Robert Stanley | Archons, Our Prison Planet, & The Death Trap

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, as host Greg Carlwood talks Archon overlords, the Prison Planet and the Death Trap with guest, Robert Stanley

While we all know that our current construct is built on a house of lies and our politicians and public figures are actively working to keep us trapped in servitude through slave labor and the indoctrination in education, our access to the universal truth is limited. And unfortunately, breaking free from this oppression to reclaim our consciousness may be a tougher task than we bargained for.
Today’s guest, Robert Stanley, has dedicated a lifetime to researching many of the threads needed to weave together a holistic perspective, and he joins The Higherside to help shed some light on the birth of human consciousness, Archon influence among elites, and Enki’s role in our material world.
3:10 Greg begins by discussing the circumstances that set Robert on this path, which eventually led to a lifetime of investigative research. With events such as the infamous U.F.O.s flying around the Capitol building, being outright ignored by our government, and the role of the Vatican in carefully crafting this web of lies, Stanley explains the depths of the Archon control throughout our reality and the Satanic undercurrent serving as the foundation for Washington, D.C. Robert also recollects on one the most disturbing incidents he uncovered during his research of D.C. and the hauntingly eerie similarities it shared with the tragic events he witnessed in Malibu in 1985.
9:20 Robert clarifies his thoughts on whether elites and politicians influenced by these Archons are in cahoots with them, or if they are unwittingly suffering from mental parasites. Stanley cites Nick Redfern’s book “Final Events”, as he describes the Collins elite, a secret society bound to entities by an alliance that ultimately manifests through insanity and psychopathic behavior. He explains how these entities need us, and the ways they feed off of our negative energy, destruction, and bloodshed. He also elaborates on the role of Enki, or Lucifer, as a divine being, architect of worlds and creator of the mental parasites infecting the populous.
15:03 Robert details the role of digital physics in understanding human consciousness. Summarizing his extensive research, Robert depicts how the role of “consciousness is primary”, takes the form of a wave, and can be measured as a digit. Stanley also states consciousness is the highest existing wave form we know of, and if slowed down transforms to energy and then eventually, matter. Under this paradigm, matter is not an illusion, but rather an extension of consciousness.
20:00 After establishing that the flying crafts and inter-dimensional beings people encounter, here on our planet, are a part of Enki’s army, Robert elaborates on the harrowing saga of Enki, the brutal war he waged against his family, the co-opting of our planet by him for his empire, and the manifestation of our material world through consciousness.
27:00 Robert continues to elaborate on the depths of Enki’s influence throughout our reality. While Robert recognizes that Enki’s impact ranges from possession to android robots operating under the guise of being human, he also asserts that we live in a world of gray. With speculations of possessed politicians like Hillary Clinton and George H. W. Bush raging on, it can be hard not to oversimplify the story. Stanley helps to clarify who he thinks in the public eye may be suffering from Archon control.
32:42 Greg and Robert pivot to discussing Stanley’s newest book regarding ancient megalithic structures in Malibu, California. Robert provides a bit of background by explaining how Enki had created an arsenal of deadly weapons on Earth, the resulting war with his family and ultimate destruction on all life on Earth. This destruction included the Chumash tribe of Malibu, whose ancient structures point to a divine knowledge and holistic understanding of human consciousness.
42:00 After outlining our role as slaves in Enki’s empire from cradle to grave, Robert proceeds to enlighten us on the post material world, the choice we must make to “ignore the light”, escape the “death trap”, and reclaim our consciousness
52:25 Robert continues to detail his first hand experience with Archon parasites infecting a young boy in Malibu, the out-of-body events that followed and the resulting possession he suffered.
Subscribe to the plus show to hear the extended episode, including:
– they revisit the Chumash and Sitchin’s work and influence
– the difference between our understanding and the reality of our construct model
– the Billy Meier saga and why his representative was denied from THC….#ohshitmoment
– underground Archon legends from South African culture and the idea of Archon cities existing beneath our very feet
– portals on the planet, the Bermuda Triangle, missing people, and a bunch of other buzzwords
– other elements of the full spectrum of domination
– declaring yourself a sovereign soul and healing our fractured consciousness
– the influence of the Vatican and NASA on our understanding of the current construct
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Authentic Photos of Extra Terrestrials Landing on The Capital Building in D.C., July 16, 2002:
Derrel Sims, alien abductions expert:
“FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife”:
Want more Robert ‘Stanley? Check out his website: where you can find all of his articles, audio, and books, including “Close Encounters on Capitol Hill”.
Norman Paulsen’s “The Christ Consciousness”:
How the Epic of Gilgamesh and the story of Moses compare:
The work of Wes Penre:
The work of Zecharia Sitchin:

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  1. Thanks for coming through Greg, I’m really excited about this one! My podcast obsession gets the que way to full from time to time but more often than not THC cuts through everything else like a hot blade and shoots to the top. Evening chores just got exciting, much love out to San Diego!

