Dean Dominic DeLucia | Mammoths of the Inner Earth, Underground Giants, Hidden Cities, & Remnants of Atlantis

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A whole lot of fun stuff is packed into the first THC of 2015! Our Hollow Earth professor, Dean Dominic DeLucia returns to expand on the Hollow Earth case we made in our first show:

THC 107: Dean Dominic DeLucia | The Hollow Earth, Cavern Worlds, & The Beings Below

We start off talking more about the arctic opening, the formation of icebergs, and modern Mammoths from the Inner Earth. Dean then walks us through several interesting stories of creatures, green children, giants, and hidden cities under the surface of our planet.

In the Plus show, Dean talks about some stories of lost Atlantian settlements in North and South America, including one previously unfindable location that Dean might have cracked the case on himself. We also talk about the legends of large Amazonian women warriors that also might have had a strong presence down below. All in all, it’s my kind of THC.

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  1. Great show! So much information was covered.
    One thing that really stood out for me was the whole icebergs are freshwater thing. Which I knew but somehow it never really struck me how odd that actually is.
    Good stuff. Keep ’em comin’.

  2. Great interview! I am currently reading “Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures: A Study of Subterranean Mysteries in History, Folklore, and Myth” by Wm. Michael Mott. I have just about finished it. It is full subterranean lore and interesting stories. This is one of my favorite theories and the implications are actually quite terrifying, but fun nonetheless. You should look into interviewing Mr. Mott. He would be a good one to get into the subterranean creature/humanoid aspect of this. How cool would it be to have say, Dean Dominic DeLucia, Michael Mott, and David Hatcher Childress to do a Hollow Earth round table discussion!?!

  3. Another good convo here Greg. Looks like you bringing back some old guests which is cool i like hearing new convos from alot of the same guests i like. This one included. Keep it up Brahh! 🙂

    1. Ive also had that same problem of half page, just turn phone to initiate landscape mode… Youll find the download link. Great show Greg, really enjoyed this episode.

  4. Hameln has approx. 57 000 inhabitants. It is located in a the valley of the river Weser, surrounded by a hilly landscape with a lot of thermal wells, most of which are traditional spas. It has not been associated with Braunschweig (Brunswick), which is quite somewhere else before the 30-years-war.
    Sorry to be such a bore, but he could at least have looked that up himself. no :o?
    His/this special rendition of the hollow earth topic sounds a lot like a vivid imagination to me. Entertaining, but lacks the gut-feeling.

  5. Loved to hear Stories from my “Térrinha” (Nickname of Endearment, for Brasil). For those, who don’t know it, when he mentioned the “Red Orbs” “Bouncing down Rua Rebouças,” (Rua=Street), he forgot to mention that Street is a Major St., in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, in SE Brasil, (my Hometown, during my Youth). Though an Expat, Stories from Brasil Still fascinate me; there’s so much I still don’t know! For anyone interested in Learning more about 19th/20th Cent. NE Brasil, Bahia State, for ex., may I recommend you Look up the Author: “José de Alencar,” Particularly his stories about the effect of Drought on People,, in his Excellent Book: “O Feijão e o Sonho,” (“The Bean and the Dream” if it’s been Translated); the other one is about Indigenous Females in Colonial Times and their (supposedly) Love Affair with a Portuguese Nobleman. The book is called “Iracema,” and it had a particularly strong Impact on me, because, I’m 1/16th Tupí-Guaraní, on my Mom’s side, and–as Throwback Genes will do–I look 100% Navajo. In my Explorations on this silently-kept “Secret” in my Family (and my Father’s tasteless Jokes I was “Adopted”), I came to learn my Ancestress had NOT been the “Wife” to a French Nobleman, 4 , or 8, I don’t know, Generations ago, she was, one of his Legal Concubines (very common), from which that side of my Family came to be. Thence, the Family’s Silence and Refusal to tell me ANYTHING about that Ancestress, (except once, my Father (?) did tell me about it, in “braggadocio” style, how that Nobleman had…”lassoed her into Marriage…” Other than that, it was only my Critical Thinking Reviewing Of his (improbable) story, and the Historical fact all European Nobleman who came to Brasil, had their “Prim, Proper, and likely Frigid” Wives, and it was an accepted Custom to take Concubines. That’s a Theory I came to, but the only proof I have is my Appearance, and Historical Fact. It is my Hope deLucia will be back, talk more about the “Bandeirantes,” their deliberately-Repeated violation of the “Treaty of Tordesillas,” between Portugal and Spain, in order to Increase Brasil’s Territory, which at one time, included the country of Uruguay, the only thing that stopped their Advance, being the Andes Mountain Range all the way from Argentina, to the Guyanas (the lattter were eventually ceeded to England, Holland, and France, so they’d stop trying to Colonize Portuguese Territory. Brasil is a Very Large Country, with multiple areas of completely different Cultures, Mores, Traditions, and Ancestry, as well as all the Mysterious and Mystical Practices brought by each new Group of Immigrants, From African Slaves (Freed in 1888, w/o Bloodshed), to Green-eyed Caucasian Dutch in the NE, to latter Blond, Blue-Eyed Germans in the South , Chinese, Japanese, Arabians, you name it! In short: deLucia, or Others, who are Fluent in both Portuguese and English, ought to come in 😉 Até Logo! (So Long!)

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