Patrick Jordan | The History of Weaponized Vaccines, Militarized Medicine, & Serum Sickness

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Many of our listeners will agree that it’s crazy to trust the government and the state of the healthcare system to actually keep us healthy. Nowhere is the controversy more pronounced than in the pro- and anti-vaccination debate. While the government agencies insist that vaccines are safe and effective, those who have done their own research have found otherwise.

Today’s guest, Patrick Jordan, asserts that vaccines are not only ineffective, but also dangerous. He says that the current state of forced vaccinations for children is akin to a military vaccine holocaust that goes back several hundred years,  and that these injections are causing major health problems, from autism to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and more. In addition to being an independent researcher, Patrick has written dozens of books, including ICD 999 and Continuum.

Some of the topics that you’ll hear about on today’s podcast include:

5:30: How Patrick’s personal experience with his mother’s kidney disease and serum sickness led him to his research on the role of politics and religion in healthcare over the last 5,000 years.

12:30: The ICD-900 series is a series of codes used by healthcare providers to bill insurance companies for vaccine-induced diseases.

17:00: A list of conditions that are caused by serum sickness from vaccines. These include minor ailments like hives, malaise and fever, as well as more severe diseases, like heart disease, inflammation of the blood vessels, and Crohn’s disease.

33:15: Cases of famous doctors who have vaccinated their own children or grandchildren with new vaccines, only to cause neurological damage, in the case of Jenner, or disease and death, in the case of Ochsner.

46:40: Information on the case of an outbreak of cowpox 100 years after the disease had been eradicated. Edgar March Crookshank, a professor of microbiology, looked into this, and concluded that vaccination should never have happened and that it should be discontinued in the future.

56:40: Vaccine-preventable diseases have been used as biological warfare. At one time, Spain inoculated children with smallpox directly before putting them on a ship en route to South America. As planned, the children developed pustules just as they were disembarking in the new country, allowing them to unwittingly transmit smallpox to a population who had never been exposed to the disease before, creating mass death.

1:05:20: The lie of mercury-free vaccines: There is still thimerosal (mercury) in “mercury-free” vaccines, but it is not required to be on the labels, because it’s simply part of the manufacturing process and not added as a separate ingredient.

1:13:40: How the government reacts to the Amish and indigenous populations who do not vaccinate: They slowly force vaccinations in order to eliminate the control (non-vaccinated) population.

1:22:30: Several instances of how vaccines were used as population control by the government. One instance took place when nuns vaccinated pregnant women and were surprised to find that there were many spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) taking place afterward. Research showed that hormones had been added to the vaccine, presumably to act as a depopulating agent.

1:38:45: How the alternative health movement does go far enough to help us overcome the health problems that the previously vaccinated will inevitably encounter, as well as Patrick’s tips on minimizing the damage.

1:51:00: One vaccine given to your parents or grandparents before they had their children can change your cells, even if you’ve never had a vaccine yourself, so it’s important to be vigilant even if your parents were informed and did not have you vaccinated.

1:56:30: How dental procedures are putting us at risk — and why dentists deny it.

2:16:15: How the Rh factor in humans might be linked to vaccines being grown on monkey cells.



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Pathophysiology by Wilson and Price

Epidemics in Colonial America

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48 Responses

  1. I kept these diabolical mother fuckers far from my child. She is 23 and very healthy. None of the chronic shit I have from medical intervention. Great show, makes my blood boil!

      1. Attempting to repress legitimate anger like Unikitty also lets the damned Archons in.. Just gotta accept the yin and yang in yourself and keep it mostly balanced.

  2. From the book Project Human Extinction by Chris Thomas and Dave Morgan (p296)….

    The “discovery” of the AIDS virus (HTLV3) was announced by Dr Robert Gallo at the National Cancer Institute which is on the grounds of Fort Detrick Maryland, a Primary US Army biological warfare research facility.

    1978 The Hepatitis B vaccine study appears to have been the initial means of planting the infection in New York City. The test protocol specified non- monogamous Males only, and Homosectuals recieved a different vaccine fro heterosexuals. At least 25-50% of the first reported NewYork AIDS cases in 1981 had received the Hepatitis B Vaccine in1978. By 1984 64% of the Vaccine recipients had AIDS, and the figures on the current infection rate for the participants of that study are held by the US department of Justice and are “Unavailable”

    Jeff Rense……

    Dr Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H…..