  2. Heck Yeah!

    Btw, how many of you get MAD AS HELL when you accidently click the back button on your “smart phone” and log out of the cast?



  3. Greg, it sounds like you buy this guy’s stuff about as much as i do. Not that he doesn’t inadvertently stumble onto something resembling likely truth from time to time, he does, but anything “New” or “Unique” from this guy strikes me as delusional or fake.

    Also, if Sitchin is the cornerstone of a person’s world view… i am sorry but no matter your good intentions, i can’t trust anything you say. At best his work is channeled material passed off as ancient Sumerian; the man did not understand cuneiform, and his translations are simply not accurate.

  4. This kinda stuff suffers from the same fallacies that Christian literalists suffer from. No distinction between metaphor and journalism. Please think twice when someone personifies principles of spirit and historicizes them as a part of the grand, unified conspiracy. It’s annoying and makes us all stupider.

    “I’m a good reader.” Really, Robert? Your powers of analysis and synthesis could use some help. Your model is hardly more persuasive than the Scientology narrative. Thanks for playing.

    Greg, I realize you’ll do what you do, and my thoughts are a drop in the bucket, but I gotta register my disapproval. Robert Stanley and Kenneth M. Price Jr., however both nice guys they seem to be, are both suffering from lumpy heads. (I really like and respect Price’s engineering and technology history. I really really wish he’d left it there, because industrial espionage and public opinion theater is so extremely interesting. But as he goes on, he starts to sound like everyone’s crazy uncle. If it weren’t for the respectful and supportive dialog you offered him, he’d have sounded like a real nutter.) I hate to dismiss people who have the benefit of cognitive variety and have endured various forms of psychosis, but I also think its healthy to avoid the temptation of falling into their illusions. They become self-defeating and, if we fall under the spell, it make us easier to manipulate.

    Greg, have me on and let’s talk about the polar value of art. Maybe we can help clarify, rather than all this sewing of confusion.

    Otherwise keep up the good work, Greg.

  5. When ever researchers whos topics flow into the space and aliens category are so quick to not want to talk about the flat earth topic.

    Big red flags.

    You would think they would have done some sort of research into the topic themselves and form some sort of opinion on it. Seeing as how a potential construct that might not even be real as we know it is a large part of their research.

    I can only think of 2 or 3 reasons it would be avoided in that way.

    1. He never actually has looked into what research people have done on the topic.

    2. He is a shill

    3. He doesnt want to reasearch thw topic because it could potentially throw a giant wrench on what he has been working on most of his life. And he doesnt want to start from 0 again.

    All speculation i might add and i did listen to the whole podcast even the new song at the end.

    I alwaya give people the length of your podcast to sway me one way or the other.

    Cheers Greg

  6. Havent listened to this one yet just wanted to let you know that I look forward to every show you put out. It brightens my work day to download a new THC show when I am aboit to clock in. Thanks greg for the awsome work you do. Also looking forward to you having Crrow777 back on if that is even in the plans for the future. I gotta say your show and crrows are my all time favs next to grimerica and expanded perspectives. Thanks Greg your the shizzle.

  7. Wow! Complete with action steps to defeat the archons… or at least to limit their chances against us. Another fascinating journey. I wonder how we can call on the higher divines for help or guidance.
    I also enjoyed the crystal talk portion of this interview. From experience, I can say that a variety of crystals have cleaned me up, strengthened me, and overall recombobulated me energetically.

  8. I respect this guys story, however, I believe that’s he’s wrong, completely wrong about Enki. He has some ok points but from my education especially the enuma elish, the atra hasad enlil is the bad guy. Still learning but this one leaves me with doubts.

    But the interview was great!

    1. Hendricks country is now the rape capital of Europe. It’s ppl are so politically correct that they allow this sort of thing to happen snd at all costs keep it off the news. It’s white grnocide. Open your eyes to the ugly truth that the human race has been totally lied to about damn near everything. Why can any race or ppl be proud of their ancestors and their ppl but NOT YHE WHITE RACE? If any race has the right to be openly proud of itself just think about all tve countries of the world snd compare them. The white race is the most evolved and intelligent next to the yellow race. Why can tbeor be black power black Miss USA, BET TV? Insert tve word WHITE in place of black snd oh my god you’re a Natzis racist who wants to kill all the colored ppl! We are being played. It’s so obvious. Stop thinking with your girly feelings and think with that good brain you have there. It’s divide and conquer. Frankly I’m sick to death of all the pussy men snd political correctness. We are policing ourselves!! Snd each other too! There really IS such a thing as Ehite genocide. Uu

      1. There is enough genocide on this planet for every race to get a helping, and its in the plan that the controllers are rolling out. Another part of the plan is to pit each race against the other.

