Melinda Leslie | Alien Abductions, Milabs, & Their Eerie Corporate Connections

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On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Melinda Leslie, who is an expert in both alien abductions and milabs. Milabs are military abductions, often taking place after an alien abduction experience. These experiences tend to be concealed, and there are often eerie corporate connections, with prominent politicians and corporate bigwigs involved. There are a lot of theories about why milabs do what they do, and our guest will talk to us about why she thinks they happen, as well as some of the specifics that are universally described by abductees.

Melinda has been abducted both by aliens and the government herself, so she has a wide breadth of her own knowledge to reflect on. In addition, she’s interviewed more than 100 fellow experiencers. She also leads night-vision-clad UFO tours that boast a 100% sighting rate. In addition, she’s a medium and a psychic.

Here are some of the topics that you will hear about on today’s podcast:

7:00: Alien abductions, as well as milab abductions, tend to run in families. Some of the family background factors that can influence whether a person will be abducted include parental involvement in Intelligence, high military offices, aerospace and secret societies.

16:00: There are some obstacles that come up when researching extraterrestrial encounters, and Melinda talks about them, as well as some of the current researchers and their work.

21:00: The milab agenda is based on five categories of information when it comes to abductions: The alien agenda, psychic abilities in abductees, the genetic backgrounds of abductees, mind-control practices, and the higher technology that aliens have (which abductees are often witnesses of).

30:00: Why fear and panic during an abduction by either aliens or milab workers can result in the abductors shutting down your memory.

39:00: Who “minders” are, and how they get involved in the lives of abductees.

44:30: Evidence that alien technology will soon be released or disclosed to the public. One large piece of evidence is that of whistleblowers like Corey Goode.

1:08:20: The physical evidence that milab abductions are real. It includes witnesses, recorded conversations, helicopter harassment, property break-ins, and exotic drugs and chemicals found in abductees’ hair and bloodstreams.

1:16:40: The idea that people who have a history of abductions also tend to have other paranormal experiences. Does one cause the other? How do the two correlate?

1:28:40: Melinda’s extensive experiences being in underground labs. Most abductees report being taken underground, and she gives a lot of details about her own experiences.

1:47:00: Melinda shares details about her UFO tours, particularly about the sightings that tourgoers have experienced.

Links and Resources:

MIT study on alien abduction

The Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)

Diary of an Abduction

Project Camelot


Barry Taff

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23 Responses

    1. The Archons that Robert Stanley talks about only appear 2,400 years ago…..The Universe next to ours had reached its conclusion and was being collapsed and returned back to the Creator….That Universe was working on the thought of “Total Control”…. A group of Reptilian Humanoid beings found a way of protecting themselves by opening up a portal into Our Universe and drawing energy from here back to them….Some of “Us” (we are a packet of energy that is consciously aware with no physical density…also know as a spirit or soul)……as Robert Stanley says some of our ancestors (us) found the portal and went looking into it…..the result was they were contaminated with thoughts of control….moreover they we on their way here to Earth to have a physical experience…..when they arrive on Earth this poisons the energetic frequency pool of Ideas….this spreads like a virus through humanity and results in the removal of all the ancient knowledge…That is why everything is such a mystery….Portal from an Adjacent Universe playlist from my youtube channel….….

      A Demon is an oracle inside yourself….the horned Demon Baphomet means to be baptized with wisdom….the Ventral horns in our brains are focused on the Pineal gland(an eyeball in our brains)…our spiritual energy flows up the spine into the head and is focused through the ventral horns onto the Pineal gland….this is the all seeing eye of Illuminati fame….in the Bible it says “if thine eye be single then your body will be full of light “(learning)

      Etymology online….


      To recap the “Control System “(that we are currently experiencing) the “Reptilian Thing”….and the “Archons”….all can be traced back to the poisoning of some of “Us” with thoughts of control….when these spirits incarnate in a human body …this manifests Psychopathic Lunatics to a greater or lesser degree….Alexander the Great was the first….Papa George Bush…Prince Philip…..Larry Silverstein ….the infection can clearly be see in those guys…..they get a leathery lizard look when they get older.

      The good news is that it is not supposed to be like this here…I have been wondering since I was a little boy …What went wrong here…???…We are living in the time of change … and this Universe is being reset to the original thought from the Creator…”Free Will”….we all need to “cooperate “…not …”compete “with each other…help on another achieve our dreams.

  1. Melinda mentions in the interview she doesn’t use notes and then couldn’t remember very many details at all. Sometimes I don’t think guests realize they’re going on a show that’s a little more serious and detailed than most, despite the name.

    A little annoyed because I was very clear that wanting to dig deeper into SAIC and their connection to these projects was my reason for contacting her. Not a word about it being “old news” until we’re in the middle of the show.

    1. I think a lot of these people get used to the typical youtube podcast format where they just explain their story and take questions from listeners. Oh well, I know you are always bringing your A-game so if the show sucks, it’s on the guest 😉

    2. You are one of the best at wringing out info from guests, but some are much, much harder that others!!

      No wonder most shows just keep interviewing their ‘safe’ ‘pet’ guests. I am still more pleased that you are willing to forge a new trail than cranky about guests that piss everyone around.
      Some trails are dead ends, some turn into super-highways!!

