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Paul Davids | A Case Study Of After Death Contact w/ Forrest J. Ackerman

Show Notes

Life after death: No one really knows what happens. Do we go off “toward the light”? Do we simply cease to exist? The most common atheistic view is that we are gone and no longer exist at all. Today’s guest, however, has some insights gleaned from his encounters with his late friend, Forrest J. Ackerman, after Forrest’s death. Though Forrest was a staunch atheist, he made the promise to try to communicate from beyond if it was possible, and Paul Davids asserts that not only has it been possible, but Forrest has been communicating with him and others quite a bit since his death.

Paul is a filmmaker, author, producer, and communicator with those who have passed on. He was the production coordinator of the original Transformers television show, and has since written six Star Wars sequels with his wife, Hollace, and is a prolific artist. His works have been sold all over the world. Today he is speaking to us about his book, An Atheist in Heaven, and his experiences communicating with Forrest J. Ackerman.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about include:

[19:30]: The case that changed the way Paul thought about communicating with the dead. Dorothy Allison, a psychic medium, was able to tell a pair of distraught parents where they could find their daughter’s body after the teenager had been murdered.

[24:00]: Paul’s first direct experience with the dead, which was when he was first contacted by his late friend, Forrest J. Ackerman.

[33:15]: The story of the “Inkblot Obliteration,” the first and most compelling piece of evidence that Forrest was reaching out from the other side. Paul tells of the circumstances, what happened, and how he knew without a doubt that it was indeed Forrest attempting to reach him.

[43:00]: How Forrest’s friend, Joe Moe, who was also an atheist and a skeptic, had an experience that led him to believe that Forrest had returned from the dead to thank him. This occurrence also put the inkblot obliteration incident in perspective.

[45:30]: What happened when Jay Siegel, one of the most important chemists in the USA and the chair chemist at Indiana University, ran tests on the inkblots and tried to categorize the ink: It turned out that the ink used wasn’t anything used in modern times, but it did have properties of inks used a century ago.

[48:15]: Some of the rules of engagement and limitations of contacting and communicating with those who have passed on.

[54:00]: How Forrest reached out yet again by creating a typographical error in an already-edited article, The Strange Case of Forrest J. Ackerman, that referenced the inkblot obliteration incident.

[1:01:30]: How a psychic medium named Molly was able to give Paul a message that would convince him that some mediums really are doing accurate work. She told him that he would win “a round award with the help of a deceased man named George,” and Paul went on to later win the Saturn Award for Best DVD of the Year with Sci-Fi Boys, which was inspired by George Pal.

[1:13:20]: A discussion of whether a person’s religious beliefs impact what happens to them after death. Paul explains why beliefs don’t matter when it comes to what the reality of life after death is.

[1:19:00]: Some information about the “Marilyn anomalies,” strange happenings that occurred during the making of Marilyn Declassified, a documentary about the circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death.

[1:26:30]: Paul’s explanation of the Sacred Promise Team: Who they are, what they do, and how spirit communication is measured using technology and today’s electronics.

[1:36:00]: Why it might seem that more of our loved ones don’t reach out from the dead. Paul’s theory is that about half of us could report being reached out to in some way, and that many other occurrences may happen but go undetected, simply because most people don’t know what to look for.

Links and Resources:

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Life After Death Project: the video

Marilyn Declassified

The Sacred Promise

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Okay, forty minutes in and he’s milking the shit out of a low level psy experience.


He could have charged this stuff himself- ghosts aren’t the only other possibility.
Could just as easily be RSPK.

Enjoying it anyway.



Nice man, I really love the new homepage icons for each show with the logo picture. Real slick. Gonna plug into the PA system now and get this show blaring.

Tha is dude.


I love the fact that you pump this out on the PA all the time…where do you work, and what reaction do you get?


Agree if I ever walked into an establishment and THC was playing through the PA, that place would have my business for life lol.


Gregg – great to hear you as always. Listeners if interested can I suggest you check out the Scole Experiment on youtube for more tangible evidence and witnesses than presented to us here.

Would be great to hear an interview on TV Sigil Magick Gregg – we know our media is controlled and Bonnie and John Mitchell do a great expose as to the extent.


Typical self referencing baby boomer. A boorish dullard parading the ignorance of their era. Not one original insight or perspective on a well worn path. Marilyn was murdered? Harry Houdini? The magic Castle? Please! How Carlwood strung two hours out of this b-side is testament to his class.


I couldn’t get through it all. He was making an awful lot out of yes momentous personally but in the big scheme extremely common phenomena.

Oth, I’m of the school that miracles are common. It’s when they aren’t happening that we should take note.

Blessings as always.

papa dave

Greg, a home run young man. As for this typical, self-referencing baby boomer, I say a helluva offering today. Mr. Davids not only tells a great tale, he sold a book as well. The world “beyond” my senses has been a personal quest for years. I dig THC the most…Sincerely, Your Boorish Dullard(tx branch), Papa Dave


Greg, this show was refreshing and a nice listen. Good choice of mixing things up with this guest who was closer to the surface of the rabbit hole along with the some of the other THC guests who take us really deep down that mind expanding journey! I’m a boomer & a big THC fan!

meme troll

It’s always interesting hearing a skeptic describe his transformation into a believer. For some of us, there’s never been a doubt (touched young). Still, I wish my list of accomplishments was half as long!

