Jen Briney | The Corporate Control Of Congress, The Federal Budget, & Privatization Propaganda

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The great, Jen Briney, of the Congressional Dish Podcast joins THC this week to discuss the boldest crimes against humanity that we’ve seen from the 113th Congress, what to watch out for from the 114th Congress, and the push for global privatization.

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  1. I really enjoyed this interview, and was onboard until we got to Net Neutrality. I’ve worked in telecommunications for the past 15+ years as an engineer. I’ve designed entire internet delivery systems. While I look at this issue mostly from the technical side, I’ve been able to learn about some of the regulatory environment issues basically through osmosis and occasional research. From my perspective this issue is more nuanced than regulate/don’t regulate the Internet.

    “Net Neutrality” regulations, from my point-of-view, are essentially about adjusting regulation in favor of different corporations. In this case it’s the carrier oligopolies, e.g. Verizon, ATT, Comcast versus the content providers, like Google, Netflix and Amazon. The shareholders of Comcast want to extract as much $$$ out of their customers, that is you and me, and content providers like Netflix. Their subscriber base is slowly (but potentially rapidly) shrinking as people bail out on cable, and go to streaming sources, and to alternative media like THC. I have a relative who works for the dark side, deep in the bowels of the MSM, and their mind control ship is sinking like a fucking stone!

    The content providers want to reach a large audience and also provide as much fee-for-service stuff as possible–they’re in the position of competing with the carriers on the carriers own network equipment–and that’s the crux of the issue.

    The carriers’ basic “problem” is that network technology follows something like moores’ law. As integrated circuit technology improves, and as material science advances, networks can get faster and faster and faster at lower cost–eventually it will be free. The thing they make money on will eventually kill them off. Therefore, Comcast et al, want a legislative and regulatory environment that will keep them alive and their owners and managers yachting, and their basic goal is to freeze the technology with laws and turn the Internet into something like cable TV. Google, et al, basically want the opposite thing, not for freedom’s sake, but because they want to make $.

    Networks are currently regulated by governments at the local, state, and federal, and international level, and also through trade associations, and professional organizations. For example, if you want to put an Internet satellite service into space, you need to work with governmental and international organizations to do that. If you want to launch a wireless service in the US, you need to buy bandwidth at an auction. In many localities, if you want to get cable internet, your local gov’t has negotiated franchise agreements with some cable provider, etc…

    Libertarian oriented commentators, and allies of the Comcast side of this issue, tend to push the idea that the Internet is not currently regulated, which is just fiction. What they actually mean is they want to manage their networks so you pay for Internet like you currently pay for cable TV.

    Arguably, the net neutrality regulations, will be pro consumer, because their interest tend to align more with the content providers. However, that’s not their actual intent, it’s really to put more money in google shareholder’s pockets. And Google, Netflix, et al seem to be more aligned with the Democrats and 0bama.

    From my perspective–killing the carriers and build out local publicly owned or co-op networks (like water utilities) is the way to go.

    1. Here’s a follow up tidbit to the net neutrality issue.

      Time Warner Allegedly has 97% profit margin on High Speed Internet

      “In our Petition for Investigation of Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Comcast,”
      “we point out that TWC’s High-Speed Internet service has a 97 percent profit margin”
      “and a number of people asked how that statistic was derived. Simple. Time Warner Cable”
      “provides the information, (with some caveats).”

      Network speed keeps increasing and costs keep dropping and the carriers want to milk their customer base dry. Fuck ’em.

  2. /\ /\/\ Thanks for the perspective on that Kevin. Very insightful stuff. I decided to read the comments section before listening. Glad I did. I will be listening to this episode with a slightly broader lens. Greg, you have really been doing a magnificent job. I’m kind’ve in awe at the content, the quality & the rate in which you put out my favorite show (THC) So thank you! Much Love Brothas & Sisstas!

    1. When I listened to it again, I have to say I think she did a good job on the issue. It’s actually pretty complicated and dynamic.

      I’m guessing what’s going on in DC now on the issue is that both sides are trying to figure out how to divvie up the pie and drain more money from consumers.

