Jen Briney | Legislation 2017: Corporatization, Backdoor Deals, Data, & DNA

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks legislation 2017 with returning guest, Jen Briney.

While we can all recognize that the scales have continued tipping in favor of powerful politicians, criminal corporations and the aristocratic elites, many of us avoid getting into the gritty details of these closed door deals, because frankly, it can be a confusing maze of information. From congressional hearings to corporate lobbying, keeping tabs on what the Washington machine is up to is more than a full-time job.
Fortunately, today’s returning guest, Jen Briney, has dug deep into the inner workings on Congress. Pouring over every piece of major legislation written in the five years since beginning her podcast, “Congressional Dish”, Briney has undertaken a task not many are up to and today she joins The Higherside to fill us in on what the fuck our government is doing.
3:00 With the first year of his presidency in the books, Greg and Jen bypass the media circus surrounding Trump and take a look into what little this year has yielded legislatively. Jen breaks down the upcoming agenda for Congress and expresses some of her concerns with not only the poor timing, but the last minute push to pass 10,000 page bills into law before Congress can read and debate what’s in them. Jen also describes the rampant corporatism in government and what this influence means for the average working-class citizen.
12:00 Continuing with the conversation about corporate welfare, Greg and Jen discuss the slew of corporate friendly laws signed by Trump and covered on her episode “Trump’s First Laws”. As Jen explains, although Trump is signing these one-sided bills into law, the real blame lies at the feet of the people writing these bills, Republicans in Congress. And, least we not forget, Greg and Jen cover the biggest overhaul in government policy in 30 years: tax reform.
20:00 Greg and Jen dive into Net Neutrality, and discuss Briney’s Congressional Dish episode where she breaks down some of the nuances that have been lost among the bitter arguments and disinformation surrounding this topic. As Jen explains, the current laws involving internet governance were established under a completely different landscape, using different objectives, and “internet laws” as we need them, have yet to written.
32:00 Focusing on one of America’s biggest corporations, Greg and Jen discuss the history of AT&T, their long running pattern of consolidating companies and monopolizing industries, and their involvement in First Net and Net Neutrality. As Briney points out, with AT&T stepping up to provide a communication network for first responders across the US, we have again allowed corporate infiltration of our government.
42:00 With almost the entire American populous victimized in the Equifax breach, and little to no consequences for the flagrant lack of security, Greg and Jen turn their attention to the scandal that will haunt many of us in the years and decades to come.
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:

– Puerto Rico coverage and disaster relief

– tracking the tug of war over healthcare this year and where we now stand

– the Democrats’ obsession with making a Russian scandal stick instead of running the country

– changes to Veteran treatment and programs

– Impeachment: is it all hot air, or are the wheels in motion?

– the government funding bill, scheduled for Dec 22nd

– the weed issue, and the clauses keeping Jeff Sessions at bay, also subject to change in the latest government funding bill

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Jen Briney on The Higherside Chats “The Corporate Control of Congress, The Federal Budget, & Privatization Propaganda”:
Jen Briney on The Higherside Chats “Our Corrupt Congress, The WTO, & The Push For Global Corporate Takeover”:
Congressional Dish 148 “Trump’s First Laws”:
Congressional Dish 163 “Net  Neutrality”:
“All 50 states vote yes on AT&T’s $40 billion emergency response network FirstNet”:
Congressional Dish 160 “Equifax Breach”:
Tracking Federal Government:
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Tracking Your Representative:
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43 Responses

  1. The Carlwood! Long time, first time plus member. I am thrilled to finally hit that subscribe button and receive your work in it’s entirety. Being the only podcast (person) Id choose to support, your insatiable thirst for truth and well researched interviews is my go to entertainment source. Be well, and keep living a lovely life!

    1. Conspiracy involves people in power, so it’s going to come up, but two in a row? Dr. Colin Ross was about the history of mind control. I didn’t think Trump came up unless I’m forgetting something.

