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RE: The indigo children

I don’t know much about indigo children but I have come to understand that there are some people who are “starseeds”. I think they are the same thing,...

2 years ago
Orgasmic birthing, unschooling, and a child the same age as yours.

Oh yeah and my child will not be circumcised!! Thank you!

3 years ago
Lee Harris, Wendy Kennedy, Paul Selig or Rueben Langdon

I fully second having Lee Harris on! I have been following his work and his podcast for a while. He is the real deal as a channeler and really has ope...

3 years ago
Migrants detention centers

This is so gross. Has anyone heard anything new about this? The barbed wire Walmart thing is disturbing. I’m sure this is unrelated, but I’m rememberi...

3 years ago
Apple Podcast Problems Since Last Update?

Wow 10 minutes that’s really bad. It’s been shit for me for several months now actually. It always takes a few minutes to start playing, freezes up, c...

3 years ago
Dr. Jordan B Peterson

carltheheir wrote: The way he talks about the meanings of the stories of the bible make me think he is a perfect fit for the Higherside. There is also...

4 years ago
5 years ago
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