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THC 54: Scott Alan Roberts | Ancient Reptilians & Modern Day Conspiracy

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Scott Roberts joins me on the best fucking conspiracy podcast known to man,  to talk about his book “The Secret History of the Reptilians” as well as the truth behind several misunderstood biblical stories, the modern conspiracy,  his thoughts on Zecharia Sitchin, and his friendship with Philip Coppens.

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  1. I really loved this episode. Mythology and symbolic language fascinates me. How is it that the serpent is associated in so many traditions with creating humans/having human form/helping humans evolve? I hope that as the man-snakes that we may be we will be able to shed our skin and take new form. Maybe our reptilian overlords are again pushing us to evolve past our current understanding. We can finally move into the truth that we’ve been manipulated for too long and it’s time for them to go.

  2. Late comment once again…

    This cast was one of my favorites. He broke down the symbolistical meanings of the serpent in such a simple understandable way. I also loved his open and honest views on Old Zac!

    His observations seem logical, as for most of us who has done similar research on the topic matter, will concur, and at the sane time be enlightened to information which was new..!

    Once again, great cast…

  3. Yes I agree, one of my favorites as well. This is the stuff I am trying to piece together myself. It is such a vast story and so interesting, I would love to hear him break it down even more and go into further detail! Great show Greg & hope you and the g/f have an awesome trip! I went to Shasta a couple years ago and spent a week on a friend’s house boat…its gorgeous out there and the energy is amazing, I think you 2 will love it!

  4. wait, I had the wrong window open, I meant to post this on your most recent show… “Gerald Clark | The Anunnaki, New World Order, & The Hidden Battle For Humanity” – I just woke up… lol

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