  2. Something I’ve found interesting about Jen with Congressional Dish, what I’ve learned through THC and my own life experience is that we have seriously been programmed. It is insane to me that I’m putting this somewhere that other people can read, but I have a degree in psychology I understand the mechanics of behavioral conditioning, and I’ll be damned if it’s not true. It is fascinating to me that when they bash on Trump that I actually get a guttural involuntary response to it, as if they were attacking an old friend of mine or something. I didn’t have much experience in conspiracies or politics in general until 2016 when I saw with my own 2 eyes that the Main Stream was legitimately lying to us and big time. From my perspective diving down these rabbit holes at that particular time in history was quite the roller coaster to say the least, and it really put me on board the Trump train hard core. Now that I’ve gotten my bearings a little better I can see that we are seriously being played like children at a puppet show from all angles, especially from those that shove their agendas at us non stop, whether it be in advertising to buy the next big piece of (spy) tech or the delicious and addicting sugar syrup drink, or politics with their idiot vs. idiot 2 party system. My new rule of thumb is that “if you can’t go anywhere with out seeing it then it’s bad for you.” Everything that has had a real positive impact on my health and happiness has been things, that “they” say are not good or a bunch of nonsense. So thank you Greg and Jen you’ve been a real eye opener to us common folk we need more people to give us info instead of tell us what to think. Those resources for tracking congress and the house are going to be valuable! spread that good word!

    side note: I work at a small hick town court house a few times a week and right outside I heard people discussing corruption and the NWO, it was really interesting to hear that kind of discussion in that kind of place. Middle of no where right outside the court house with the smell of cow manure in the air!! the bull shit has wafted a long way from the big cities lol So the word is spreading the silent majority is waking up, we may have gulped down some Trump kool-aid upon opening our eyes, but don’t give up on us just yet. War will help no one and I feared that it would come to that, but now after seeing how much the average person really knows and how far off the radar truth is spreading I am way more hopeful now.

    another funny story related to that courthouse. There was someone working in there with a personal hot spot named “Hillary’s email server” LMAO!!

  3. There was some practical advice in this one that I appreciate. And it was tame enough that I could share it with friends who are starting to wake up. I don’t agree about voting though. In the current climate giving energy to a corrupt process seems counter productive. Even if there were three core people ethical enough to learn about and support, they would be eaten alive by the establishment. Voting machines are still owned. I am not playing that game.

  4. I cant thank you two enough for properly discussing American foreign policy in Syria and Ukraine. The propaganda in the mainstream media about these conflicts is so dangerous, Americans desperately need to hear the truth about our intervention in both.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her show!!! Ever since she was on here the 1st time I’ve been listening to her and I love her show. Thank you Jen so much for your show!

  6. Awesome show! One thing that I appreciate about looking into conspiracies is that I constantly challenge my perceptions and beliefs. I think I’ve become too cynical to even consider voting to be effective, but maybe I’m throwing the baby out with the bath water. I appreciate the work that Jen has done and is doing, so I’ll at least consider voting after doing more research.

  7. I appreciate her optimism.. but we only control the vote between the final candidates.. the presidential election proved that the primaries are absolutely rigged and we cannot fight that.. so we can choose Democrat Republican or independent, but it’s much harder to choose good and bad when there’s only 3 choices.. I hope we do get educated and involve ourselves more, but our best hope is probably just time.. wait for them to die off in a decade and then make changes.. that’s our best shot.. education, planning and preparation.. act when we can make the most change