  3. Thank you.

    I haven’t heard him before.

    I’m in a high pertussis area.
    EVERY child I know who has contracted pertussis has been vaccinated, including siblings. The vaccinated get pertussis; the unvaccinated did not.

  4. Make yourself some nice rhubarb wine to replace your morning kombucha (pure claat).

    Mine tastes like watermelon Jolly Ranchers,
    which I no longer eat.


  5. Patrick Jordan ROCKS some serious intensity. He actually swayed me away from my firm belief that anti-vax people selfish and stupid. This was a treat of an interview — Thanks Dan and thanks Patrick!

  6. Wow. Love this guy. Too bad most people will avoid knowing the truth at all cost, prefering to fill their head with Facebook, porn, junk food, fake eyelashes, etc.

    It would be so easy to have this one precious life (please god, I hope there is no such thing as reincarnation- once is enough, if every iteration is the same challenges in a different meat suit!), be totally different, true enjoyment, creativity, quality relationships and learning, IF ONLY, people would wake up and withdraw all energy and obedience from “the system”.

    I know I’m a broken record, but I think Dr. Jennifer Daniels, would be sympatico with him.

    A woman I work with, who is a wealth of practical knowledge shared this book with me- the definitive book on healing herbs, for North America. I’m making my way through it. Perhaps this could help us.

    Even though I’ve never met any of you, I appreciate knowing I’m not completely alone.

  7. I loved learning this new info. Patrick sure was giggley! Greg, did you share your “little drink and little smoke” with him before your interview? ? Please please have him on again! There’s too much left unsaid. I really appreciate being able to learn so many vitally important subjects about things that I probably would have never heard about if I wasn’t lucky enough to have found this wonderful podcast here. I feel truly blessed. Greg, you are amazing. I’m glad to call you friend.

  8. Feeling alarmed is a signal that we are called to action.

    Feeling calm, rational and open is a way to gather information in a level headed way.

    There are times to act on your feelings of alarm. In this context, when we are being taken out slowly by poor food supply, tainted water, and chromosome altering vaccines maybe something should be done.

    But how?

    We live in a culture that respects independence and difference. Yet is, at least in name, a democracy too. How can individuals organize themselves in such a way to demand transparency? Why do we throw our hands up and do nothing? I get it. I dont know any of you on this site personally. I apologize for making an assumption . . . To a point. If this is a democracy, then we need to find answers from the people running this country, who have betrayed our trust. If there is stonewalling and obfuscation, then we need to rename our situation and work on a more demanding solution.

  9. Eventually managed to listen was stopping and starting but ok today! Well that was heavy! This is one you can’t distance yourself from, it affects everyone! I refused whooping cough vax for my daughter who refused MMR for her kids but just recently and totally out of the blue she let them stick HPV in my granddaughters! Thought I had won that one but obviously NOT! So trying to get as much info as I can at the moment before they have to get the 2nd one! It is so hard for normal people to believe THEY could be so EVIL! Everthing is the opposite way round – Stephen Richards the aborigine healer was saying how did they know their weapons would work on the Iraqis? Answer – they tested it on US citizens first! However, I also think there is a psyops thing going on where they are trying to convince the us CTs that the NWO has progressed further in other countries than it has – I was imagining US with military vehicles in the streets awash with EMFs and huge sick people everywhere! Glad to hear you are glad to be American – I’m glad to be Scottish! However, I’m also afraid that thay have already done what we are still thinking they might do e.g. we don’t need chipped as we already have nanotechnology in us! Thanks Greg for always sounding cheery – laughter must be good eh? And it’s all so outrageous what else can you do?
    As above please have Patrick on again – he sounds like he needs our support as he must have felt like he was going insane climbing up out of that rabbit hole (I always feel we are in the rabbit hole and need to get out of it rather than the other way round!)

