Judyth Vary Baker | The Lee Harvey Oswald Love Affair & Weaponized Cancer Connection

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We recently had Ed Haslam on the show, and he talked about his knowledge of events leading up to Lee Harvey Oswald being framed for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Today, we get into the deeper story from none other than Lee’s lover, Judyth Vary Baker. Judy’s involvement in the Lee Harvey Oswald saga began when she was a teenager with an intense interest in cancer and medicine. As the years went on, she found herself in the midst of interactions and involvements that television dramas are made of, but in this case, it was a real-life drama.

Judy has a special insight due to her relationship with Lee, as well as her involvement with a project focusing on weaponizing cancer. She understands the medical industry, the prevention and treatment of cancer, the dangers of the vaccination schedules, and how and why Lee was blamed for the JFK assassination.

Some of the topics you’ll hear discussed today include:

4:30: How Judy got involved with weaponizing cancer with Dr. Mary Sherman.

12:20: How Judy met Lee Harvey Oswald — She thought it was a coincidence, but found out later that the meeting had been planned.

19:00: Details about Lee, such as why he dropped out of high school, and why and how Wikipedia and other media have villainized and trivialized him.

22:00: How Fidel Castro’s health care policies in Cuba led to his doctors unwittingly participating in the implementation of cancer being used as a biological weapon.

37:30: Judy’s belief that bacteriaphage can kill cancer, and how we could have had a cure by now, but since it can’t be patented and is inexpensive, Big Pharma won’t allow it.

47:00: How and why the medical establishment is negatively impacting children’s immune systems with over-vaccination.

55:00: Things that can trigger the development of cancer from the simian virus injected along with the polio vaccine.

1:01:00: How the cancer as a biological weapon project evolved after the death of Mary Sherman.

1:09:00: How the use of antibiotics has decreased the cleanliness standards in hospitals, and how ultraviolet lights in hospitals could improve sanitation and save lives.

1:18:20: Some details about Lee’s widow, Marina Oswald, the couple’s marriage, and why Marina won’t speak out on her husband’s behalf.

1:26:50: What some of Judy’s critics have said about her work, lies they’ve told, and her rebuttals and explanations.

1:34:10: insight on Lee’s relationship to Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, who was in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination.

1:40:30: Details on Judy’s soon-to-be-released book, Letters to the Cyborgs: As Humans Become 51% Machine, or More, Who Will Inherit the Earth?

1:50:30: Why demonstrations and attempts to make the truth known are virtually impossible today.


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19 Responses

  1. At 47 minutes she is talking about a Titor /Titer test.( not sure about spelling). They are comparable in price to the vaccines from the vet and can be given at any point during the dog’s life. I would personally prefer them to vacs for my boy 🙂 I have not been able to figure out yet why they can’t be done on humans.
    Probably because then healthy folks would discover that,like their dogs,they don’t need these vacs. I bet the elite have them for their children.

  2. ***** Greg, I love her, she’s brave. I think the only way this is going to untangle is the universal karma plan, law of one, cosmic code. On the other hand, my mother gets a flu vaccine every year! and every other thing doctor recommended. I can only hope.

  3. I was very happy when I heard her talk about Thermagram or Thermascan. On my birthday each year for the past 13 years I have had my Thermascan done. It’s the easiest thing ever & the procedure can find tumors 7 years before a traditional Mammogram. No getting smashed into a pancake & having who knows how much radiation slammed into your chest (& don’t forget to go every year for more radiation). The tech is 10 feet away not behind glass & a lead apron. You put your hands behind your head & turn left & right. Then you place your hands & wrists into ice cold water for 60 seconds & face front left & right & you’re done. Get dressed pay & haul ass. I call it my mugshot for my boobs. Ladies do yourself & every other female you know a favor by spreading the word about Thermascan.

      1. Thank you Miss Sunshine!
        The absolute best part of Thermascan is when you receive your test results in the mail. The picture is a thermal view of your chest in every color of the rainbow. You can see your life force in technicolor; it’s such a life affirming experience.
        So ladies say yes to healthy unradiated boobage.

  4. This BRILLANT woman has so much information in her head, that almost every sentence she utters has 4 times as many facts as you’d expect. I’m goina have to listen to this 3 more times so I can get as much out of this as I can. Wow. Just think how wonderful it would be to live next door to her and have her over for coffee a few times s week for years. You could probably take that knowledge and cure cancer on the sly. Well, that is until you’re killed. But that’s another story. Great interview Greg. Fantastic choice of guest. ❤️

  5. Loved the show. It was really great listening to her after the monkeys book show. I do think however, Judy could help her cause a bit more if she let future hosts set the pace of the interview. Also not interrupting too.

  6. After reading Me and Lee I was shocked to see that Greg had an interview with Judy Vary Baker! I tend to believe her story, but listening to her explain it, while avoiding some of Greg’s pertinent questions regarding the specifics of the weaponized virus, kinda disappointed me. In fact, I had such a hard time that I started to lose some belief in her story. I think Greg is right to give her leeway but man why couldn’t she be a better conversationalist?

  7. Firstly, thanks Greg – another great interview.

    As someone who is interested in the JFK assassination; I do enjoy learning off the many sources involved so I can try and comprehend as much “truth” as possible.

    Since your interview with Ed Haslam I have been extremely interested in the whole Polio/Cancer elements which, in some ways, make it feel as if the JFK assassination is merely a foot note or sub plot to the main event.

    I would have loved to hear more detail on that from Judyth however I still thought this was a great interview.

    Sometimes two hours and eleven minutes isn’t enough!

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