      Carlwood; sharpest machete in the trade. 😉

    3. You tried to get her to get a bit more in depth, but she seemed to want to answer in extremely general terms. Still was an alright show. Definitely agreed the Hileary Clinton disclosure promise is a moot point and if im not mistaken isnt the first time a presidential candidate has said they’d disclose info if it didn’t threaten, “national security.”

    4. It did seem to me like she particularly wanted to dodge the saic links, as well as any other cooperation. Like she wanted to inadvertently disavow their direct involvement, even trying to subtly imply idea that saic itself isn’t interested, it’s individuals that just happen to be formerly involved with them. And that if they ever did have an interest, they no longer do.
      If you specifically mentioned to her that you wanted to explore those links, from my perspective, either she found that they really don’t have any involvement, and was explaining it to you, OR, she was intentionally covering and diverting away..
      I did enjoy the show, and she seemed like a decent person, said some good general things. But kinda seemed like talking to a politician as far as answering questions if you know what I mean. Or P.R. this is all speculation and perspective of course. I may hear it different next time. (I hear most shows multiple times, don’t always catch everything just once)

  2. Gregg – even when the guests don’t bring their A game there is still a lot of value from having you interview them as I think your style of questioning, coaching and prodding allows us to form a view and use our own discernment as to whether their narrative stacks up. I think a lot of us now are requiring more than anecdotal information and conjecture before embracing a subject. That said if this is true, in my view, Melinda has done this topic a huge disservice.
    I personally think these beings are more likely inter dimensional than extra terrestrial and agree with Scotty43 that demons might be a more interesting angle to explore.

  3. Greg, you asked intelligent questions and respectfully challenged this Melinda’s claims. I’ve never heard another interviewer do this, so thank you for that. I was listening to this show right before I fell asleep and had the weird experience of repeatedly dozing off then starting awake to the sound this lady’s increasingly manic chatter and thinking WTF. I’m going to listen to this show again (fully awake) to see what I missed. Keep up the good work! xox

  4. My favorite part was when asked if she’s contacted spirits for more insights into the MILAB experience and she replied, “uhhh yeeeaaahh?”

    She follows it up stating she keeps her premonitions private. She’ll only tell you if her predictions are right because she doesn’t want to appear disingenuous. Shit tossed against a wall?

    1. I agreed with her on the nature of premonitions. Having a precognitive experience is not always verifiable. Sometimes people with this ability can have the general picture and miss on smaller details. So she seemed honest to me about that part.

  5. I just started watching Cosmic Disclosure on with Corey Goode and David Wilcock who were mentioned in Carl’s show
    a few times. This show is professionally done and reveals quite a bit of information. Most of it can be sourced in other places
    but really gives an overview of what’s out there. Corey’s experience to me does not ring true but some of the information does. I was fascinated by the stories of the inner Earth. I would love to here what people think of this show….

    As for Melinda, her abduction story may be embellished but the information is what’s important and I wish she had gone deeper. Richard D. Hall from has conducted research into both alien and mil abductions and mutilations and backs it up with photo graphic evidence. This stuff is on the darker side of the spectrum but lower on the woo factor which is where I’m at myself. We have so much empirical evidence of contact that it seems a bit silly to spend too much time on channeled information or obvious disinformation.

  6. Donald Marshall…. D.U.M.B.s house many species of aliens, cloning centers, military experiments and much more. Globally operated and co-oped by the elites/Illuminati. Top down compartmentalized structure

  7. Melinda appears to be chatty and casual by nature. Perhaps she underestimated what was required of her for this particular interview. Too bad she didn’t have her notes but still informative. Many interesting and provocative tidbits offered on topics each in need of further exploration. Lots of subjects for future shows. And Greg you shone as always. Thank you.

  8. I believe she said she has worked as a consultant with Edgar Mitchell for the F.R.E.E. (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters). MItchell is another Freemason astronaut that claims to have spent hours (9) on the lunar surface. The moon missions are so obviously fake to us now that I have a hard time believing anyone who would associate themselves with these people. She may totally believe what she’s saying but I suspect she is possibly a pawn in a larger agenda. Just a thought. I claim to know nothing for certain.

    1. Totally agree, So many in the disclosure movement formulate their opinions on eye witness testimony from the Apollo Astronauts or from an analysis of Apollo photography. Richard Hoagland describes mile high crystal buildings that are a mile high when what he is actually seeing it the front screen projection background on the set of the Apollo 11 stage. Given NASA fakery how can we put any credence into the research people present that is based on NASA data?

  9. I was hoping for more resources for possible abductees. I have a ‘friend’ who may or may not have been abducted but isn’t quite prepared to accept the abduction scenario into his reality. Decent show nonetheless.

  10. Good grief!
    Just listened to this pod.
    The guest is so LOUD, FAST SPEAKING and HIGH ENERGY that I, the listener, was left feeling exhausted. Not sure about this one. But , thank you.

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