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Nathan Isaac | High Strangeness In The Penny Royal

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Eureka! Nathan Isaac, the creator of The Penny Royal Podcast joins THC to talk about the wide variety of unique paranormal stories, occult activity, & conspiratorial intrigue going on in this small pocket of rural Kentucky.

Check out Season 1 of the Penny Royal podcast at the link above, or just dive straight into their Patreon offerings.


PLUS Content

  • The Oakwood Clinic’s occult activities.
  • The channeling of the 9.
  • MK Ultra and the abuse of clairvoyants.
  • The strange life of Alexander Deturma.
  • What Nathan has learned about magic
  • The connections between binary & divination.
  • The back cyst ball bearing incident.
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Thank you Carlwood.  Love the Plus content list. 

Its a dumpster fire Monday at work, but I am going to my happy place !


Sovereignty now Carlwood. Fuck being passive. This is WAR! 


I can't wait to listen- you are knocking them out of the park, my favorite host.


Love Nathan Isaac and Pennyroyal. SO excited for this interview!


Great guest I recently familiarized on Strange Familiars. Too sweet, can't wait to hear Greg's interview 


Fuck. Yes. 



Can we get a guest who talks about the worlds fair weirdness?  Howdie Mickoski?  John Levin(?) might be another?


Yes. Please. Mud flood. Tartarian stuff. I think we'd have to have a good psychic as no one who's not part of the controller group knows and they ain't talkin. Mr. Greg get a good psychic on. Your people here love woo. It's why we're here. Duh. Stop being afraid to post controversial topics‼️ Fuck um if they can't take a joke. We need answers! No compliance. That's why we are here on THC. Period. Pussys can fuck themselves. I'm pissed. I've had it. All my loved ones want the vaccine and think I'm crazy. Tho that's besides the point here. That's why I'm so angry. Just sayin. 

Katie Jones

Great guest. Wonderful host. And I know you’re from the west coast so it’s forgiven, but just for reference Greg. Appalachia, to anyone who lives here, is pronounced like if you say it wrong I’ll throw an “apple atcha”.  We’re a little sensitive about it. 🤣 Literally my only Carlwood complaint ever. Thanks for all your work! ❤️


Those mountains are my happy place. During the Fall, there ain't nuthin purdier on earth. God bless you, you lucky ducky,


I am totally engaged, you've been knocking them out of the park all year, but this one is gonna be a long time favorite, and I haven't even finished the whole episode yet. 


THC! A fine, fine episode, my dude! Thank you.


How can we do a Mammoth Cave THC plus member field trip to find the gate to agartha


This was a fun one!

Mike Jett

I live in Kentucky- have my whole life- and have never heard of most of the things mentioned on this episode! I have heard things about Mammoth Cave, have visited once, and have no doubt this is a place of great power. The fact that NASA identifies the 'Kentucky Anomaly' is fascinating!!

Greg, Kentucky is nice, despite out current governor, you should visit sometime! Peace my brother.

Jasper Beechwood

Happy Birthday Greg, loved the show! I'm a 26 year experienced numerologist and would be honoured to offer you a reading. Looks like you're a 9 life path, in the same club as Gandhi, Bob Marley, Mother Teresa and representing the dark side, John D. Rockefeller.

Kevin Kincer

Excellent episode!


Loved the content and how it was presented! Much needed break from fast talking salesmen and "experts" on what the Grand High Senate of the Delta Taurus star system, or wherever, aliens have planned for Earth type content of so many others on internet shows.


Atmospheric beasts!! ❤️

Hud Son

Alexander Deturma was, very obviously, a Jew. His story mirrors that of many Jewish immigrants after WW2. His behavior, along with the people and places he was involved with make this pretty clear.


I live in Tennessee and I can attest to the general consensus that Kentucky is weird. I liked the end about exploring your own area. I’ve been doing just that with my bike and kayak. I ordered some old, out of print maps and accounts/reports/archeological/anthropology studies by people that explored this area 200 years ago. These guys were writing official exploration reports, cataloging giant bones, blond haired natives, and finding all kinds of super weird shit. There’s ancient mounds and caves all over the place – probably some still to be discovered. I’ve gone off the beaten path and explored the bluffs above the river looking for petroglyphs, I’ve found a abandoned town and a 1800’s quarry with crystal clear emerald water. I’m learning a lot about how weird this area is and no one has even studied this epic mound complex since the 1940’s! This weekend, I’m going out on my kayak with a state park ranger to do some more exploring of places he knows about. I just found his email and send him a message and there you go! So yea, get out there. You might be surprised at how much you find right in your backyard. 


I was caving just outside of Sheridan, Wyoming in the Bighorn Mountains. There’s a tiny 3 foot by 3 foot hole to crawl in (that is now barred off) which opens to miles of cave that eventually lead to a waterfall that is so cool to see!  The whole time I had the feeling of a presence or multiple watching me. 

Tara Neufeld

Great episode! Actually I think they’re all pretty fucking good. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!! I actually did decide to subscribe for the plus membership last week. So many episodes that I wanted to hear more of so I decided to throw ya a bone! Keep fighting the good fight💜 

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