  8. Always a pressing issue,who’s at fault? Government or corporations? Well there would be no one to lobby if there were no government. If we didn’t have companies, we wouldn’t have…anything. Well at least for a decent price. Once you realize the “people” have more power within actual capitalism due to the fact you can choose what you buy and what companies you want to support. Businesses have two options reform or die.
    By using a government now certain businesses have a tool, a very powerful tool that can be used to force little businesses out or to not even have a start in the first place. Do to ridiculous fees, licenses, taxes and the list goes on. Not only does this not give starting entrepreneurs a fighting chance to change history but it raises the costs of the goods your buying and decreasing the wages that would otherwise be paid out.
    The government creates nothing and what it is in charge of takes 5 times longer and the cost is off the charts higher. I’m sure there are people on here that have been involved in government run construction contracts and projects. I’m sure any who are involved at a certain level will gladly tell all about it.
    Even though we have different economic ideals and not everyone is the Ron Paul lover they should be. The Higherside is still without a doubt the best podcast ever.

    1. You are so right. I used to work in the paving industry, almost nothing but government contracts. I was in quality control even, and if the specifications were actually followed the paving process would be even slower but the roads would be so much better. It all boils down to profit of course. I did what I could but one man can only do so much. Before that I worked in the Hydro power industry, clean energy! it was great! and guess which oily appendage of the government got rid of that job… The EPA!!! so yes if you ever get to see first hand how government money gets spent you’ll clearly see that big money never goes to improving the lives of the masses.. it goes to lining the pockets of the oil and coal companies every time. It’s sad and frustrating, I’m very glad to have found this collection of research that Greg has put together, I have really adjusted my long term goals with this information, as I am sure many of you have as well! So cheers to getting out of the shackles of debt slavery!!!!!

  9. I just couldnt get past the lefty-ness and the “FEMALE VOICE FRY” affect… a bit too much NPR-ishness… And you cannot fix the broken kakistocracy by participating in the kakistocracy! Jen is so wrong. ~ you do great work though! KEEP IT UP!

  10. Great info, especially on Equifax and how Trump is just a “pet”.
    Trying not to let Jen’s valley-girl vocal fry affect my receptivity to this information… Yah nah wha uh mane?? ????

  11. Hi Greg, consistently great work. Outstanding! You are one of my favourite hosts out of a handful and the only podcast I’ve subscribed for.

    May I suggest for you to contact Ken Cousens from Gemstone University. He is exceptional and would suit your show perfectly. Have a look at some of his work online, I think you would appreciate it. “Babylonian Debt Magick System”: Although I suggested Jasun Horsley once on Twitter, Ken is probably much more up your alley.

    All the best and keep up the excellent work.

      1. Admittedly, Ken does look like he’s walked off a set of an 80s sitcom and even has something of a Gordon Gekko about his looks but his insight is exceptionally informed. The man is erudite and educated. I predict he would become an instantaneous success with the listeners and most peoples top ten at the very least.

  12. She was a breathe of fresh air! Something we can work on in 3D! All this spiritual warrior stuff may be the only way but it seems so nebulous sometimes!Thanks x

  13. Thanks for your show. Your commentary at the end really put things into a better light than (some of) what your guest tried to convey. I take umbrage to a blanket statements such as; all rich people are villains and caused the dysfunction in the monetary system. The poor couldn’t possibly be responsible for their own behavior. There is fault on both sides of the equation,be specific. And taxes, and the services they provide are always condemned by the people who DO NOT pay the lion share of them, funny no? Legislators never invite the taxpayer to the negotiation table but always stick them with the bill.
    I like much of what your guest speaker said, although her Californication is still apparent. Never mentioned the obvious internal corruption of the Puerto Rico government, 72 billion debt. How do you miss that? But instead blame it on somebody else being the cause. B.S. But, as always, her opinion and voice are an important one to hear, so thank you for hosting her on the show and look forward to more like it. I can’t agree with everybody all the time. Cheers…

  14. She is a good guest, but it was hard to force myself to listen to the content, I only made it half way through. I’m trying to care, I try to write my senators, but I can’t seem to make myself care. I’m trying to think of a reason to keep the system at all, I rather think no government might be better.