      I’ve been watching that issue for the past few years. It’s been pretty intriguing. 0bama’s initially appointed a cable-industry lobbyist as FCC chair who was actually taking the opposite side for a long time, then Obama came out for net neutrality. The FCC chair guy pushed back briefly, then did a 180 on the issue.

      In the longer run, I think technology wins, and the content providers will also begin to roll out their own networks. Google’s been making noises about that for a while–both with google fiber, and now wireless.

      From my perspective, the cost of bandwidth will just keep plunging and that really is a stake through the heart of the carriers.

  3. Gregg, this is your most important episode, for the reason that Jen offers tangible proof of the ‘conspiracy’ between the government and multinationals!! People what more could you want??? ….oh right…the Super Bowl!! Face Palm!!

  4. REALLY great show Greg! Like you said, the topic may not be as sexy as grays or the hollow earth…but I truly believe we need a lot more of this kind of information to change the system. It’s real, tangible provable conspiracy; and the best part is, there’s already a system in place to change it! Anyway I wanted to be a Representative for a long time, but I got beat down because I figured voter fraud was just too rampant. Jen’s got me rethinking that. The biggest stumbling block is still money, since it takes fat stacks just to get elected…

    Side note – I never thought it’d happen, but I’m actually listening to glee right now…thanks for the uplifting bumper! 🙂 Much love, man.

  5. Mentally check yes or no, physically make the real change from within; tyrannical powers hold no respect for such formal proceedings as voting. A voting booth! My kingdom for a diebold horse!

    1. Well said. I’m not in the business of electing, we require selecting. I’ve put my secretary of state on notice why I won’t vote until reform. Haven’t heard back on asking them on how to unregister.

  6. I like to see you follow this interview up with Stefan Molyneux as a guest. Be an interesting contrast of Fixing the Government versus the problem is the Government.

  7. Before listening to Jen, yes, I knew the government was run by multinational corporations. But I think I didn’t really KNOW it. This hit the point home for me in a big way. Super enlightening and super disturbing. I’m not sure “getting out the vote” is the answer, since elections are still dominated by money and the two-party system. I suppose if there were a well-organized grassroots movement to elect write-in candidates? In any case, I’ll be interested (read:terrified) to see what Jen has to reveal as we endure the 214th congress.

  8. As a Briton, I probably have no right to leave a comment, but I’m going to anyway. This was an excellent and informative interview (and it takes two to tango). I was very impressed by the breadth of Jen’s analysis on just about everything under the sun, coupled with her communication skills, perceptiveness and he sheer ability to join the proverbial dots.

    What strikes me is that the US and Britain are both suffering from the same malady, although the symptoms might be slightly different. Then again, the globalist/corporatist plans embodied in the TTIP will mean that any differences between our two countries will be dissolved, with the City of London cementing the bond betwen North America an Western Europe.

    I offer the following comment on the milatary coup in Chile, not because I want to be pedantic, but because it actually reinforces the broad point that Jen was making about what happened in that country. The overthrow of the democratically elected leftist Allende Government was engineered by the CIA, under the aegis of Henry Kissinger. WIthout this support, Pinochet would never have dared to authorise the bombing of the Chilean Presidential Palace, thereby assassinating President Allende and paving the way for the mass arrests, torture and murder of leftists, liberals and anyone who spoke out against the coup. This all happened on one particular day, a little later than Jen indicated. It was 11th September 1973. Now, does that date have a familair ring to anyone?

  9. I agree with Jen that it’s a very optimistic thing that there is such a low percentage of voting among younger people. But for much different reasons. Let the voting die with the dinosaurs. The WHOLE system doesn’t work. So hopefully less and less people keep voting and they realize no one cares about what policies they enact. Then maybe we’ll realize we don’t need their money and we have much better ways of doing business with each other (cryptocurrencies, C3’s, sharing economies, agorism.) And we’ll see we don’t need their work and we can spend out time doing things we are passionate about and providing for each other because the world is abundant enough to provide for every single person without anyone needing to regulate who gets what and how, or profit off exploitation of the planet and other peoples. Of course this is easier said than done. I guess I’m just one of the ones who sees that we have much better ways of communicating and making decisions together on how we want our money to be spent outside of the bogged down corrupt voting,government,military,corporation,prison,advertising machine.

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