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Jake Steiner | Ending Myopia, The Deceptive Eye Care Industry, & Active Focus

Show Notes

Jake Steiner is a man who began a journey to reverse his myopia over 20 years ago. It took a great deal of trial and error to apply the theoretical concepts found in clinical journals and peer reviewed studies, though he eventually managed to get back his natural 20/20 eyesight.

Over the years he has cataloged the many tools, resources, and experiences that made myopia recovery a reality. You can comb over all of this on his website, the best resource for such things @

PLUS Content

-Lasik & Dr. Morris Waxler. -Epic healing Jake has seen from Shamans deep in the jungle. -Red Herring solutions for Myopia that Jake tried along his journey. -Jake’s deeper thoughts about the psychological and social impact of glasses on school aged children. -Tips for getting children to go through this process. -How much does the industry really know and suppress? -Choosing better materials for your glasses.
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Wow. I spent a few minutes outside every day this past summer without my glasses, and noticed that I could see the leaves in the trees. I hadn’t seen the leaves without glasses or contacts since I was about 10, 36 now. I told my sister, she was skeptical, I told my aunt(optometrist), she was dismissive and said it was probably due to light refraction or something like that. And I told my local optometrist, and he said impossible. He said that squinting to see would give me a headache and that I shouldn’t strain my eyes like that.
So just now, I left my glasses in the dark bedroom, and dug out an old pair, maybe 5 years ago, low and behold, no change within the house compared to my newest pair. I realize it’s not a breakthrough, but I’m hooked and cant wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel, without corrective lenses.


I have studied Jake’s method for months. Last monday went to an optometry check up (armed with a stack of scientific papers on hyperopic defocus causing axial elongation). Optometrist was actually familiar with many of the concepts and indeed confirmed that hyperopic defocus can cause progressive myopia. He was a little hesitant to say that myopia could be reversed via natural means, but many of the concepts Jake and other Natural Vision improvement coaches talk about. He knew about the 3 generation Alaskan study which showed the indigenous Alaskans ( 3rd gen) subjected to American education system post ’59 (when alaska became a state) had skyrocketing rates of myopia compared to their parents and grandparents.

The optometrist did confirm that environment can have a huge effect on development of myopia. I was still pissed he never told me that 10 years ago when I had a lower prescription.

Oh well, time to spread the word to other people.


Always excited to find out that we’ve already seeped into the consciousness from previous exposure. 😉 Good news, it’s truly easy to reverse. Our eyes are perfectly healthy, just in need of some “tuning”.


Free? From if you want the steps it’s “less than the cost of a pair of glasses.” Courses are $129, $179, and $299.


Literally all the resources on his courses are on the website, it’s simply less organized than if you buy a “course.” Furthermore, he provides a service, just like Greg… why should’t he be able to charge money for tons of time and energy he invested into the website?


Thanks, Tom. And indeed, if it was all about money, I wouldn’t put it all out for free as well. My thought, leave it up to the individual. Either you want to put in the time, or you want to help support the resource. Either way, there’s no reason to live behind those stupid plastic lenses.


Sun gazing.
I have been doing for decades now and do not need glasses. I am 54 year young and only for near focus have a little difficulty.
But, surely will take a look on this Jake…
Another great one GC !!


An eyeopener! Had a recent HK session and realised that evening when I put my finger up to press my glasses on as a habitual thing that they weren’t there but I could see no problem. Have been tested and my eyesight has improved in the worst eye by 2 points.Thanks for this insight!


Great show! This made me realize the first time I got “prescribed” glasses was after the first Pokémon games ( blue for me ) were released on the gameboy color when I was in middle school. I’ve unfortunately been wearing them ever since. I can also agree that I now use glasses as a security blanket… it’s kind of weird but for me I agree with what he said about glasses affecting self esteem. I was really glad to hear what his thoughts were on astigmatism since I’ve been told I had it since my first prescription. I also have a hard time seeing in the dark without my glasses 🙁 but it would be cool to see if I can improve my eyesight eventually. I really enjoyed this. Great job both of you!


I agree. Didn’t want more cocaine until I had it. Didn’t need the phone until it scratched that itch I didn’t know I had. Need my wifi fix bra 😉


Great show! I’ve been wearing long range glasses for over 10 years now- not a strong prescription, but enough to make road signs clearer. Just this year I thought it’s time to get a new pair since I’ve had my current ones for three years now. After listening to this show, I’m going to try out Jake’s recommendations. I just got a “desk” job 9 months ago and I wear my long range glasses all day. Today I’m taking them off while on the computer at my desk. First steps. Thanks Greg and Jake! 🙂


After had listen the show:
Sun glasses are evil !!! Do not use it unless extremely necessary…
There are people using special light sources that mimic the Sum light to mitigate mood issues like depression.
I was photo-phobic back at 20s. In a beach with white sand i was only able to open my eyes with sun glasses. Now i look to the Sun – IN THE RIGHT WAY – first or last hour of the day.
So, take a look at this at this subject of Sun light / sight / mood etc.


So could you get at negative prescription to strengthen the eye then?


Intriguing interview. Overall, I liked this guy’s integrity. I was given eye exercises as a young child and seemly staved off prescription eyeglasses for a number of years after that. However, when I look at the program for eyesight improvement he suggests…it looks like you would end up having to get new prescription lenses fairly often throughout the process until you finally arrive at point eyesight is fully restored or close to it -thus spending a lot of money on the B.S. lens bizness along the way. The method seems to line the pockets of lens dealers even least in the short run. Does not seem practical overall, but I commend the gentleman for his research, integrity and willingness to call out the horseshit from a corrupt government protected industry. Overall, a thumbs up.

Have to say, been wearing glasses since a kid, only in my 20s did I start wearing contacts and when I wear glasses again its nearly impossible for long stretches. Everything he stated rings true for me. They’re uncomfortable, unnatural, restricted vision, restricted peripheral, permanent magnifying lens… There’s just always this device on my face. Then comes the fashion aspect, do i feel like “me” in these? Strange question, but its on my FACE! lol. With contacts, there’s much improvement but I still feel the big difference is that with natural vision there isn’t a fixed lens and with contacts that creates subtle unnatural fixed muscle tenseness in the eyes, face, and brain etc so the person’s never really comfortable and quite themselves. Always fixed tenseness without natural eye variation. Very interesting for such a subtle detail in our lives but a great example of an obvious conspiracy and obvious conflict of interest. Great job

Mike Poorman

As a long time glasses wearer I loved this one! I’ve long said that the only times my eyes have ‘gotten worse’ was when I would get a new ‘prescription’. I’ve also noticed if I wake up in the morning and don’t put my glasses on right away my eyesight actually isn’t all that bad so I tend to not reach for them first thing anymore. Anyway, great show! I’ll be checking out the website, putting these tips to use and sharing it with my four eyed friends 🤓

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