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Eve Lorgen | The Alien Love Bite, The Dark Side of Cupid, & Entity Involvement In Human Romance

Show Notes

Have you ever had a dream that could be described as extremely vivid, detailed or profound? Maybe you have met someone who you immediately connected with so strongly that the words “soul mate” crossed your mind. Do you have stories of involvement with cults, Satanic rituals or the Illuminati in your family folklore? If any of these seem familiar to you, you might have had encounters with aliens or other interdimensional beings.

Today’s guest is Eve Lorgen, a researcher of alien abduction and interference since the 1980s. Eve earned her Master’s degree in counseling psychology, then began working with people who have had encounters of the interdimensional kind. She is the author of two books: The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships and The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural, and Energy Vampirism. She offers support and insight to those who have had encounters with otherworldly entities.

In today’s discussion, you’ll hear about:

[5:45]: How profound, detailed dreams can indicate an alien encounter.

[7:40]: What aliens get out of encounters and abductions. Eve says that the agenda of the reptilians is to feed off of humans’ emotional energy.

[11:15]: The truth about soul mates: You may have been “love-bitten” by an entity. You’ll also learn about how aliens can cause pedophilia and other sexual perversions.

[19:00]: The truth about “milabs.” Are they a partnership between extraterrestrials and the military? Is the military performing their own abductions?

[34:25]: How your family’s background can enhance your chances of you being approached by a malevolent entity. A family history of cults or involvement with the Illuminati can play a large role.

[39:00]: Some facts about covenants (including those made by your ancestors or in a past life), making agreements with aliens, and how to get out of such agreements made by you or on your behalf.

[46:00]: Eva’s thoughts on why some high-profile celebrities live much longer than average, and why others, such as Prince and Whitney Houston, have died at tragically young ages.

[58:45]: Eva says that two percent of the population knows or suspects that they’ve experienced alien interference, but many more have had this experience and simply don’t realize it because it feels normal to them.

[1:12:40]: Some clues to look for to determine whether you are having a reptilian sexual encounter.

[1:17:30]: Some signs that you are being affected by some type of paranormal encounter, which include precognitive dreams, physical sensations in your chakra areas, and a strong sexual connection despite a lack of love.

[1:34:30]: How Eve’s mentors, Dr. Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic, died under suspicious circumstances, and how their deaths contain the markings of alien interference.

[1:47:00]: Information about Eva’s current work, which is about remembering past lives and time loops, and how extraterrestrial beings may be involved.

Links and Resources:

Eve’s website

Eve on Facebook

The Love Bite

The Dark Side of Cupid

Svali on Illuminati training

Chris Hart radio show with White Wolf

Vaxxed, the trailer

Data Asylum website

Sex at Dawn


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Thanks for addressing trauma more directly, I think this is one of the most important and overlooked issue in the alt research community. Awareness helps, somatic healing is a must for getting out psychological house in order if we want to be the change we want to see in the world.




Thank you.


Happy happy! Joy Joy! Another new podcast! You have no idea how much I look forward to these, Greg. You are the most prepared and therefore BEST interviewer out there. I’m truly blessed to have found you. And smarter too. Can’t forget smarter.


It seems that we are born into this predatory environment but the indoctrination is that if you think so you are mad – so I would think most people learn early on not to speak about it! As Stephen Richards says there are children being given electric shock treatment for speaking about these things! Hiding in plain sight?? As Lily Kosolova says we are stuck in this cartoon like world thinking it is real!


woohoo, looking forward to this one. damn, i look forward to every new one, brightens up my day every time!

Aura in Awe

Almost skipped listening to this due to the ratings but oh boy what a show… This majorly resonated with me personally! Well worth the time. I would be Interested in finding out Eve’s thoughts on cleansing techniques. Great show Greg ?


Did Jay Leno bat a 1000 every night? Does anyone? 🙂 Love the final thoughts and music


I was really happy to see this – updated my payment method after changing bank cards to hear the whole thing. I like Eve – found your podcast around the time I heard Eve for the first time. After a couple of romantic situations that were way outside of my logical behavior zone while I was waking up I have to say she really resonates with me. I think your flow is fine. She gets into spirit and conspiracy in a really unique way, I like that you switched it up a bit. I think she gave a lot of cool information here, it just isnt something we can “prove.” Imagine that.


I rated this show 2/5, but I’m still rating you a 5/5 host, Greg, and THC a 5/5 podcast!


Think it’s worth mentioning David Rockerfeller is on his 6th heart!. Can’t post a link as it marks the post as spam but it’s out there, lord knows where he gets his “donors” or what strings he has to pull. Really interesting show Greg.


Yea I read this the other day too! He probably didn’t even need it. He was probably like my 100th bday is coming up I should get myself a heart.

red fox

I liked the way that GC handled the interview; for which it’s worth a 5/5. The interviewee is a 1/5 though. Nothing much of substance and way too much unverified “evidence”. It seems to me that Greg kept prodding to get something more meatier from her but to no avail unfortunately. She also seemed to be very ill informed on certain matters; witchcraft to name but one.
Nice work Greg for making it a worthwhile listen for yourself alone!