  10. DAMN good show, Greg. Thanks to you and Patrick for the info. I’m gonna check out his books. I’m just coming off an extreme period of ill health, which I WAS astrologically warned about – rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s – autoimmune disease, where the immune system gets confused and attacks ITSELF!! Hmm – sounds fishy… hmm… I was really pissed, because I’ve always been really healthy. Hadn’t gone to a doctor for 15 years or more before this, but I had to work. I’m an autocad drafter and where it hit was my shoulder, elbows, wrists, fingers – FORGET about opposable thumbs! It was scary! And the drugs they gave me were VERY scary! Prednisone fixed the pain and swelling in a couple of days, but I was looking for a cliff to jump off of. I felt spiritually attacked. Next came the immunosuppressant. I guess it destroys the immune system. I was reminded of shingles and stopped taking that too. Have you watched the Orphan Black series?? Fortunately, I’m regaining my health – I must be moving out of that ‘house’ by now and damn glad of it! Keep em comin, Greg. Best $5 I spend every month. You rock!

  11. I hope he’s wrong on some of his research, but he seemed very credible to me. I’m so glad I didn’t have all those vaccines as a child!

    I hope some good answers cam be found to reverse some of the damage we all have had inflicted on us at one point or another.

    I like bentonite clay with coloidal silver to help detox heavy metals, but that is only one aspect of what we are dealing with.

  12. For the record, I am anti-vaccine for the most part and absolutely believe they are causing autism and other debilitating conditions. But I don’t think the fact this is a valid diagnosis code means they have acknowledged it and are just trying to hide it.

    I work in healthcare insurance IT and ICD coding is a huge part of my job. ICD9 was an absolute train wreck and they knew it as far back as the 70s and started working on a better organized and specific set, ICD10, in the early 80s. I’m curious why he is basing all this on ICD-9 when it has been discontinued worldwide in the last 15+ years and in the USA on October 1st of 2015 and moved into ICD-10 (after several delays).

    Also, ICD codes can get pretty whacky; I mean there are codes for “Does not get along with in-laws” (ICD10: Z63.1) or “Sucked into jet engine; subsequent encounter” (ICD10: V97.33XD).

    The fact that immunization poisoning diags are in the 900 group of an obsolete set doesn’t mean they snuck it into the end hoping nobody would notice; anything classified as poisoning/allergic reaction is in the 900 set. The number groups are used to intersect with a procedure code to make billing easier (i.e., you can’t bill a 900 series diagnosis with the procedure code of c-section for child birth – that claim would get denied immediately) . The current ICD10 code for vaccine serum reaction is T80.61XA – is there a sinister significance in that code? Probably not. Furthermore, vaccine poisoning/reactions is a very real thing even if you remove any claim made by the anti-vaxxer community; Like epstein-barr which is officially acknowledged as being caused by Rubella vaccines.

    1. I second that. My fiancee works in the IT department at a hospital and has told me about what a trainwreck the codes are and how there’s a code for just about everything under the sun.

      At any rate, I am still thoroughly anti-vaccine and enjoyed the interview despite all the giggles (not sure why that bothered me so much… guess I need to drink a lil drink and smoke a lil smoke!)

      My fiancee had to go through hell last fall just to keep her job in the IT dept of the hospital because she refused the flu shot just as she had done the previous 2 years. But this year they really tried to crack down on it because the hospital gets more money back if they can show 90% vaccination. Had to get the EEOC involved and hopefully that will protect her from retaliation for the next flu season.

      The hospital forced everyone who refused the shot to wear a mask at all times when in the building which was obviously punishment / social ostracism / shaming to get people to take the shot. Imagine having to wear a mask 9 to 12 hours a day every day for 6 months… even while in meetings… even while in the office alone with the door shut.

      An interesting piece of info on the flu shot I learned through this: The CDC’s method of estimating flu shot Vaccine Effectiveness is severely flawed. They only look at sick people. They compare the vaccination rate in people with flu-like illness who tested positive for flu and the vaccination rate in people with flu-like illness who tested negative for flu. The critical assumption is that people who took the flu-shot are not more likely to get flu-like illness… which seems to be a very bad assumption since the vaccination rates in people with flu-like illness were significantly higher than the national average.

      In other words, even if the only people getting sick were the ones who got the flu shot, the CDC by their method could still say the flu shot is effective. If the flu shot increases chances of getting non-flu flu-like illness, then that would create a false “Vaccine Effectiveness”. Strangely enough just about everyone who got the flu shot missed work with flu-like illness while those who refused didn’t get sick.