      1. I’d say a new system is a must, but it ain’t happening any time soon. So. Shouldn’t we at least give it a shot and try and steer the path of the machine? I know it can seem a bit hopeless, but they haven’t gotten our guns yet, and we know they have been trying. Also marijuana legalization, who thought that would ever happen? Much love Greg n Jen, good stuff

  15. Yes chronic capitalism is not the answer but neither is this liberalism democrats want to impose on us.
    The guest kept insisting on Trump impeachment, why? Obama was worse president than Trump, but he wasn’t impeach; neither was Bush So why would Trump?
    By the way i am not a republican, i am a libertarian, also hispanic, and i still don’t hate Trump, neither do i think he is a God or our savior, but he definitly is better choice than Clinton.

  16. Great show. You and Jen are covering the biggest conspiracy: THE GOVERNMENT!
    I am glad to hear that it’s getting easier to check on them and that young people still care enough to do so.
    25 years ago, when I was an Internet pioneer living in DC, using & The Federal Register was never easy.
    Keep up the Good Fight and always remember:
    It isn’t LEFT-RIGHT it’s UP-DOWN.

  17. I liked her and will check out her podcast, the system we have is the system we are stuck with and I hope guests like this will urge more people to fight. They want us to sit on the sidelines while they write the rules that allow them to line their coffers with the fruits of our labor. Time to vote, people.

  18. Quick thing to point out… With capitalism (true capitalism that is) you have a choice all the time to vote with your money. With government it’s an illusion of choice, for the most part, followed by “do what I say or I lock you in a cage!”. I just think it’s strange that normal human interaction it’s understood that you don’t be a dick to people and stay out of each others business but if we all vote for someone now they have special powers to make up rules. Magical rules that must be followed or guess what? You get locked in a cage! And when you’re in that cage you can comfort yourself with these words “well, I guess I voted for this” yaaaah democracy!

  19. Jen has an amazing personality but it was a tough episode to get through. Government just sucks and voting doesn’t matter, remember the famous quote “politicians are selected not elected”? It’s true on every level. Ive tried to make a difference for years and nothing changes and nothing ever will. We just need to convince the military and police to stand with the citizens and arrest all these crooks and I dont even know if we should start over or just do nothing and see what happens

  20. This is a great show that deals with ACTUAL exoteric, up-to-date corporate/governance conspiracies! Not hidden, well-maybe-this-is-real, how-do-we-parse-the-psyOps-from-reality stuff. This is as real as the nose on your face. And these dust-heads in most of the comments can’t handle the reality check. Either they can’t handle it, or learning about conspiracies IN FRONT of the veil, right in front of their eyes are too hard for them to handle. And the people that dis Jen’s voice must be sexist; she has one of the more listenable voices to deliver this sort of content clearly, without despair or abuse. The comparisons to NPR & Democracy Now are inappropriate. And anyone who considers Jen a lefty is incredibly fucking stupid.

    It’s nice that some people “identified” with the Great Faux-Guilded Fraudster enough to check the HRC’s Globalist cabal for a few months, and usher in a new wave of federally sanctioned crime, but Trump is not gonna save you idiots. He’s a crook and a rat who’s only been enabled to survive and thrive with the help of the deep state his whole life. Haven’t you been watching him on TV for 20 years? What’s the matter with you air-heads. You really believe that a man with a “reality show” is gonna be honest? It’s possible to realize the Democrats AND the Republicans AND Trump want nothing but to mine your sorry ass lives for as much value as they can possibly extract. That doesn’t mean the party election system can’t be hacked (again) to elect independents with a desire to govern wisely. Is it likely, no. But don’t complain if you’re not even going to learn about what the problems are.

    If you, listener, strictly use this show as an entertainment escape hatch to avoid reality, then you’re a part of the problem making your life so miserable that you need to entertain yourself numb. Learn to read fiction if you need to escape.

    Conspiracy Studies are cutting edge reality, not some palliative to augment your SSRI addiction.

    Really good show, Greg. Keep it up. Don’t listen to these nit-wits.

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