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Christian Elliot | True Whole Human Health, Vax Facts, & Motivation Hacks

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Show Notes

Health coach, Christian Elliot recently went out on a limb with his very logical and methodical post: 18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting A Covid Vaccine. Even though some of the reasons are review for the THC audience, others made some great points and added some details that might help you in your own conversations.

Along with his wife Nina, they operate, a coaching and personal development website that uses everything they’ve learned to make tackling our “stuckness” a bit easier. Consider a free consultation if you’re motivated by today’s show.

Christian’s blog can be found at:

PLUS Content

  • Christian’s terrain theory thoughts & the virome.
  • Wrestling with COVID long haul symptoms.
  • Could your health problems actually be a digestion problem?
  • Probiotics 101
  • Hormone leveling
  • Homeschooling.
  • Raising unvaccinated kids.
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