Alternative/conspiracy podcasts are tough to keep fresh. After listening to this, I can understand why Red Ice went political–even though I’m not a big fan of their direction, without the change, eventually every guest starts to sound like prior guests ideas, maybe thrown in a blender and served with some different garnish.

I think it would be really fresh and interesting to get some more people on with actual, hands on knowledge. Get a cartographer to talk about the earth’s geometry, for example. That is, people who know a lot about their subject who can provide a new perspective on alt-media topics. Get some physicists from CERN to talk about what they actually do. Buck the trend.


Greg, I don’t know if you remember me, but you interviewed me as Szandor Blestman on your show a few years back. I started listening to your podcast recently and became a member for three months because of the good work you do. You have no idea how much this episode means to me in explaining some of the things that have happened recently in my life. Had I known this information 15 years ago my life may have been so different I can’t even imagine. Thank you for doing this interview and for the information you are bringing out. I look forward to hearing the second hour of so many of your shows. The price is more than worth it. I am so proud that you did that interview with me now and I wish you the best of luck going into the future. If you ever want to do a second interview with me, I know I’m not the best guest you’ve ever had, but I would be proud to do a follow up.


For those who have been into alternative spirituality / metaphysics a long time, this might not seem like anything new, but for those newer to it I think it was a good interview. Chasing the bleeding edge of knowledge is not easy, and I thought this was a good podcast overall.


Keep it up keep it up Greg. Thru thick & thin this is the best $5 that I spend each month. Also.. Guest idea …ANDREW NORTON WEBBER – DISTILLED WATERS / URINE THERAPY CONSPIRACY- trust me there is plenty of meat and potatoes there if you look at the big pharma angle.


I totally agree. The elite would have us believe our urine is toxic… When in actuality, we’ve our own personal pharmacy…. Like so much of what the elite do to trick us, it’s hidden in plain site…
I have personal, first-hand knowledge of the efficacy of urine therapy– it MELTS arthritis…


If you pull in the work of psychologist Edith Fiore and spirit possession (of the masses) and Dr David Jacobs and the Alien ‘Hubrid’ phenomenon it makes Eve’s work sound plausible. If we can vet Dr Jacobs decades of treating abductee’s, the latest revelations from the victims is far greater threat than all the other conspiracies put together and the takeover of planet earth is well under way…….right under our noses, whilst we chase the white rabbit
Dr Jacobs interview


Hey Gregg, don’t know if this is the best way to reach you. Any chance you can look to do an interview with Bonnie & John Mitchell on TV Sigil Magick sometime in the future. Very interesting their take on how TV is used to hypnotise the masses. They also bring a lot of concrete examples that we the viewers can see for ourselves. Sorry if this isn’t the best forum to put this in.


Host is as always a big thumbs up- in fact I welcomed Greg’s interjections. I gave this show four chances and maybe I’m lucky it doesn’t resonate with me but I found the guest to be vague at some times and stating the obvious at others. I’m not a hater- love The Carlwood!


How many shows left for May 2016? Are we getting hit with a bunch of new episodes, only two came out this month so far.


Great show sir (despite the lackluster guest). Any hint on when we’ll get the next episode. I saw the previous post, but I need a fix bad man lol.


Lol. You guys crack me up. Such depth and wisdom in each criticism. Feeling like Gregg should be interviewing you guys.
Gregg Carlwood, dude, you rock. I really have learned more than I could ever express here from Evie’s work over the years, and have worked with her in person. Her knowledge base is second to none out there, in my research, and I’ve searched pretty hard for some pretty serious reasons, finding myself stuck in the world of traps and impossible synchronicity, which the materialistic universe we are raised to believe had left me utterly unprepared for, and religion gave me so many absurd and childish ideas to keep me confused and derailed by. I respect Eve on many levels, but there are also issues I have had with her on subtle levels over the past. And you nailed them beautifully, directly, and respectfully. I found myself respecting you on a whole new level, amigo. As always, your research and insight is…..truly unique and refreshing. Continually, you ask just the right questions, in just the right tone, with precognitive and intuitive reference into your interviewees work. Kudos to you, once again.

That said, growing up around one self medicating adult after another, and I ain’t knocking your love for chemical expansion, simply because I tend not to draw premature and under educated conclusions to begin with, and that just isnt my path…I hope you never let the Too-Much-Time-In-Your-Head-Trait, which is the heart and source of egoistic blindness and atrophy, which tends to go hand in hand with mind altering drugs, hinder your intuitive depth, leaving a cynic and egoist, such as some of these clowns I so often see one critical post after another from.

Ive spent time talking with Evie. Ive followed her work for years now, hungrily soaking up any scraps of truth relevant to my own struggles that I can from her interviews. People can talk theories and knowledge and ideas all day long. It really is only useful when we discover truth in our own lives, and then recognize it in the message of people, making what we are already discovering more clear in our own understanding. Evie is continually able to do this for me, and that is why I (obviously) respect her knowledge base. And there are a few things I get frustrated with her about as well, and I just felt you’re questions bring her more contact with those things in a powerful way. It was pretty awesome, bro!

Alright, assholes can criticize my praise now. Its what makes them assholes, after all! And that, beautifully, gratefully, just adds more color to life for those of us who have already taken the life beatings for being assholes ourselves. Can always use a deep smile, lol.

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