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Dr. Tom Zinser | Sub-Personalities, Entity Attachment, & Gerod

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Dr. Tom Zinser was a clinical psychologist who was having trouble helping some of his patients. Though a series of events, he ended up dialoging with a channeled entity named Gerod. Dr. Zinser was able to vet Gerod by taking his advice back to his clients and seeing real, tangible results from Gerod’s advice. This spawned a 14 year long relationship between Dr. Zinser and Gerod, thousands of clients helped, and a new modality of healing that Dr. Zinser called Soul Centered Healing.

Read all about it in Dr. Zinser’s book: Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives.

PLUS Content

  • Dark spirits and their use of spiritual anchors.
  • Cults and organized “soul cracking”
  • How close is Dr. Zinser’s processes to traditional shamanism?
  • Miraculous healing effects from Dr. Zinser’s soul work with clients.
  • What Dr. Zinser does when an attached entity rejects the light and won’t leave.
  • The most powerful entity Dr. Zinser has dealt with.
  • How Jerod described the beginning of existence and the nature of reality.
  • The Agreement between light and dark.
  • Comparing and contrasting the insights from Jerod with Carl Jung’s work.
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I knew this episode was coming.Mr.Carlwood,you are a freaking legend!🙏


Awesome show! Thanks


I wanted to throw something out:

At least in the interview, a lot of the message seems to be about freedom of choice and one’s will.

I couldn’t help but find parallels between Thelema and Crowley and what Gerod has said. Another note, Crowley also has channeled works.

Common threads are fun to follow and it may pique someone’s interest, who knows?

Great interview and guest. Thanks to you both.

Nicholas Burnett

Knowledge and conversation with thine holy gardian angel


“Spirits gather other lest knowledgeable spirits to them to do their bidding and gather light for them…”

This is the same way I work with people/myself, although I learned it under a different name from a different practitioner.
Different language, same outcomes…
It is very powerful work!
Thank you so much for this show Greg!! It is brilliant!


The full show is available on YouTube.


It’s FIXED. No YouTube comments section so I just decided to come in here

Simon Miller

More confirmation of the existence of souls and reincarnation,..
My fave episode so far,.. kind of incredible work! Amazing.


If anyone is interested in this sort of work, aimed at self work but adaptable to others, there is a book called The Body Deva by Mary M Shutan.
It is a step by step guide to doing pretty much exactly this work on the self, from an eastern medicine/americas shamanism viewpoint.
Not a drop of NewAge bs in sight!😁
Mary also is quite knowledgeable in the occult, so it is a pretty well rounded methodology.


This is a listen twice kind of show,many thanks Mr Carlwood,you really are simply the best at this malarky.
Having gone through an entity attachment with our 3 year old,that wasn’t resolved till many years later by a very evolved psychic. Hearing what this guy had to say on the subject made for a very interesting Sunday morning.
Much love and light from London💜


I’m half an hour I and I’m literally crying because this is the mental health journey I’ve been on since 2015. I’ve been diagnosed with CPTSD / DID / dissociative PTSD. I’ve done a bit of EMDR. I’m on the healing path but the journey is LONG. I would love to see more people seek this path out… thank you so much Greg.

Concetta Prisco

Me too. I cried.

Nicholas Burnett

As always amazing stuff! So interesting, and glad tp hear drs are going deep still…

Samantha Goodal

Fascinating. I’d like to see Zinser and Jerry Marzinsky compare notes.


Ding Dong , another episode rings like a rainbow bell in my mind ,.which was , just a couple of hours ago an ocean of mediocre soft lifeless cheese

Antonia Dendrinos

seriously your content is on point.

Brendan Regan

virus trauma and internet spirits
for the last year, anyone who buys the mainstream virus narrative has been going through a significantly traumatic experience. If they hadn’t already, it’s likely that most people created “others” and or found the help of one of these malevolent entities/spirits the dr warns about.

the internet and its anonymity provide the perfect opportunity to practice or fall into the habits and assume all the identity traits of the trauma engendered second selves- Drifting out of the real world via the internet a very convenient way to avoid the pain/trauma of a world where the and the people you love who breath it are, by the mainstream narrative, likely to kill you.