      Here is the final CDC report for the 2014-2015 season so anyone can verify what I’ve written here:

      Furthermore the “Vaccine Effectiveness” is a measure of probability reduction… in other words if you had a 1 in a trillion chance of getting the flu without the shot and a 1 in 2 trillion chance of getting the flu with the shot, that’s 50% vaccine effectiveness! Wow!

      Presenting “Vaccine Effectiveness” in this way instead of by giving a measure of absolute odds reduction which is actually more like 1.5% or less (and even this paltry number is based mostly on industry funded studies and/or flawed case-control studies like the one cited above) is highly deceptive and prevents people from being able to make a good risk vs benefits decision.

  13. Wasn’t that just the cherry on top of my vaccinated sundae!
    It took me a couple of sessions to finish & I found the interview relayed needed & disturbing information about the weaving spinning psychopaths. The volumes of information connecting the threads together makes it hard to deny that dumming down & diseasing the populace is the endgame.
    And I thought I was pissed after Dr. Mary’s Monkey!

  14. Interesting interview and guest but one thing that he talks about needs to be rebutted. There is a powerful documentary made in 2014 about the conspiracy to outlaw and vilify DDT in order to permit the mosquito population and therefore malaria to thrive. It is a depopulation plan to sicken and kill the poor people living in warm climates. Titled “3 Billion and Counting” was made by Dr. Rutledge in 2014, and refers to the number of people he believes have been killed by the nearly worldwide ban of this miracle mosquito control product.
    Dr. Rutledge would make a great guest on your show.

    1. sbab – great point and something that I’d love to check out, so thank you. (if you have links then that would be great, otherwise I will search myself).

      I feel that there are many points that need ‘rebutting’ in THC, not in an aggressive – argumentative way; but rather a point vs point way – a collaboration of knowledge if you will.

      Maybe a show displaying apposing points in an educated way?

      Greg always seems to take a great and open minded approach; so it could work.

  15. Greg, as the person that requested you interview Patrick, I wanted to tell you what a splendid job you did preparing for and conducting his interview. I thoroughly enjoyed listening. This is the first time I have heard Patrick talk about ICD-999 and I learned some new things myself. Patrick has so much knowledge and so much to offer. It does my heart good to see how well received the interview was…and this is what I had hoped. You have such a diverse audience, I just knew there were people that had never heard of him that would understand immediately that he was speaking important truth. Thank you so much and as other listeners have asked, please have him on again! Regards, Annette

  16. Greg, This was an asskicking interview and you asked great questions as usual! Your comments at the end were also great and spot on. The biggest protection these types of long range plans and agendas have is they are just too terrible for people to believe so they throw the baby out with the bathwater! Keep up the great work and thank you for your awesome show!

  17. I haven’t read all the comments so apologies if this has already been mentioned but was Patrick the voice over for Shaggy from Scooby Doo…lol, that laugh, dead ringer, no pun intended.

    On a serious note, what a fantastic show, can’t wait to hear you interview him again, despite the darkness of the material, we need to unravel it all

  18. Greg, another excellent job of getting the most out of a source of personally accumulated knowledge. IMHO the sources open up to you because they sense you have done your ‘homework’ and are grateful to be able to take it to a higher level of potential comprehension; much to the benefit of your faithful audience.
    Please consider Patrick Jordan for a few more shows soon before ‘they’ take him out and we lose this outstanding Being.
    High-Regards, Tom

  19. Greg, please get him on your show again and soon. I would love to hear how to overcome all those bad things, also his thoughts on fermented foods.
    Excellent show!

  20. great show! this one pretty much prompted me to sign up to be a plus member to hear the whole thing as well as support a good cause of bringing together an incredible array of researchers and subjects.. Love the demeanor of Patrick and his sense of humor amidst the magnitude of issues discussed.. his website is good too.. thanks for this interview plus the breakdown of it- there isn’t much available of him besides his books, website and yt channel, which is quite a bit already, haha. Would love to hear Dr. John Bergman on this show, i know it would be a good vibe and very complementary to this topic- he’s a so-cal neighbor and very funny

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