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Robert Stanley | Archons, Our Prison Planet, & The Death Trap

Topics Covered: Death, Gnosticism, Hidden Hand

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast, as host Greg Carlwood talks Archon overlords, the Prison Planet and the Death Trap with guest, Robert Stanley

While we all know that our current construct is built on a house of lies and our politicians and public figures are actively working to keep us trapped in servitude through slave labor and the indoctrination in education, our access to the universal truth is limited. And unfortunately, breaking free from this oppression to reclaim our consciousness may be a tougher task than we bargained for.
Today’s guest, Robert Stanley, has dedicated a lifetime to researching many of the threads needed to weave together a holistic perspective, and he joins The Higherside to help shed some light on the birth of human consciousness, Archon influence among elites, and Enki’s role in our material world.
[3:10] Greg begins by discussing the circumstances that set Robert on this path, which eventually led to a lifetime of investigative research. With events such as the infamous U.F.O.s flying around the Capitol building, being outright ignored by our government, and the role of the Vatican in carefully crafting this web of lies, Stanley explains the depths of the Archon control throughout our reality and the Satanic undercurrent serving as the foundation for Washington, D.C. Robert also recollects on one the most disturbing incidents he uncovered during his research of D.C. and the hauntingly eerie similarities it shared with the tragic events he witnessed in Malibu in 1985.
[9:20] Robert clarifies his thoughts on whether elites and politicians influenced by these Archons are in cahoots with them, or if they are unwittingly suffering from mental parasites. Stanley cites Nick Redfern’s book “Final Events”, as he describes the Collins elite, a secret society bound to entities by an alliance that ultimately manifests through insanity and psychopathic behavior. He explains how these entities need us, and the ways they feed off of our negative energy, destruction, and bloodshed. He also elaborates on the role of Enki, or Lucifer, as a divine being, architect of worlds and creator of the mental parasites infecting the populous.
[15:03] Robert details the role of digital physics in understanding human consciousness. Summarizing his extensive research, Robert depicts how the role of “consciousness is primary”, takes the form of a wave, and can be measured as a digit. Stanley also states consciousness is the highest existing wave form we know of, and if slowed down transforms to energy and then eventually, matter. Under this paradigm, matter is not an illusion, but rather an extension of consciousness.
[20:00] After establishing that the flying crafts and inter-dimensional beings people encounter, here on our planet, are a part of Enki’s army, Robert elaborates on the harrowing saga of Enki, the brutal war he waged against his family, the co-opting of our planet by him for his empire, and the manifestation of our material world through consciousness.
[27:00] Robert continues to elaborate on the depths of Enki’s influence throughout our reality. While Robert recognizes that Enki’s impact ranges from possession to android robots operating under the guise of being human, he also asserts that we live in a world of gray. With speculations of possessed politicians like Hillary Clinton and George H. W. Bush raging on, it can be hard not to oversimplify the story. Stanley helps to clarify who he thinks in the public eye may be suffering from Archon control.
[32:42] Greg and Robert pivot to discussing Stanley’s newest book regarding ancient megalithic structures in Malibu, California. Robert provides a bit of background by explaining how Enki had created an arsenal of deadly weapons on Earth, the resulting war with his family and ultimate destruction on all life on Earth. This destruction included the Chumash tribe of Malibu, whose ancient structures point to a divine knowledge and holistic understanding of human consciousness.
[42:00] After outlining our role as slaves in Enki’s empire from cradle to grave, Robert proceeds to enlighten us on the post material world, the choice we must make to “ignore the light”, escape the “death trap”, and reclaim our consciousness
[52:25] Robert continues to detail his first hand experience with Archon parasites infecting a young boy in Malibu, the out-of-body events that followed and the resulting possession he suffered.
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– they revisit the Chumash and Sitchin’s work and influence
– the difference between our understanding and the reality of our construct model
– the Billy Meier saga and why his representative was denied from THC….#ohshitmoment
– underground Archon legends from South African culture and the idea of Archon cities existing beneath our very feet
– portals on the planet, the Bermuda Triangle, missing people, and a bunch of other buzzwords
– other elements of the full spectrum of domination
– declaring yourself a sovereign soul and healing our fractured consciousness
– the influence of the Vatican and NASA on our understanding of the current construct
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Authentic Photos of Extra Terrestrials Landing on The Capital Building in D.C., July 16, 2002:
Derrel Sims, alien abductions expert:
“FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife”:
Want more Robert ‘Stanley? Check out his website: where you can find all of his articles, audio, and books, including “Close Encounters on Capitol Hill”.
Norman Paulsen’s “The Christ Consciousness”:
How the Epic of Gilgamesh and the story of Moses compare:
The work of Wes Penre:
The work of Zecharia Sitchin:
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