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THC 53: Kent Bain | The Occult Script Of 9/11, Aurora, & Sandy Hook

Show Notes

Kent Bain, joins Adam Gorightly and I on the podcast for a talk about the Satanic ritual aspects of 9/11 and how there may be a cycle of three Satanic rituals with movie links being carried out right now. The first 2 being The Dark Knight / Aurora and the Hungry Games / Sandy Hook. Kent gives us some explanation as to why May 10th, the premiere of the Great Gatsby might be the third. Quite the conspiracy.

Kent’s eBook “A Warning … Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Valley of Ashes:  The Waxing-Crescent-Moon & Ring-of-Fire Trifecta” can be read for free here:


Adam’s Website:

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Sorcery works whether or not we believe in it. The more power that is focused on a spell, the stronger it becomes regardless of polarity. The magician is joking and serious and is joking because she is serious. Mind control? The magi is mind controlling and jail breaking themselves simultaneously and uses the world around them as the playground for results to occur within. We can read into things all day long and stray from the truth of the unkown matter. If you were creating a spell would you let your real motives be known? Patterns will always exist in nature; some will use these patterns topically for a particular result that is personal to them or their pact. you have already mind controlled yourself to fall under the spell. i would use archetypes in public to draw more focused attention to actualize my intended result. — it isnt futile to research these things but its all in deductive logic which empowers the spell. The game that ‘they’ play is far more advanced than this.. creative forces are used without anyone else knowing the intent and science behind it. It is creative spelling in the medium against other creative spelling in the medium and the nature of things will take their course.. that is to be expected by the magi. You will never understand your target regardless of how many apparent synchros arise.. tracing public to private is far to illusive to draw any real conclusions from. Remember this is the art of magic to begin with. Slight of hand or slight of mind.. the difference doesnt exist to the magician who has fully accepted there is no difference between themselves and the universe. Matter and virtualization are united in acoustics. The art forms of a magi will not be known, even by another adept.


It appears as doublethink or mind control. Ever wonder why they make things so obviously absurd? Because the more people address it the greater the paradigm and the greater the spell casting has become.

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