailor’ and its human and non-human Hosts.

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PLUS Content

  • Decoding the family crests of the elite.
  • The Naval linage and Naval intelligence.
  • Burying ancient weapons and relics at holy cites.
  • Where Pierre thinks the artifacts and buries saucers are.
  • The Roswell Artifact.
  • The Salvation Army’s involvement.
  • Seeding corporations with advantages from the holographic culture.
  • A new take on the rapture.
  • Beings inside the earth.
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Danny Campos
  • “Where Pierre things the artifacts and buries saucers are.”!!!!
Christopher Neal

This sounds like an amazing episode. I look forward to listening soon.

Jason Richter

I have not yet listened however I have a feeling based on the notes here that we may be looking at a narrative for the Bledsoe visitings. Which I fear don’t bode well for what is to come.

ive always always always had a creepy feeling that these things show up near cataclysmic events. Nor that they are the cause, instead they are the cataclysms to come are the signal fires for these things to make themselves active.

I hope I’m wrong. I’ve dreamt of it since I was a child and had had screen memories of it that were memories per say but more like things im “remembering” that are going to happen or are genetic memories of things that have happened many times before.

again, I pray I’m wrong. Cant wait to listen. I could be way off here in my guess. I’ll repost after the listen.

Kilgore Ampersand

Pardon my ignorance, but what precisely were the Bledsoe visitings?


Not just Pierre, but many others including John Lamb Lash, Ken Wheeler and Jac Valee. He’s in pretty good company…

Jason Richter

I’m horrified with my mobile’s awful job wording my post lol I really have to fix that but first, thanks for the replies.

I do wonder if Chris Bledsoe(or others) would possibly use a refined understanding given some time…. like instead of “good” maybe it is more accurate to say that these visitors are here and maybe elsewhere to oversee the flow of time as well as to ensure events take place as they are intended. Intended by who/whom? good question.. but it seems far too hasty to claim gnosis of whatever the hell is going on. regardless of which side you land on.

EDIT: ack guess its too late to edit that previous message. My apologies for the butchery of the language

Last edited 4 months ago by Jason Richter
Stephen Haag

The One becomes the many. The I of Creation is in every eye and apparently delights spinning great noodlery complex enough to catch itself unawares but on heels of catching up.

Given Forever to play with, the level of play (much ado about noodly complexity) is apparently vast. It begs awe and scoffing, both of which seem recurringly satisfying, in the greater question of aesthetic leanings and gleanings.

Last edited 4 months ago by Stephen Haag
Michael Congleton

The audio is terrible. I found it hard to understand the guest. I gave up on it after about 15 minutes.

Ian Johnston

The audio is great. I do find the guest a little hard to follow though.

Michael Congleton

Maybe it was the room that he was in and his accent.

Esteban P

No, His microphone is bad quality. His accent is no problem, His highs and mids are too high. not enough low. In other words his sound is not well balanced.


Oh WOW…another Idiot


I got through it twice. Amazing. Audio was fine. If anyone has a problem with the Audio I suggest headphones

Nicholas Burnett

I listened twice as well… lots of dense info!!!!

Adriana Griffith

Ditto, very glitchy, gave up after 10


Your an idiot!


Hey man, you get triggered easy. You’re an idiot and an asshole.

Hud Son



Rare episodes like this are why I subscribe to Higherside Chats. Thank you.


This seems like a deep end one! Nice!

Danny Campos

Don’t trust this guest AT ALL AND the crappiest thang about him is his boredom.

Jason Richter

Once again you nailed it. I’ve been around the block forwards and backwards and it’s the nature of our beast once we finally KNOW that there is fuckery being perpetrated by those we were entrained by to trust. That cognitive dissonance often turns on us and we’re difficult to trust ANYONE even those whom we enjoy listening to or reading.

we have to make the effort to allow ANYTHING to be possible once we’ve seen even one thing that was supposed to be impossible. It’s part of that heroes journey.

and being nice should just go with the don’t be an arsehole rule.

thanks again brother.


Oh yes!! Instant thumbs up!!!


I’ve heard him before. Interesting ideas but he always sounds like one big run on sentence. Still a good show though!


I loved this one- really heavy on the etymology, which was cool.Too much too research while I was listening.. means it’ll get another listen so I can keep up! thanks Pierre and Greg!

( this actually reminded me a lot of listening to Tsarion for the first time and realising I had a tonne to learn about etymology… speaking of which-Tsarion is the first show in the THC archives.. any chance of getting him back on?

Also- Love the artwork for this one!

Last edited 4 months ago by silentpsi

I also thought of Tsarion when I heard this interview! I’d love to hear an updated THC interview with him.
This interview with Pierre was excellent.

Steven Sopaul Lal



Accumulation of knowledge through the experience of the soul.


I really enjoyed the discussion on polymorphic words, goes along with other guests and people I’ve heard talking words with double meanings, hidden ideas, like that one woman that said “wake up in the morning (mourning) during the week days (weak daze) to go to you’re job, to earn (urn) money until the weekend (weakened)”. Dope guest.

Last edited 4 months ago by weavatron
cat gardner

Questions I wish you had asked: “Where did you get your etymological info? Did you study ancient Greek and ancient Hebrew? Can you read these languages in the original? Do you have a background in etymology or did you get most of this from doing web searches on the etymology of certain words?”

respect to this dude for the time and effort he has put into his work, but I have a really hard time with the olympic leaps of logic. You can’t just say: “Syria and serious sound the same, therefore they’re obviously related.”

Last edited 4 months ago by cat gardner

Holy Friggin Wow!

Justin Bracciale

Anytime I hear ancient history being discussed, I cant help but think we’re just talking about some scripted fake history that is supporting the usurpers claim to this plane and its resources. I don’t think we know for sure what happened before 1900. It would make sense that implanted history wold reflect the consciousness of the conquerors.
These being may have the astral plane mapped out and able to manipulate parts of it but claiming they have control over the spiritual realms and therefore our spirits is a bit much and plays right into their script.


That’s reminiscent of the hadibov thing, the dying arachnids that hijacked or created Earth and our locked in our souls right? Like they’re the things feeding off us and they created the trap known as reincarnation, to perpetually feed off us? I might be way off but that’s what it reminded me of. “Weaving spiders come not here” might ring a bell.

Maria McCarthy

I’m going to have to buy this guy’s book to be able to process the information. I had a hard time following- there was so much information, given so quickly, and that combined with his accent made it difficult for me to follow.


Start with the murder of reality, it’s a better starting point to explaining his research. 🙏


Scientology it is so obsessed with this type of Navy stuff

Drew Carter

I tried to listen to this episode, but bailed after 40 minutes! I appreciate that Greg asked is guest what his proofs where for his theory? The answer: because it’s been “redatcted” from religious texts and all religeon – so that means his theory is legit. I have heard logical fallacies before, but that is a doozy.

There are so many magical things in our realm, so much history being uncovered by many diligent researchers!

I’m hoping the next show has something other than Grey/Alphabet Agency programming.

Still love the show Greg, just voicing my opinion. I know you value feedback.


You nailed it.

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