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Jay Weidner | Archon Crimes, Mysteries of Mt. Shasta, & The Brotherhood of Saturn

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This week the great author and movie maker man, Jay Weidner returns to give us his take on the newest changes and goings on with the Georgia Guildstones, false flag events like Sandy Hook, the weird sightings and lore of Mt. Shasta, the work of the great director Stanley Kubrick, and the group that seems to be very close to the top of the conspiracy pyramid: The Brotherhood of Saturn and the ancient, non-physical spiritual parasites known as the Archons.

In the Plus show we talk about the subplots, coded messages, and hidden agendas of several big movies and movie directors like Lord Of The Rings (of Saturn), James Cameron, and Christopher Nolan. It’s a real doozy folks, a true doozy indeed.


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PLUS Content

An extra hour-long deep dive continuation of the conversation with our guest. If you liked the first hour, how could you not enjoy more!

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  1. Really nice show, Greg. Where did all the time go? This episode just flew past! Definitely one of the better episodes to date. I have an enormous respect for Jay Weidner. Even his older interviews are worth listening to, such is Jay’s incredible breadth of knowledge.

    This could be an episode for the ages.


    Is it possible to give listeners a list (locked in or tentative) of upcoming guests? It might help listeners like me do a little homework.


    1. Thanks! I’ve thought about that, but I really like the element of surprise, and things can always change. Right now I can say that I have interviews with…Spoiler alert….. Gerald Clark, Alfred Webre, Robert Sullivan, and 2 members of the Acorn Community already in the bank. I put a lot of thought into how they roll out and since we’ve had a couple far out conspiracy shows recently, the next one will probably be the more tame, but still interesting conversation with the Acorn Community guests. Then I’ll probably amp it back up with Gerald Clark, then the far out interview with Alfred Webre, and back to Cinema Symbolism with Robert Sullivan…..but THEN, let me just say that I landed an interview I’ve been trying to get for a while now. One of the biggest names in conspiracy authors that’s still on the circuit. VERY excited for that one, but until I actually have it recorded, it’s not guaranteed. I’ll leave that one a mystery for now.

      1. Alfred Webre! Yes!!! I have been following his coverage of the ITTCS for a couple of years now. I will be anticipating whether you will discuss that or, his amazing wealth of information on “exopolitics” or, MKUtra etc… He will be a great guest. Looking forward. Thanks for the spoiler.

  2. That was a gold mine of information. My mind’s still buzzing.

    I’ve wondered about the Saturn death cult thing for a while and have some different interpretations. Why the cube? It makes me think about the pplatonic solids and the model of the celestial spheres:

    My current thought is Saturn’s possibly the anti-sun, that is, the opposite of the Sun. So if you were going to start a life cult and revel in benevolence and abundance you’d probably have the Sun as your mascot. But if you were stuck in the 12 year psychopathic boy version of life, and wanted to be in a death cult where real ultimate power is the only goal, maybe Saturn would be the ideal mascot.

    For me, I think the deeper meaning of these symbols, especially the Sun symbols, and the obsession with events like equinoxes and solstices and planets is: the symbols point to the real reality, and the real reality is not symbolic. In a sense, we can be trapped in a world of symbols and lies, or in modern neurological interpretations of this idea, we’re trapped in the left brain. We think our pictures of the sun, or the word “sun” are the sun. But if you go experience a solstice sunrise, you’re actually reminded that there is a real reality outside our puny brains. And maybe in the world of myth and lies, a character, like Saturn/Cronus hold sway over thoughts.

    1. Awesome analysis! I hope you heard the THC show from a few months back with Troy McLachlin? He has a theory pretty close to yours. He works with an alternative physics model called the Electric Universe, which I think makes a lot of sense and it would also make sense that mainstream science is steered away from it because I think it leads to new energy technologies “they” want to avoid…but within that, he also talks about Saturn having been a Brown Dwarf Star in the past, or our original Sun, which created an entirely different environment on the planet. It was far out, here’s a link:

      Thanks for being on the ride.

      1. I’ll have to listen to the interview with Troy McLachlin again, today. One of the things that’s really great about all these different/fringe views of history, science, philosophy, etc… is that they show how narrow the mainstream view is, and how zealously it’s maintained and protected.

        By the way, I’m really enjoying the format of the podcast and how you’ve been mixing it up and innovating. It makes some of these topics more accessible to more people.

    2. kevin04244- yes, I think those Platonic solids play a part in the Saturn cube link. As Weidner points out, the poles of Saturn features an All Seeing Eye and a hexagon, but that hexagon is merely a flattened out, two-dimensional cube. These things tie into what Marty Leeds talks about with the importance of the numbers 3 and 4; with 4 being the sides of the square (e.g. the cube). It’s also part of the As Above So Below maxim of Hermetic occult followers, considering that 3 signifies the cosmos (e.g. the As Above) while the 4 represents the terrestrial realm (e.g. So Below). These occult practitioners believe they can apply these secret teachings for whatever strange gains they think they can get. I propose they want to become ‘enlightened’ and be the new gods. Occultist Aleister Crowley constantly preached about how ‘Every man and every woman is a star’ and we see this idea of everyone becoming a god in their own mind in Hollywood, music, and even dumbasses on YouTube doing stunts to go viral and become ‘famous’ or ‘gods.’

