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Joint Session | September 2020

Show Notes

Welcome to the latest Joint Session bonus show for Plus Members. It’s an episode made up of: Posts left in the Joint Session forum thread, questions left in the Q&A forum thread, bad reviews, latest news, emails I get, and more.

Jump in the forum if you’d like to contribute a weird experience, personal theory, or spill the tea on some local conspiracy for the next one:

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It’s a Plus Members bonus show, it’s all Plus content!
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Regarding your aging canine, I am glad to hear you've seen some success with the red light but it sounds like it is not enough. Perhaps you have already tried the following but I have seen improvements in my 13 year old yellow lab who too suffers from arthritic hip joints by using a few things. I give her cold pressed hemp oil daily, Glucosamine with MSM once or twice a week and  if she hurts herself or is noticeably uncomfortable I will give her 200-400mg Ibuprofen once daily. 

The hemp oil seems to help with her coat and dry itchy skin as well.



Greg, if you would, interview Romley Stewart, his YouTube channel is JUSTINIAN DECEPTION, his research is on legal fiction, bro I’m telling you legal fiction is that next level deep shit, how the spell is cast over everyone. Also “would you kindly” interview Clint Richardson of Red Pill Sunday School who also researches legal fiction, Patrick Jordan knows him, maybe that’s a way to get in touch with him. Legal fiction is that word play spell craft deep shit, how the fuck are people overlooking this? It’s literally that 3 degree conspiracy black belt shit. Please look into them. 


I am so grateful for THC. I’ve been listening  to the show since the early days and have immense respect for Greg and the way he conducts the show and interviews. This is my first time ever listening to the JS and I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the somewhat feel of looseness and an opportunity to hear more of Greg’s personal views. I’m certain that I will listen to every Joint Session available. Thank you for creating such a priceless show. 


Greg, you may want to try eating pork brain for deafness, as the nerve cells could be used by your body to regenerate your cells….this was what Dr. Jennifer Daniels recommended or deafness. Eating various organ meats to heal our body is part of the old medicinal practices of the world. If you have access to an organ meats supplier, they should have them. Hope you give it a chance!


Love your Joint Sessions!! 


This was great…. re topics for this crazy year… I completely agree with your position on C word topic, I am so grateful to hear about anything but THAT for now. I have been listening flat out to old shows for a moment of peace and respite, and you have had guests to cover it- when something new or amazing comes out then by all means please us know. My remote port town in the top of Western Australia has just had the army arrive as we have had a ship arrive with the C word.. and our town is verging on panic,,  argh and the health authorities have put all the cases in a hotel for quarantine, not the hospital because it is so ‘deadly’ apparently…


I love THC, thank you Greg for keeping it together !


I love the new JS format!


Love these new joint sessions. One question I've had is, have you heard an update on the tragic death of Tracy Twyman? Chris Knowles is great, but  no one one can do what she did.


Thanks Greg, I was curious also.  The progression of Tracy's life and her death are very curious…

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