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David Rodriguez | The Education Conspiracy And The History Of Forced Schooling

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Education

Show Notes

Many people interested in the topic we can dub, “The Education Conspiracy,” will know the name John Taylor Gatto. He’s been a highly decorated teacher, who turned whistleblower and has been writing about the nefarious agenda behind compulsory schooling and the players that put it in place ever since.

Due to his health, John has a hard time with lengthy audio interviews, but we are joined by David J. Rodriguez, the publisher of John’s latest book: The Underground History of American Education 

He is also the Founder of Education Options Expo, which is an event where parents are introduced to respectful schools and approaches to learning, like private schooling and homeschooling, and where they hear from leaders who are demonstrating the future of education today. After selling his business at age 26, he moved to South Korea where he taught English at a high-performance high school. His business background includes work in the fields of insurance, biotechnology, and dentistry. He was born and raised in California, where he attended public school. He received a business degree from San Jose State University. His newest book project with Mr. Gatto has exclusive contributions from Dr. Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and Lew Rockwell, and will be made into a film in 2018.  In addition, Mr. Rodriguez is the Founding Principal of Valor Academy, which is a private school that sets students free to pursue their interests, passions, and dreams (to launch in the Fall).

For education options, check out the Expo: or contact David on Twitter: @djrodriguez2015


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