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Chris Knowles | Lucifer’s Technologies & The Mk Ultra-terrestrials

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The great synchromystic sage of the Secret Sun blog, Chris Knowles, joins THC for his 9th time.

Chris has just released a great new collection of the best of the best from the Secret Sun called The Endless American Midnight.

Also, check out his great 2019 novel, He Will Live Up In The Sky.

Finally, let it be known that the Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism is now open as well!



PLUS Content

  • Cosmic Communism.
  • Restoring the old cults of state.
  • The nosedive of TTSA & the destruction of ufology.
  • The role of Vannavar Bush.
  • The 1983 portal.
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Wonder if THC has a new episode…


Boom! CK


I thought the same thing this morning! And there it was and it was Chris Knowles, yay!!!!


The thc tingles 



Mr.Carlwood.You keep me sane.πŸ™β€


was hoping for some new Knowles after listening to ones he did last year on The Farm podcast and here. 


Oh my!  I think I felt this one coming… as I sit alone in my studio downtown KC; where I’m already hearing weird noises in the building… bring it!


We need Knowles to help us to dial in the wild Synchro mysticism we already missed to have a Proper 2k21. Thanks for getting it to us and Happy birthday Greg!


That intro was one of the best intros I've heard from you and they are always great.

John Roth

Love the episode. As a central Californian and partaker of psychedelics I would say dude hasn’t journeyed himself but πŸ€™πŸΌ 

Danny Campos

Worst Guest of the Year .


Excellent from intro to outro. The Q&A got me hooked right off the bat.


Can you please get Derek Condit (the bee man) on your show. This guy is one of the most interesting people I've heard in ages.

He covers so many interesting subjects,I'm surprised you've not had him on before.

Thanks for all your great workπŸ’œ


Dear Greg, no one interviews Chris as well as you do- my favourite tag team. Love vibes and good hopes for your happiness, Delorus


I wonder why Chris thinks Sting had no understanding/experience of synchronicity. Something compelled him to express something about it. I had a great history professor in college who said we should not judge the past too harshly. People in the past were handling the realities they were born into just like we are now. Obviously, that doesn’t mean we should not think critically.

Stephen Haag

I wondered about that comment about Sting, too. Would not surprise me if Sting is some insider culture creator with special connections. Seeding the synchronicity idea. It certainly resonated with me. Still does.


If there’s anyone who needs to do a podcast, it’s Chris Knowles.

Steven Polomaine

Angels are not created through mating, but individually. So it would make sense they do not possess sex organs. 2) The bible clearly talks about how not all angels are good, some are downright evil and there probably isn't too much of a difference between angels and demons cosmologically, just orientation. 3) It is said that once man ascends and is given everlasting life by God he will be ranked above angels. 

So it would seem to be, angels are more like spirit machines than living things and the evil ones would aim to deceive us into becoming more like them, tricking us into thinking that is how we can "ascend to the next level" but in reality that would just be another prison, keeping us beneath them and unable to ascend on our own path toward "everlasting life". 

Anyway, just a thought that came to me when I was trying to work out what Chris was saying. 


'Frankly, I wish her well'.

in my opinion whether DJT was aware of it or not (written by secret service) this is a coded nod to Frankist (Sabbateans?) and their magical rites via wishing wells.

Jasper Beechwood

Another great show Greg. I'm very happy to be a plus member and listen to the full dialogue.

I like Chris' passion for archetypal entity possession. For me this the big one that humans have to get. JRR Tolkien wrote LOTR about the internal drama that each of us goes through on the way to self-realisation. From Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli and all the way to the nastiest orcs, we contain these foundational principles. The ring in the story represents the ego and there was only one person in the original books who was completely immune to its effects. That was Tom Bombadil, the holy fool of Tolkien's mythology. The holy fool represents consciousness or naked awareness, before manifesting itself in form. We are all in essence, the holy fool. The world is our play of hide and seek with our self. Hard wired into the game are archetypes or masks that are waiting to be identified with by awareness, to come alive and play out their dramas.

Only when we relax and hold the space for our lives, without becoming mentally and emotionally involved are we free. Nothing is as it seems and everything is as it is.

Ceven Seven

This intro spittin' straight fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯       

Really outdoing yourself here and taking it to a whole new level




Clicked on this to start listening while I was still listening to Full of Hell – Crawling Back to God which starts with the Exorcist quote:

"“The bones of man. The brittle remnants of cosmic torment that once made him wonder if matter was Lucifer upward groping back to his God. And yet now, he knew better.”

I've only just begun listening to this episode, but in classic Knowles fashion, the syncs have always/already begun.

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