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Christian Elliot | True Whole Human Health, Vax Facts, & Motivation Hacks

Show Notes

Health coach, Christian Elliot recently went out on a limb with his very logical and methodical post: 18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting A Covid Vaccine. Even though some of the reasons are review for the THC audience, others made some great points and added some details that might help you in your own conversations.

Along with his wife Nina, they operate, a coaching and personal development website that uses everything they’ve learned to make tackling our “stuckness” a bit easier. Consider a free consultation if you’re motivated by today’s show.

Christian’s blog can be found at:

PLUS Content

  • Christian’s terrain theory thoughts & the virome.
  • Wrestling with COVID long haul symptoms.
  • Could your health problems actually be a digestion problem?
  • Probiotics 101
  • Hormone leveling
  • Homeschooling.
  • Raising unvaccinated kids.
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GET STRONG GREG!!! You’ll feel so much better.

Esteban P

Hey Gregg, You sound like you are recording in the bathroom.I know you said there would be changes to the sound But You sound either too compressed or the levels for your mic are too high.Just a little feedback about the sound not criticizing!! Relax everyone. I love the cast, Always good information.


can We get weird again? Asking for a friend.



I am that friend.


I loved this episode! It rolled up everything I’ve amassed over the last year nicely. Especially loved you touching on homeschooling, I feel like we as parents need more information to make this tangible, as it sounds like an amazing option.


Me too….also add in alphonse faggiolo….


YES! Ten times yes. You need alphonse on ASAP.



I hate to be Mr Buzzkill, but smoking too much weed will definitely demotivate you. You have to let that Chi energy build up. Lately Ive been taking a few days off between smoking. As a result, Ive been exercising more and generally feeling better. After Ive accomplished a few things during the week, Ill smoke again, for a couple of days, and repeat the cycle.
As always, Greg, your shows are the best. I loved this one. I want more of the same. I also love the weird too. I’m thinking NAZI ufos; assuming thats not too “Coast to Coast” for you. A couple of dream guests that broach the subject are Robert Sepehr and David Hatcher Childress.
Thank you! God bless.


I can attest that it’s possible to workout and smoke daily.

Hope O’Donnell

I’m a brand new THC+ member…I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!! This episode was amazing, I’m a new holistic/natural medicine “patient” and can’t get enough information!!! Thank You!!! Also a suggestion for a guest along this same topic line Dr. Cass Ingram, I’ve listened to him on Richard Syrett’s podcast/radio show. He is a bit eccentric but has a lot of great information. Also I agree with a few other listeners let’s get some weird back into the show, current events are very important but sometimes we do need a little break. Thank you again for providing a wonderful show and I’m hoping to use Christian Elliot’s ideology to help “wake” some family and friends!!


Had some realizations about myself during this episode… I go from being so fit and doing at least 2 hours of yoga per day and I get so good and feel awesome for years at a time then I just stop… I get lazy for a while and eat stuff I shouldn’t and when I finally jump back in I feel like I’m peddling uphill, totally discouraged. This episode totally gave me ideas about how I might balance myself out.

Steven Sopaul Lal



Greg if you want to get in shape try martial arts. It’s so fun you don’t even realize that you’re working out. They can also work more than the physical they push you mentally and spiritually as well. Look into ki (chi,prana) people can do some pretty amazing stuff with that. My sensei used to heal use with it after he was done kicking our ass.
My favorite art is judo but I would recommend bjj or aikido if you still don’t have health insurance. If you take it light and don’t do any sparring in the 1st couple of months you should be safe in any art though. Love the episode. One love


Wow – this was terrific. Great interview Greg – start to finish. Christian is super inspiring. I wonder if he really believes what he said at the beginning of the interview – that we can’t control our thoughts. Steiner and many others said we MUST control our thoughts. I’m reminded of “As a man thinketh…” and the New Thought movement. Our thinking is literally how we create.

Anyway, I found he and his wife on Instagram ( and lots of beautiful food ideas.

A comment for Greg – consider following up on Christian’s liberal arts education comment, Greg. This education prepares and trains the mind to be SOVEREIGN!!! It is the education of the free man. It would enable you to comprehend the absolute malice and danger inherent in all vaccines. Gone also, I predict, would be any concerns about homeschooling. And more!

Again, many thanks for this and all the truly amazing interviews you produce week after week.

Luz María Correa

Absolutely loved this episode. Thanks Greg!


Do I just have really crappy speakers, or is the volume on this one unusually low?

Michelle Muller

Great episode, thank you for the knowledge. It is also great to hear my thoughts validated about vaccines. Quite a few years ago when the guardicil vaccine was very quickly being given to students at my childrens school I decided to look at the ingredients. There was no way I would put them into my body. It horrified me, then a look at the company history of the supplier woke me up. I appreciate your work ❤️

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