Autobots, roll out!


Yippee! Another new episode! Great job cranking these puppies out lately. Thank you Mr. Greg.


Another let me string you along with all kinds of inane details episode. If these people are essentially here to promote their book or whatever and give a boring interview nobody is going to buy their stuff. He should take a cue from his Hollywood icons who always put the best stuff in their trailers. I would also add that if briefly talking about their work is giving away the gold then there really isn’t much to it. This guy seems to have mastered talking long periods without saying anything leading me to believe there is very little actually to be said. Honestly I was hoping for some insight into life after death and not cryptic happenings that may or may not have been an attempt at communication. Essentially all he is verifying is that there is an afterlife but nothing about what it is comprised of. Nothing new or interesting here.


He’s not even verifying that there’s an afterlife. It could just as easily be Spontaneous Psychokinesis.
The “unknowable” being known could simply be the external mind.

Not that the distinctions are important anyway.

Just words.



Excellent interview Greg, on an interesting topic, I wonder what caused the clicking/ creaking sounds from around 30mins? Usually the sound quality in the interviews is excellent. BTW I had a non ayauasca based DMT like experience once, through meditation and went from being a skeptic about life after death to a full believer. I experienced leaving my body and loved ones, then being a disembodied consciousness, separate but connected to everything else in this ‘place’ where there was nothing corporeal or temporal, just pure being (very blissful), then, aware that my loved ones were in pain I ‘visited’ them by returning to the physical world and trying to make contact, which was a huge effort, then I returned to the other state and I was aware I could chose to be reincarnated. Most sublime experience I’ve ever had & I hadn’t even taken anything!


I do agree that Paul was clearly trying to sell products, Greg asked good questions under diffi ult circumstances. A very different interview to, say, Thornhill’s brilliant info and research on the electric universe.


This Guy talks a lot but does not say very much…….Apart from where you can buy his book/dvd etc…..Boring……!!!…..We do all know the Kennedy assassination was a staged false flag event….No President got shot that day….……Marylin Monroe’s death…..Well I wonder….???


I liked the part where he slipped up and said “he was a sci-fi agent” which is what i guess they all are, also name checks the flat earth as stupid, reinforces that we landed on the moon, that the universe is vast and that kennedy was shot.

Either ignorant of everything non mainstream, or what he said in his own words “sci fi agent”



Boring, constantly tried to sell his shit book. When can we get back to conspiracy, alien, ancient civilization stuff all this alien love, after life bull is getting boring


I have to say I think this is the most disappointed I’ve been since becoming a member. Greg, as usual you were stellar. Unfortunately it seemed to me your guest was way more interested in giving us his entire work resume while at the same time being openly worried he was giving away too much of the book,which would mean there would be no incentive to buy it. What a bummer. This podcast especially because while we all have different interests, I think it’s safe to say everyone wants to know more about this subject. It’s universal, no? I just lost my mom a week ago last Friday after taking care of her 24/7 for almost 5 years. She had two strokes that were induced by a doctor with a cocaine habit. I was seriously thinking there was something in the stars lining up when I saw this episode. I was hoping I could learn something about my mom. I realize that’s asking a lot, but even if I hadn’t lost anyone, I can’t help but be bummed about a guest who is worried about book sales when he has a “vacation home. “


Big hugs, Fellow Human.

I am so sorry.


Thank you so much. I never get notified I have messages. I just happened to check. Thank you again. She was my best friend and I’m hurting terribly.


Would love to hear more afterlife – based THC shows in the future but struggled with this one. The guy’s huge ego and self promotion just got in the way of a potentially very interesting subject.


I don’t get the negative reactions to this guy, he was a pretty good storyteller. No great insights or knowledge, I agree, but I appreciate his efforts to comprehend the meaning of a sequence of anomalies most wouldn’t even perceive. After this episode a listener might be more sensitive in detecting and analyzing subtle synchronicities and material anomalies.


What? After an episode of listening to this self aggrandizing bullshit I feel inclined to disbelieve everything this book hocking asshole says


I wish guests would listen to at least one of Greg’s shows before coming on. If they did, they’d understand Greg always gives guests plenty of time to sell their wares and Greg himself does a great job of referencing the material.

Not my favorite type of show. The types of folks that make radio tours to pimp their books just don’t seem capable of adapting to the THC format where you need to go one layer deeper.


Thanks Greg and THC for providing a diverse collection of topics and guests.


Hi there
With all due respect to the guest and host, I was compelled to terminate my listening to this broadcast before its end. In my experience there is no doubt at all that synchronicities/serendipities/coincidences happen at different times in my life and that I now pay attention to them. However, I’m not selling a piece of media that is persuading anyone else to `believe’ me.
Yes – he has the film footage, yes – he has the photographs and that is of great importance to him but of no consequence to me.
My point is, I have decided to participate in my own life where I can observe the little messages that mean something to me and me only instead of being a non-participant in someone else’s life where I am being asked to give my hard earned energy to someone who is telling me something that I, even if I wanted to, can never verify.
Again, with respect, I think the THC crowd are of a much higher intelligence than this particular presentation of subject matter.

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