Outlaw Jimmy Jones | The Rh Neg Blood Type Mystery, Aliens, & The Elite

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The Outlaw, Jimmy Jones joins THC to talk about his research into the RH Neg Blood Type, the historical context for the differences, & some of his own strange experiences in being one of the few people with RH Neg blood.

Check out more of Jimmy’s work on his site:

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  1. Love your work and this podcast ( obviously ) but you can make a debilitating drinking game over how often you say “interesting” not a dig just a fun little jab. keep up the good work!!

    1. Maybe we could get a decent buzz going taking a shot when you say “interesting” but we would all be in comas with alcohol poisoning if we took a shot every time Jimmy says “yeah”!

    1. Oh I do.It’s why I am going to download it and go over it again when I have time to take notes. I haven’t listened to it all yet but I’m sure I’ll have some questions.
      LOL @ the drinking game. After the note taking I’m going to listen yet again and get my buzz on 😉

  2. I am Rh negative, and I have all those physical traits he mentions: low blood pressure, low body temperature, red hair in my family, mother and daughter have red hair, but mine is a light, slightly red brown. It is true that the second child of a RH neg mother and Rh positive father dies, my second Rh positive child did so because the doctor neglected to give me rogam (spelling?) immediately after the birth of the 1st Rh positive child, which is the only time you can give rogam. My third and fourth Rh positive children survived only because they had several intrauterine fetal transfusions while I was carrying them. I do have a high IQ, tested number eight in my high school.

    1. Ummm, this is sort of terrifying. I’m so sorry for your loss. Do you have any advice for a first time neg mother (me, hopefully pretty soon) with a positive father (hubby)? I am a bit nervous now. I am an only child and only know my Mother. No history to go on really.

      1. Depending on if the father is +/- or +/+, you might not have issues at all. If he is +/- there is a 50% chance your children will be negative. Once you at pregnant with an rh+ baby (whether or not that baby is actually born), there is a chance you will develop antibodies against the rh factor. If that happens, and you become pregnant again with a rh+ baby, those antibodies will attack the fetus. If the second or later baby is rh-, all will be fine. Nothing to attack. You should get a rhogam shot during your first and subsequent pregnancies, and within 72 hours after the birth/abortion/miscarriage. This shot is actually rh D antibodies, but it works by attacking any rh D that may have gotten into your blood, therefore preventing your body from producing its own. Your body will be like, “everything’s okay here, nothing to see, everyone go home” and your blood should be free of rh D antibodies after, and your next baby should be fine.
        My advice to you is to be sure you and the father are tested for blood type. Don’t rely on what you think you already know. My birth records show me as being rh+, so I thought my whole life I was positive. Didn’t know until I was pregnant with my first child that I’m actually negative! Both my kids are positive, so had I not been tested and gotten the rhogam shots, my second baby probably would’ve died. I think it is standard to test both parents early in pregnancy, but if not, be sure you tell them to. Sounds like you already know your situation, but this is advice for others as well. They tested me twice since i was so shocked to hear them say I am rh-.

      2. As long as your obstetrician gives you Rhogam at 28 weeks and again at delivery, your body will not produce anti-D antibodies (Rh positive refers to the D red cell antigen), and your next pregnancy will not be threatened.

  3. Loved this one. Really enlightening! Good cover as well. I have to say I really appreciate your business model and commend your measures to bypass the man and deliver unfiltered, cutting edge content. Love what you do, G!

  4. Oooouuuie, just saw this new episode pop up and now I’m all excited! I’m a neg myself and have seen some unbelievably on-point descriptions of “us?” or me, basically, based on this…kind of freaky! Going to go ahead and finish this painting while I listen now and can’t wait to hear just how interesting ‘n fascinating this is! ;)’

  5. As one of the people who requested this subject I think it only right I should offer up my opinions.

    I’m Rh- and the only traits I ‘share’ is are (slightly) higher IQ and low(ish) blood pressure. Otherwise dark hair/brown eyes, usual amount of ribs/vertebrae. Never seen an alien/UFO. Not an intuitive. Guess I lucked out?

    All that said and out of the way, I thought the ‘Outlaw’ was just pulling together random threads and hoping to weave a carpet.

    This is an interesting subject – no monkey blood for a start! But, guest came across (to me) a little ranty/paranoid, and the lumping together of random ‘facts’ do not even make a cohesive theory.

    Greg, keep up good work. I’m a long time listener and original THC+ member.

  6. I loved this episode. It probably bothers me more than it should that he said 2 rh+ people can’t have a negative child. That’s not true. If both parents have one recessive gene for negative, a child of their’s could get a negative gene from each parent. Then they would have 2 negative genes and would be rh-. My daughters come from a neg mom and positive dad, and they are both rh+. If they have a child with a man with the same type parents, they could have rh- children (25% chance). This is what I wonder about. Would those rh- children have the same characteristics as one that comes from 2 neg parents, or one that comes from 1 neg/1 positive?
    And I also wonder about the people like my kids that have both rh+ and rh- blood in them. I mean, I am -/- and their dad is -/+, that’s a lot of negative in their line. They both have a lot of the characteristics of negatives.

