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Paul Davids | A Case Study Of After Death Contact w/ Forrest J. Ackerman

Topics Covered: Death, Personal Stories, Spirits

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Life after death: No one really knows what happens. Do we go off “toward the light”? Do we simply cease to exist? The most common atheistic view is that we are gone and no longer exist at all. Today’s guest, however, has some insights gleaned from his encounters with his late friend, Forrest J. Ackerman, after Forrest’s death. Though Forrest was a staunch atheist, he made the promise to try to communicate from beyond if it was possible, and Paul Davids asserts that not only has it been possible, but Forrest has been communicating with him and others quite a bit since his death.

Paul is a filmmaker, author, producer, and communicator with those who have passed on. He was the production coordinator of the original Transformers television show, and has since written six Star Wars sequels with his wife, Hollace, and is a prolific artist. His works have been sold all over the world. Today he is speaking to us about his book, An Atheist in Heaven, and his experiences communicating with Forrest J. Ackerman.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include:

19:30: The case that changed the way Paul thought about communicating with the dead. Dorothy Allison, a psychic medium, was able to tell a pair of distraught parents where they could find their daughter’s body after the teenager had been murdered.

24:00: Paul’s first direct experience with the dead, which was when he was first contacted by his late friend, Forrest J. Ackerman.

33:15: The story of the “Inkblot Obliteration,” the first and most compelling piece of evidence that Forrest was reaching out from the other side. Paul tells of the circumstances, what happened, and how he knew without a doubt that it was indeed Forrest attempting to reach him.

43:00: How Forrest’s friend, Joe Moe, who was also an atheist and a skeptic, had an experience that led him to believe that Forrest had returned from the dead to thank him. This occurrence also put the inkblot obliteration incident in perspective.

45:30: What happened when Jay Siegel, one of the most important chemists in the USA and the chair chemist at Indiana University, ran tests on the inkblots and tried to categorize the ink: It turned out that the ink used wasn’t anything used in modern times, but it did have properties of inks used a century ago.

48:15: Some of the rules of engagement and limitations of contacting and communicating with those who have passed on.

54:00: How Forrest reached out yet again by creating a typographical error in an already-edited article, The Strange Case of Forrest J. Ackerman, that referenced the inkblot obliteration incident.

1:01:30: How a psychic medium named Molly was able to give Paul a message that would convince him that some mediums really are doing accurate work. She told him that he would win “a round award with the help of a deceased man named George,” and Paul went on to later win the Saturn Award for Best DVD of the Year with Sci-Fi Boys, which was inspired by George Pal.

1:13:20: A discussion of whether a person’s religious beliefs impact what happens to them after death. Paul explains why beliefs don’t matter when it comes to what the reality of life after death is.

1:19:00: Some information about the “Marilyn anomalies,” strange happenings that occurred during the making of Marilyn Declassified, a documentary about the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death.

1:26:30: Paul’s explanation of the Sacred Promise Team: Who they are, what they do, and how spirit communication is measured using technology and today’s electronics.

1:36:00: Why it might seem that more of our loved ones don’t reach out from the dead. Paul’s theory is that about half of us could report being reached out to in some way, and that many other occurrences may happen but go undetected, simply because most people don’t know what to look for.

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