        Henrik has a point to be sure. If the various races can’t find a way to fight the long-term plans of these psychopaths, we’re all fucked regardless of race.

  9. Heck yeah, This guy is legit, totally aligns with alchemical knowledge and the astronomical effects of the time and space we are in on our consciousness since going through the change in longitudinal energy in 2012 due to the rotational change as our solar system passed through the galactic equator. He has stumbled across quite a bit.

    On the shape-shifting, it’s not hypnosis, it’s projecting down from the higher side.
    Carl Sagan explains projecting down dimensionally (very nonchalantly of course), oh and of course he just whips out a projection of a fuckin’ tesseract:
    Imagining the 10th dimension:

    On the Soul Trap and the 3 days grace period after death: It’s around 3 days after death when the bacteria in your bowels starts to digest your body. . .so I would imagine your resonance in the material realm starts to break down at that point. The Tibetan book of Living and Dying has a bit about surpassing bardos in it:

    On alchemy and the awakening: The “higher M-state” that Don Nance speaks of is the environmental conditions which will lead to genetic, mental, and psychical changes in humans – which is what TPTB fear and want to get us accepting control-tech into our bodies to avoid:

    The Bermuda Triangla and the case of induced electrogravitic drive or a longitudinal spatial warp:
    A diagram Viktor Grebbenikov made of the “spatial pocket” effect when he created his beetle-wing and capacitive flying box:

    On the picture of the soul he mentions which is like an egg with tendrils extending into different dimensions. . .ever seen Futurama The Beast With A Billion Backs? Mike Loves you. . .

    With regard to the use of radioactivity, my understanding based on the research of WIlhelm Reich is that it has life-negative environmental effects, similar energetic effects are also the result of desertification. . .

    Best wishes, from your local benevolent mad scientist. . .

    I’m only mad because it’s such a mad mad world. . .

  10. Hey Greg, you should interview David Weatherly (again?). Robert mentioned the Buddhist monks creating thoughtforms for protection…well DW has been doing research on this phenomena for years. Coincidentally I recently heard him tell a story about a group of monks that he met; they created not just a thoughtform, but had physically manifested a tulpa. Normally I’d call bullshit but his recount was a damn convincing! Fascinating stuff.

    Thanks and be well.

  11. I watched a video on YouTube of Robert Morningstar. I don’t know how credible he is or anything but he did say something that really made sense to me. When we die and they try to have us go to the light. To turn around and go in another direction. This Robert said the same basic idea.

    1. It seems our friend Carlos has been reputed to have been a world-class bullshitter. That said, I found his books inspiring almost fifty years ago, as I was exploring my first entheogens. I wanted to be something back then, and there was a lot for my young ego to desire in those stories. Such powers have lost their attraction at this stage in my being. It looks to me that people are maturing much faster these days than back then. I truly hope I am correct in that perception.


    2. After going back he did say that Castaneda “invented” Don Juan.
      Don Juan was first mentioned by Molina, and expounded upon in many other texts for the archetypal nature of this character.

  12. I’m reading the comments and I skipped cuz I just got blown away from this episode man! What a great show! I had been waiting for a classic THC show that would go into the deep ends. Personally I got lots of connections from this episode and a lot of what he was saying was making sense. I haven’t done much research into all of this he was talking about but the mechanisms of communication these entities (enki) were using… Just some DMT trippin man! Anyway just wanted to plug in here something about the tesseract. The tool or crystal or whatever that allowed for inter dimensional portal jumping reality travel. You guys talked about it as both being something from fiction like comics or whatever and also as a real thing from mythology? There’s a kid’s book called a “ripple through time” (edit: there’s also a rick and morty episode called a rickle through time or something and it is probably based of this book as there was a planet that were slaves to an AI entitiy or something, anyways did u guys see the latest episode from aprils fools of that show? when rick explains how awesome multidimensional travel is? u can become a god! well his portal gun… kinda could be a tesseract) from Marianne Engle or something and the story is about these kids traveling through different dimension with the help of the tesseract. I listened to it while traveling the states in a camper with my girlfriend, her mom used the read the story to her. There was this thing in the story where they found this dark section in the universe and it was like the origin of evil in the known universe or something. Maybe a little bit like the forbidden zone that enki travelled to and then got sick from? Anyways just mind blowing stuff as always man. Keep on doing the great work you are already so good at and take care of yourself! Always a good listen whilst drinking a little drink n smokin a lil smoke;)

  13. kingabelicio…”A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle, One of my favorite books!
    Greg, the first time I heard any negative about reincarnation was a while back when someone told Art Bell not to “go into the light”.
    Linda Moulton Howe just gave a lecture that includes a lot of what I heard in this and other of your podcasts. It is very detailed with pictures, quotes, and whistle blowers. She talks about NASA, Enki, reincarnation, rapid cycle cloning technology, council of 5 and much more. Check it out.

