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Jake Steiner | Ending Myopia, The Deceptive Eye Care Industry, & Active Focus

Topics Covered: Health, Motivational

Show Notes

Jake Steiner is a man who began a journey to reverse his myopia over 20 years ago. It took a great deal of trial and error to apply the theoretical concepts found in clinical journals and peer reviewed studies, though he eventually managed to get back his natural 20/20 eyesight.

Over the years he has cataloged the many tools, resources, and experiences that made myopia recovery a reality. You can comb over all of this on his website, the best resource for such things @

PLUS Content

-Lasik & Dr. Morris Waxler. -Epic healing Jake has seen from Shamans deep in the jungle. -Red Herring solutions for Myopia that Jake tried along his journey. -Jake’s deeper thoughts about the psychological and social impact of glasses on school aged children. -Tips for getting children to go through this process. -How much does the industry really know and suppress? -Choosing better materials for your glasses.
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