  3. Another great show! I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the episodes lately. This one was great, and can’t wait to dig into some of it further and go back and listen to the first interview with Jay Weidner. I would love to hear a show of just you when you take you trip! I still think you are one of the best interviewers I have ever listened to. And you are why I donate!

    With some of your comments at the end of this show, I’m sorry to hear you are getting crap from listeners. I love how you have one full link to the show here, much easier for my work day. Sometimes I do find myself starting on stitcher on my commute then continue on the plus site once I get to my desk (yes, another 8 hour desk job). And why does anyone need an agenda? Still trying to figure that out. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been really pleased with the line up too, and I’m booked up until December, but as soon as we get closer, I’ve got a great list of contacts I want to go after next. I’m really happy with all the positive feedback and the rate of sign ups is goings slightly slower than my goals, but still enough to know it’s going to be successful. I appreciate the confirmation that you like the system, and the full plus show should be on Stitcher any day now, just waiting on their confirmation that it works properly!

  4. Wow, Greg…thank you for another great episode! LOVE the closing song….gave me goosebumps. The guys voice reminds me of the crash test dummies lead singer.

    1. Agreed! Jay is so cool, and can go in almost any direction. Not afraid to get weird either, that’s important. I’m actually doing a show really soon with Robert Sullivan, another returning guest, because he wrote an entire book called “Cinema Symbolism” so I think it’s going to be another great show in this vein.

  5. Hey Greg, just want to let you know I really appreciate all the hard wok you do. I agree that Red Ice’s constant focus on pro-white/anti-zionism is wearing a little thin. There are so many other ideas to explore, and that’s why I look forward to a new THC every few days. $5 is more than a fair price to pay for the knowledge and opinions of such a wide-ranging group of researchers. Sorry to hear you’ve been attacked recently — I’ll be a supporter for a long time to come. Much love.

    1. Thanks man. The only time attacks get under my skin is when someone defines the entire tone/perspective/agenda of the show based on one episode, or ever worse, one comment. It’s frustrating, but honestly I would expect a lot more negativity given the controversial material and the general tone of internet comments across the board. I get probably 15-20 positive messages for every negative one. I just kind of wanted to go on record and make some comments about these types of things. Appreciate the support and the confirmation that I’m doing something right!

  6. Hi hope this makes sense, I was listening to the new Jay Weidner THC+. Got to the part about the smashing of the cube that was placed in the Georgia Guidestones. This reminded me of how i was taught how to do magic.

    The whole idea is that their is multiple universes one for every possible eventuality and choice. One for when you turned left instead of right, one where you put on yellow socks instead of back ect. When you do magic the end result is that you have found a way to place your self in the reality that is totally the same as the one your in but has the one difference that your focusing on. You use rituals, spells, spirit, prayer, sigil and things to both focus/channel your mind or ability to place your self into that reality and to anchor your self there.

    So for example you want to get a new job. You do a spell focus on what you want do a sigil, get a new job. hay presto.

    But if you want to do the same thing on a wider scale you need more people to focus and bigger anchors. If it was me I would put my sigil somewhere noticeable like a film that $533 million.

    Maybe the cube was a sigil that was put there as an anchor in a spell that was meant to be moving the world into a reality where 90% of the population dies. if that was the case destroying the cube is a good thing and will ruin the spell.
    Maybe the man in the red shirt is actually the good guy.

    what do you guys think??

    1. I think you’re right on the money! Makes a lot of sense to me. I also think there’s an element to that with this whole Ebola scare. I get a couple emails a day asking me to focus on this….but I’m not sure we should be doing that like the mainstream media wants us too. There’s a fine line between covering an event, and hyping up something the elite are trying to drill into everyone’s mind. I have no problem talking about the Ebola thing, but a 2 hour show on it might be just what the powers that be are hoping for…great breakdown though! Thanks for listening!

    2. that’s a really interesting take!

      I’ve wondered about this, especially in the wake of reading Tracy Twyman’s books and listening to her interviews, which really made me think what magic really is for real.

      My take has been much more prosaic. I thought about the example of trying to bridge a ditch in your backyard. If you stood there at the edge of the ditch and focused your will, obviously nothing would happen from that alone, BUT your brain would actually sort of start designing a bridge–cut down a tree, or stack stones together. It’s actually sort of magic that the design exists, or can exist in your brain.

      The idea that the signs and sygils can coax that into existence is really interesting.

    3. Interesting thought. There are many different magical practices and they all can work depending upon the practitioner or “magician”. Some believe once you do a spell and the energy of that spell is out in full force, you destroy or get rid of the tools you used to release the energy to start working… like pulling back a rubberband slowly until all of the potional energy is stored up and then letting it go to put the energy to use by springing away. Maybe the guy who destroyed the brick was the bad guy releasing the energy to go to work? Maybe the plan was twarted or had changed and that video was to let all participants know that the plan changed?