  7. Greg’s “Assburgers” gag flew right over Jimmy’s head.

    I have red hair…no idea what my blood type is!

    You did a good job in shepherding the guest away from getting too deep into his racial diatribes Greg!

  8. DUDE!!!! I had left a comment a few episodes ago about wishing you knew some1 that could come on and explain or at least have a conversation about RH negs. Ur completely awesome and this is the best 5 bux a month I could possibly spend. I REALLY wanted some insight into this. Haven’t even listened to the show yet but if I know u n ur guests, it’s gonna be a thriller. Thank you, a thousand times thank you.

  9. I really enjoyed this interview. It contained a unique viewpoint and research stream. Very interesting information, and the discussion went quite well. That said, there is a lot of contradictory info given by Jimmy. Firstly he says “All have red hair” then he says “…All or almost all have red hair…” and claims that this is only 7% of the population. He then goes on to create a very large list of the ever so popular presidential, royal, and celebrity line of scapegoats used in all facets of the conspiratorial community as the go to people to use as a basis for such claims. The names he gives are largely all from america, almost none of the names given have red hair, granted perhaps they have red hair genes in their family but now we are splitting hairs, pun intended. So back to the people and groups he listed, it seems yet again that the ever so popular scape-goats are used yet again and if only 7% of the population is supposed to be RH- It seems a bit far fetched that SO many would be sequestered in the united states and in these specific positions or groups, and again almost none have red hair, and some are even black, it would be hard pressed to find a red hair gene in an african american genealogy. Anyway it seems that Mr. outlaw is simply using Rh- red hair blood line as his all encompassing, go-to, blanket theory for everything much as certain schools of thought say “oh its ALL illuminati,” or “Oh its ALL reptillians”, “Its ALL this or that”. I don’t agree with such ways of thinking. Simply put, many outrageous claims that were not really backed up or expanded upon by further information was made here and I think much more in-depth research and specific questions should be asked. Its just another case of one man looking for his reason to be part of if not the “chosen one’s” and then creating his own lore on why that is. This happens sooo often in research communities like this and well in my humble opinion I simply cannot jump on that band wagon. Great job on the interview, unique information, given in a biased non-unique way, but interesting indeed.

    1. You made some good points – I was wondering how he was able to confirm the blood types of these rich and famous. He named Marc Bolan as part of the 27 club but Marc was 2 weeks short of his 30th bd when he died in a tragic car accident. Well fascinating interview over all.

    2. Good points runghostrun. I think the pressure of presenting information makes some people err on the side of the categorical – you know short answers to expansive subjects and all that, as well as the need to present a narrative. It pays to keep in mind that the so-called “traits” of the Neg blood type might only be a genetic tendency through lineage and so would go into the mix with everything else. Neither should we focus on the personality of the presenter over the information presented. Biology tells an interesting story here, we can take or leave the rest.
      I think I’ll weave this thread into the tapestry next to the Sumerian Annunaki creation theory.

      1. ^ This. I think a major part of any contradiction in details was largely because he’s not a polished speaker/nerves and just not used to presenting information this way. People fuck up, but what he said is largely what I found on his site and elsewhere on the more fringe feelings on this subject. I could have spent a little more time correcting/clarifying for him, but I hate to stop momentum and hoped a large % of listeners would see around some of that stuff and cut him a bit of a break. Which largely seems to be the case. Guests on this topic seem pretty scarce. Thanks for listening!

  10. Your a great interviewer! I listen to a ton of podcasts, and you are one of the best, You are consistently prepared, ask thoughtful questions, and have an overall professional vibe, I really appreciate that as it makes the information more understandable to a wider audience. This was another great interview, lots of fascinating threads to follow up on. Keep fighting the good fight Greg!

  11. Wow incredible information – mahalo for stepping outside the box with your guest selection and topics! A few years ago Joe Montaldo (UFO Undercover Radio) presented some great research into the Rh factor and contactees but this guest takes it to whole new level!

  12. Awesome! This dude was unprofessional, unrehearsed and under-prepared. Making for an authentic raw listening experience. A perfect juxtaposition to some of the tighter slicker interviews. Another reason this show is fucking dominating. Thank you!

  13. When he said about Hitler targeting the jews because of their blood group I stopped listening . Hitler had more than a few reasons and none of them were because they were ginger jews (ive never seen a ginger jew come to think of it)
    To my knowledge ginger people were celts , not Israelis . This guy is a charlatan . MIB came to his school gimme a break .
    Eric Dubay part 2 please or a debate with him and a globe earth advocate !

  14. It’s interesting that for a rare blood type, there seems to be a good many RH- people on this forum – and I seem to know a lot of them personally as well. Considering that most people don’t even know their blood type along with all of the recessive gene carriers out there, I wonder how accurate the percentage is.