If I were trying to stop a time of awakening and trying to summon as much bad energy / spirits as possible to quash it, an internet bound, terrified society is a great start 👍🏻


When you first started talking about Gerod, I was reminded of Jane Roberts and Seth. I have read many of hers and Seth’s books. Seth is speaking from the perspective of an entity who had incarnated as a human many times. I enjoyed hearing about Gerod, who is a completely different kind of entity.

Abdul Ahmad

It occurs to me, while listening to this, that one could equate ‘Trauma’ to ‘Conjuring’… or maybe a ‘Summoning’. (Which I have never quite formulated before.) The implications are interesting, considering the events of our current time… or even going back to ‘birth’… or even to conception.

…this is to say, we too are conjurings.

…and at 1:34:20… anybody who’s seen my previous comments… Infinite Void > Fire > Ice – Ice being furthest from Truth.

I might also add that ‘Power’ can be anonymously used with the word “Story-Telling’… and ‘Soul’ can be used synonymous with ‘Story’.

Much of what Zinser is saying makes sense – by my own linguistics anyway.

Great Show 🙂


Great show. One of my favorites. You had a guest on years ago named Wayne Bush. He interviews a guy who met “the demiurge” in a near death experience who said same thing about percentages of light and dark. The demiurge told him that it was a balancing act and if it swayed over out of that percentile, it was game over for him. I also thought of Robert Monroe’s work when listening to your latest guest. It all seems to interconnect. I regularly have out of body’s and it’s always kind of weirded me out thinking a spirit guide is watching everything. I’ve thought about making contact. After listening to this latest interview, I think I’m gonna do it. It made me wonder if I’ve put a guard up, to keep them away. Lots to think about. I’m gonna have to give this one a second listen. Thanks Greg!


Very interesting and helpful show. There is no doubt that trauma, especially in childhood, does create a response which is protective at its inception but which can become at best unhelpful and possibly very damaging to the adult self and those around them. Prisons are populated by people who have been traumatised in childhood and never learned to deal with the hidden self which explodes and does things which the individual cannot understand in the here and now world.

Psychology and psychotherapy have devised models to explain these hidden ‘personalities’ but often cannot offer any real help for the sufferers. There is book called ‘Feeding your demons’ by Lama Tsultrim Allione which deals with the concept of multiple personalities, different parts of the self which are formed in response to and to defend the self from trauma and which remain effectively hidden and unknown to the adult self until released by some event in the here and now. It is a buddhist concept which is centuries old which explains and treats these learned and highly emotional responses to bad experiences very effectively. These separated parts of the self – called demons, because they cause trouble for us – can be contacted and talked with to find out what it is they need in order to feel safe and understood and then incorporated back into the whole self. The process is very effective and healing and certainly not a scary thing. Details can be downloaded from

It’s no wonder so many of us feel disconnected, alone, isolated in this world – we are fractured and the modern ‘science’ (profit and control) based paradigm has sought to totally separate us from our own selves and deny us connection with Mother Earth, healthy food, medicines which heal, clean air and water and now we are being bombarded by life damaging radio and microwaves.

if we can understand our own selves, become more cohesive as individuals and really feel that we are undying consciousness we can withstand these bad fuckers who only see profit, never beauty.

Have a look at Sky McCain’s book An Earthen Spirituality and also if you see any Family Constellation work going on in your areas take a course – it shouldn’t work but it does – again based on o combo of psychotherapy and ancient african shamanic practices to deal with emotional issues.

good wishes to you all.

Steven Sopaul Lal


Craig Peate

Hey Greg. Great show again. I am also a hypnotherapist. If you wanted to chat more about the process, let me know. I do the same work Dr Tom does. I don’t need a channeled spirit to get it done though. If your belief system is open to that, you can do the work on a soul level. Your higher self fully understands what is going on.