  14. I always enjoy listening to Robert. This guy catches a ton of shit for putting a huge twist on Enki. I’ve spoke to some fairly recognizable podcast personalities and they seem to think he is full of shit. Personally, I find his research very interesting and worthy of serious investigation. Great show, Greg.

  15. Great show! thanks Greg for being so enthusiastic and well prepared for these many far reaching topics, its super informative, and entertaining! Love Robert’s interpretations of this societal sociopathy that for sure gets over complicated often , obfuscated by those fuckn archons, no doubt! cheers!

  16. I don’t want to be mean, but I have to consider that he may suffer from a form of psychosis. And that he is not in the position to handle all the information he is presenting well.

  17. You are The Universe.
    It is inside of you.
    It is a METAPHORE!

    Everything this guy is cranking out is good stuff, but it is all inside of you.
    Is it also outside of you?, your guess is as good as mine, but, if it is internal first, then that is probably the place you should be trying to fix it first.

    Yes, Lucifer went mad, because he looked out on ‘perfection’ and said “I can make it better.” and he went fucking mad trying.
    We all know someone who has made that fucking mistake….I have made it myself, once.
    Internal, internal, internal!
    Learn the story inside out and backwards, and then ,fix the Enki in yourself, then fix the Enki in your family, then fix the Enki in your life, then see if you have a problem.

    Wonder why it is said that our perception of time is running backwards and we are getting worse not better? Think how advanced we are, and how much time we have to do dream/otherworld work.
    Now think about or Original,(not AbOriginal) brothers, and think on how much time they were spending on staying alive and advancing their physical lines……….about 3 hours a day! Not fucking 9!

    THE best reason to get off the hamster wheel: so you can sort your shit out internally, and start working on YOUR World, inside out.

    Sorry for the rant. 😉

  18. Hammer – as above so below. The higher dimensions are accessed within you, but neirther the external nor the internal are metaphor or illusion so much as that our external is a projection of what seems internal to us in this modality of existence.

  19. Come on Stanley……..”UFO’s coming in so fast fast they burned up the circuitry of the radar systems”? You might check on how radar works. Not possible.

  20. Listening to Robert’s peregrinations about the universe of Enki. . . etc. brought to mind Donald Marshall. Or, to be more precise, a Donald Marshall who is medication compliant. 😉 Maybe it’s the abundance of self-referential anecdotes, or the accompanying tangential mayhem?

    What makes your show so great is that you’ll invite a wide range of guests and allow them to paint their own picture of the reality they believe we’re living in. I appreciate that you’ve worked diligently to avoid an adversarial sort of interview, but I do find myself waiting for you to mention the theories of previous guests that sharply contradict the current guest’s world view.

    I’m not looking for a he said/she said confrontation, but I know its important for me (and maybe others?) to hear a guest acknowledge they are (at the very least) aware of the existence of an opposing point of view/theory. Even better: the guest provides a coherent answer to support/refute another’s claim or theory.

    When I hear a guest do this: “While Mr. X contends that (fill in the blank), I’ve found evidence that leads me to believe (fill in the blank).
    I know, I know. . . “evidence” in these matters is hard to come by, and history has shown us that it’s often the interpretation of said evidence that determines reality. Still, I’d like to know where a particular guest “fits” in the THC continuum.

    Here’s an idea: I’m picturing an infographic/diagram (or maybe just an excel spreadsheet, LOL) that covers an entire wall in your house. It would include a list of guests on one axis, and “beliefs” or “theories” (shape of the earth; moon landing yes or no; 9/11; bigfoot physical or not; ufos mechanical or not; living in the matrix or not; gravity vs. electricity; cloning people; megaliths manmade or not; spider or other overlords; numerology; astrology; JFK; reptilians; vaccines; hoax/false flag events) listed across the top. Place an “X” in the corresponding column, and you’ll have a picture of the belief system(s) of your guests.

    The above topics are just off the top of my head, and I’m being a tad facetious, but I think the overarching issue, no matter the topic, no matter how ridiculous/plausible/confusing/mind-changing a new theory may be. . . is how to hone our powers of DISCERNMENT. Exactly how this can be accomplished and also be a good fit for the format of THC. . . well, I’m not sure, but I do think it’s the sort of concept that is relevant to just about every conversation, and its a skill that will be invaluable as we all shuffle down the dusty path into the widening gyre of this shaky universe.

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