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Nathan Isaac | High Strangeness In The Penny Royal

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, Paranormal

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Eureka! Nathan Isaac, the creator of The Penny Royal Podcast joins THC to talk about the wide variety of unique paranormal stories, occult activity, & conspiratorial intrigue going on in this small pocket of rural Kentucky.

Check out Season 1 of the Penny Royal podcast at the link above, or just dive straight into their Patreon offerings.


PLUS Content

  • The Oakwood Clinic’s occult activities.
  • The channeling of the 9.
  • MK Ultra and the abuse of clairvoyants.
  • The strange life of Alexander Deturma.
  • What Nathan has learned about magic
  • The connections between binary & divination.
  • The back cyst ball bearing incident.
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