BellaDonna Acorn Community Living Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Belladonna & Mardock | Egalitarian Community Living

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Mardock & Belladonna takin the stage.
Mardock & Belladonna takin the stage.

This week we talk to two members of an egalitarian community called Acorn, an off-shoot of the well-known Twin Oaks Community. Belladonna and Mardock talk about all aspects of live in one of these communities, and the frustrations with our wasteful and corrupt society that make this an appealing alternative and one of the ways to extract yourself from the almighty machine.

The Acorn Community website:

The Acorn Community seed business, Southern Exposure:


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An extra hour-long deep dive continuation of the conversation with our guests. If you liked the first hour, how could you not enjoy more!

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  1. not not really convinced. i love the concept but it sounds hard to get people to work.those two had some hostility towards the people they though weren’t pullin their wt. good stuff though

  2. capitalism sounds like a good idea, but i hear a lot of hostility towards these “boss” people. i don’t think it could really work in practice.

  3. That was a really interesting interview. It’s cool that people are exploring different ways of working and organizing their life and community. If the Acorn Community folks are still checking the responses here, I had a some questions. Who or What actually “owns” the community? Is it organized as a company that’s owned by a trust or some other legal entity? What happens to the equity/value that workers contribute over time? Is there some way to handle a type of retirement for people who had worked in the community for a decade or two?

    An interesting aspect of alternative communities I’ve read or heard about is that there seems to be a tendency to generate lots and lots of rules. Maybe that’s a side effect of departing from the standard script of American life.

    There’s a lot of room for experimentation in organizing businesses and daily living.

  4. Greg – thanks so much for this interview. I’m a working mom who is currently stuck in the typical 9-5, but I’m starting to dream and pull together a plan for making a serious change once I figure out what makes sense for me. I found this really inspiring. After a little searching, I found a website for “The Fellowship of Intentional Communities” that provides a broader list of alternative/cooperative living experiments throughout the U.S. I was surprised to know that there are many of these communities in my area and a few in my city and neighboring cities (I’m in Northern California). I may check some of them out. Maybe I’ll start one of my own. Who knows. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Hi Greg this is my first attempt to comment-of course i decide to do it for negative when i actually really love all your shows, except this one, there is a lack of spirituality from what i can understand. I think it is great to be an ethical capitalist but these guys are not that(in my opinion).
    I wish to start and join ethical businesses to improve things here in Ireland-Jay Weidner was amazing, plus your show is really informative and i love your exploring style-do another show on food(like 1 in 10, more like 1 in a 100),
    thats what i think anyways-thanks for your great work,

  6. This was interesting! Maybe something to think about when i retire? Have a long way for that, but ill keep an open mind. Thanks for the fresh view of something different than the usual conspiracy stuff.

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