    I have an autistic son and the Rhogam shot is talked about often in the autism community as a trigger for the condition due to the mercury content. I’ve met more mothers who attribute their child’s autism to it than I can count on both hands and feet.

    My dad is RH- and after giving blood once, he is continually called to give more. He’s never felt targeted nor has he been abducted. The only thing that really fit was Scottish roots (although he was kind of all over the place with nationality), a red hair gene, and he has a genius level IQ. So I don’t know… It was thought provoking though!

    1. If your son is autistic, please check out Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride. She’s an alternative natural doctor who specialized in children’s autism. She cured lots and lots of autistic children, and her dietary protocol is used worldwide to cure autism and other psychological conditions. Please research this doctor’s work.

      Just youtube her name, you’ll get lots of her interviews.

  15. Very, very interesting interview…especially for us medical professionals. This is the first interview I had to “rewind” several times to make notes for my later research. I sincerely respect and appreciate Mr. Jimmy Jones. I absolutely wish him the absolute best. Even though he may be hunted, I have a sense that he may have some esoteric protection to further his studies and promulgate the truth. May his courage and honesty inspire us to drive full speed ahead. -Nancy

  16. Btw not ALL Rh- have red hair. Some of those actors Jimmy mentioned do not have red hair. And I know a hispanic girl with black hair who is O- blood type.

  17. Going on from that last piece I wrote re the Jan Irvine interview and the necessity for copious amounts of discernment required by the Truth movement, a word of caution about this interview with OJ.
    When I first heard this interview, I was thoroughly intrigued, despite having my doubts about some of OJ’s speculations on a number of topics; Namely having two blasts at Ickey, which I thought was a bit cheap when the man has brought the depths of the deception to so many living rooms! “spreading his nonesense”??? Even if you don’t buy the reptillian thing, baby and bath water spring to mind.
    However since I listened to this show new things are emerging in the UK.
    At the very least (Greg and all the listeners), it is worth following this next piece of info up coz if it is true, just like the Irvine comment I made, we need to be far more discerning with who and what we listen to. Now that is not to say I shut my ears off to any info, far from it but we are all aware that the veil is being lifted higher and higher and if we’ve rocked ourselves into another ‘belief’, we may end up missing the crucial info. Just because it’s alternative info from a smooth talking, silver tongued so and so it does not mean we can’t be hoodwinked. Let’s face it, the vast majority of the awakened souls have only just (relatively speaking) woken up, just like riding a bike we are new to this and falling off is part of the process, it is ok to be fooled, it is not ok to think we can’t be fooled again.
    Anyway, you can imagine my surprise at the synchronicity of seeing OJJ’s name being dragged across the coals on the website of an investigative journalist who has recently been illegally arrested.
    Now this guy Chris Spivey is certainly not a smooth talking, silver tongued individual, tbh, he is the norm for working class ‘lads’ of the UK. If you have not followed his case, he has recently been arrested on trumped up, false charges of “suspected” harassment. “suspected” harassment is not even a criminal offence FFS.
    Anyway, the British establishment are doing a ‘job’ on him, but they may well be in for a bit of a surprise as his working class laddish credentials may well be underestimated. Conspiracy theorists (he says he only deals with conspiracy facts…easy enough these days!) do not tend to come to the table dressed as he does, you’ll see what I mean when you see him.
    The criminal charges were brought about because his investigative journalist skills have blown the false flag events wide open. The one in question being the Lee Rigby (Woolwich) murder of 2013.
    What does this have to do with the Outlaw? Chris has proof that he is an insider. I will leave the link to his blog concerning OJJ (and what Chris calls irrefutable proof) here
    It is a long read, the topic in question is towards the end of the blog, Chris’s proof comes is shown in the forum comments further down the page. It gets a bit confusing with the forum names, but you’ll get the idea I’m sure.
    Even more interesting is that Chris has made a provable connection to OJJ and Sonia Poulton (TPV’s main presenter).
    Sonia will go down in history as the one who initiated the collapse of The Peoples Voice (TPV) internet TV and Radio programme last year. She had a huge public hissy fit about Icke, who had promoted the station across the world and it signaled the beginning of the end. There is a lot more to that whole saga than meets the eye and Icke did himself no favours to the whole truth movement by walking away without an attempted explanation as to where it all went wrong and where the money went.
    Now, if Chris’s investigations check out with these two, we have a very interesting dilemma on our hands.
    Those who are spreading the dis info will not escape the inevitable truth, whoever they may be. I only hope that us pacifists get to them first, for their own sake’s (and humanities).

  18. I’m rh- as well. Blue eyes, reddish brown/blonde hair especially the beard, consistently lower body temp, lower blood pressure than I should probably have, light/sound sensitive, above average IQ, scotch-irish heritage. Interesting show. Thanks! When you coming back Greg?

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