  7. Great interview. Its apparent there are many coincidences of events and clues if you know where and how to look and Jay does a great job at pointing many of them out. Its clear to me there are many different groups of people with different agendas and beliefs with one of them being those who place Saturn in highest reguard within their belief system. Lots of great information in this episode along with ideas to ponder upon. I often wonder just how little of a slice of the pie we taste when learning new information… it seems like even the rabbit hole we go down is probably not even belonging to a rabbit at all… or even a hole for that matter, but an anus of a genetically engineered three toed sloth put there just so we find a whole load of shit on our quest for truth and wisdom.

  8. Loved the episode, loved Jay, & I’m loving the Plus show.

    Somewhere in this ep Jay mentions 72lbs of plutonium(?) and that 72 is one of their magical numbers. 72 is an angle within the pentagram, but it is also said in esoteric lore that Set, the dark Egyptian god who sent humanity into darkness, used the powers of “72 lesser gods” to kill and dismember Osiris the god of Light.

    A pair of the 72 were Yahweh and Jehovah. So basically Set, or the followers of Set, unleashed a bunch of bullshit to dismember god and bury truth all over. Divide and conquer- using the ’72’.

  9. Hi Greg, another great show. I came to the conspiracy podcasts only really in the last year, I started with out there radio, which I still love, but the guys are busy doing other stuff, so only do shows intermittently, then I dipped into red ice, started off good, but I think henrik has drunk the kook aid, too much white power anti Jew shit, for my taste and then I found your show, I think you are a great interviewer, and your guests are always interesting, keep up the good work, onwards and upwards.

  10. Pretty good. IDK about the guest. He was nice. But, I didn’t think he was believable. I was looking into a group called I AM that is based around a meeting with Count St. Ger-main on Mt.Shasta. Maybe you could do something on them and other cults. I like that stuff. The I AM have a sort of passion play every year around Mt. Shastsa around Christmas I think. Your great though dudemiester! Keep it up!

  11. Weird he mentioned not being sure about Zodiac killings not being true…. recently been getting into the theory of Thomas Horan that it was all a hoax. Interesting thing is he doesn’t come at it from a conspiracy angle, not sure he’s even into that at all, but rather from studying the case. He might make a good guest. Generation Why Podcast had a recent debate with him and some analysis – is interesting stuff.

  12. Re Red Ice – could do a show on its own just about what the hell is going on over there. It’s worse than you politely paint it (imo anyway) – I unsubscribed 2 years ago with a huge argument about their anti-Islam nonsense (which is actually the same as the MSM agenda which should be a clue in itself). They have an agenda all right but for me, I don’t have the ‘everyone on their own path’ view to the extent I’d give – say – Dick Cheney or Kissinger a hearing. Some paths lead to places I don’t want to go.

  13. I have hiked mount Shasta myself with two friends. We experienced very strange energy at our basecamp. After summit back at camp at night we were sleeping in three separate tents. I had felt a very very strong hair raising presence that something was watching my tent very late at night, like felt a moving presence outside my tent…I am very intuitive and have a great hold of my senses. In the morning I spoke to my friends at breakfast: Friend 1 says he had a dream an alien like feature was watching me, and friend 2 had very very strong winds just on his tent that his tent stakes were completely removed in the morning, and he felt at some points as if it were people were literally shaking his tent at night. myself and friend 1 did not experience winds this strong. Mind you… were respected the mountain, packed out all degree and waste and took nothing from the mountain as remittances not one pumice stone. !

  14. Let’s get him back on. Love this guy. Great show but would like to hear more about mnt Shasta. Really thought his Cameron bit was interesting as well as the batman bit.

  15. I love Jay Weidner! Here is how I think of Sandy Hook and all other fear-mongering events: If I don’t know anyone involved in the event, if I don’t know someone who knows someone who is involved in the event, then I am not sure it happened. For these “unknown” events, I simply sit on the fence. I do not make it fact in my head. The only thing I know for sure is that I know what it is what we are supposed to believe. But I don’t believe it. Propaganda is now legal in this country, as of 2013. So I assume all fear-mongering news is propaganda until I know someone who is involved or I know someone of good report that knows someone who was involved. I do not know anyone involved in Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing. I do not know someone who knows someone who was involved in Sandy Hook or the Boston bombing. the same goes for Florida bar killings. I do not label them as fact. There will always be questions about these events.

    1. Had some fun. And I'm sure you can find whatever you want. Confrimation bias and all. But I entertained the notion that the MM is maybe 2000 and the numbers (8, 14, 16, 20) are planned events linking to the "Keep the population below 500 million or whatever" inscription.  Just did a quick search and with today's circumstance in mind these events popped out at me.

      2008 Global Financial Crisis 2014 Ebola 2016 Zika 2020 SarsCov

      Like I said I'm sure you'll find something in the headlines for every year if you want to correlate it to an overarching control narrative. But it was fun and I felt compelled to share it. 

      Actually got to this episode 'cause I was wondering about Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut in lieu of the Epstein/SatanicHollywood news. Can't find much about it. This is fun. Feel like a sleuth. 😀

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