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Ole Dammegard | The Rock Star Killings & Other Crimes Of Operation 40

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Ever wonder about the suspicious details surrounding the deaths of some of music’s biggest legends? The deaths of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Bob Marley, and even Whitney Houston all have odd circumstances, inconsistencies, and  damning connections to an elite hit squad known as “Operation 40.”

Today’s guest Ole Dammegard has been studying “Operation 40″ for over 30 years, working hard to identify the people involved as well as the mile long list of assassinations, false flag attacks, and other crimes that can be attributed to these dirty deed doers of the Puppetmasters.

Check out more of Ole’s work and his book, ”COUP D’ETAT IN SLOW MOTION” at:


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Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!

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    1. Thanks man! Glad you liked it! I thought he was good at giving the full official story before poking holes in it. Sometimes guests gloss over than and then listeners don’t always have the best context.

  1. I was once so sure and secure in my pragmatic beliefs about the world, but fell down the rabbit hole sometime around 2008. Now, I’m to the point where I think maybe Tracy Twyman’s explanation about a demon driven over mind is the best way to explain the motives for these conspiracies detailed by Ole!

    1. I hear ya! Like Jay Weidner said in the latest show. I’m always thinking I took the red pill, then I find more and more layers and realize I wasn’t even close before. Eventually that’s got to go away right?

  2. Hey Greg, thanks for the show.

    However, as regards certain aspects of this interview, I believe Ole is badly informed (whether this is by choice or otherwise, I can’t say).

    Please get Michael Collins Piper on the show, for the sake of balance. Also, Dennis Wise would make a great guest. Speaking of which, you know for certain when outlets such as ITunes et al start banning you, that you are on the money, and therefore much too close to the truth.

    This is the comment I left on YT.

    I don’t know how else to say it, so I’m just regurgitating it here:

    More Jewish Zionist propaganda, or just shoddy research? The Bush family are Crypto-Jews, so let that sink in for a moment. Hitler was not funded by Bush!! Hitler was simply honoring pre-existing contracts. The reason the Zionists went after Hitler, who incidentally JAILED A ROTHSCHILD, was because Hitler began using German currency, dispensing with the criminal Jewish central bank. In no time at all, he built Germany into one of the world’s strongest economies, before which it was dead broke (following the vicious Versailles/St Germain treaties) and destitute. Hitler also managed to clean up Berlin, which the Jews had turned into the sleaze capital of Europe, where no sexual act was off limits.

    I could go on and on but I hope readers get the picture. History is written by the victors, and people such as Ole either blindly or willfully push the sort of Zionist agendas which simply serve to conceal the truth about Hitler and the Jews.

    As is often said, never let the truth get in the way of a (not so) good story.

    1. Four and a half years later, would Ole change his tune or continue to be a Anglo-Zionist gatekeeper (unintentionally or intentionally)? Germany was fighting the international Jewry with the false dialectic of Jewish Bolshevik Communism vs Jewish Rothschild debt slavery Capitalism. Germany was trying a third option which is not allowed in the playbook of the Anglo-Zionist Dialectic. If Germany had crushed the Bolsheviks there would be no Communist Chinese and Cambodia death camps. The Jewish operated Russian gulags would not have killed many of the 60 million Russians that did die in death camps. Hell, there would be no Israel and therefore no dual-citizenship traitors to pull off 911. No War of Terror from 2001 to present. No Greater Israel plan. No Nuclear Sampson Option. No Zionist President Drumpf and no Zionist gatekeeper Alex Jones. If we had a time machine, what Anglo-Zionist would we assassinate? A Bush, a Rothschild, a Balfour, a Churchill? Hard to pick just one.

  3. Awesome show. He’s got me damned near convinced Hendrix and Marley were murdered. Gonna play it for my husband on our road trip. Love it when guests come on with what I consider a crazy theory and by the end of the show I’m not so sure their crazy anymore. Thanks for a great interview!

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