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David Rodriguez | The Education Conspiracy And The History Of Forced Schooling

Show Notes

Many people interested in the topic we can dub, “The Education Conspiracy,” will know the name John Taylor Gatto. He’s been a highly decorated teacher, who turned whistleblower and has been writing about the nefarious agenda behind compulsory schooling and the players that put it in place ever since.

Due to his health, John has a hard time with lengthy audio interviews, but we are joined by David J. Rodriguez, the publisher of John’s latest book: The Underground History of American Education 

He is also the Founder of Education Options Expo, which is an event where parents are introduced to respectful schools and approaches to learning, like private schooling and homeschooling, and where they hear from leaders who are demonstrating the future of education today. After selling his business at age 26, he moved to South Korea where he taught English at a high-performance high school. His business background includes work in the fields of insurance, biotechnology, and dentistry. He was born and raised in California, where he attended public school. He received a business degree from San Jose State University. His newest book project with Mr. Gatto has exclusive contributions from Dr. Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and Lew Rockwell, and will be made into a film in 2018.  In addition, Mr. Rodriguez is the Founding Principal of Valor Academy, which is a private school that sets students free to pursue their interests, passions, and dreams (to launch in the Fall).

For education options, check out the Expo: or contact David on Twitter: @djrodriguez2015


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My partner is a teacher ….. So looking forward to this one ??


I completely agree with my conspiratorial colleague DT, David Rodriguez is brilliant in this show. DT you need to tell your missus to give the kids freedom! #TrojanTeacher lol

Carlwood I must agree with you on your views towards English and Math when you were in school, I was the same, I felt I had more creativity and imagination when I creatively wrote, as opposed to algebra etc


Your Cara St. Clair episode was amazing so I can’t wait to learn all that this one has to offers. Digging in… NOW.


Listening now! Thanks Greg!


I Love that you chose this topic, Greg.
David is so onto the idea of let the child leed the way. They have a full grown soul in a short body!
If you love your child, you will find a way. Also, learn from your children and teach Your parents.
I have seen parents that don’t even want to spend time with their children but they keep having them.



Oh you should see them scramble spring and summer break.

Few can stand the weekends with their children.



Love me some Gatto.

I homeschooled all three of mine.
Homeschool is NOT “school at home”.

Looking forward to the interview.

Busy studying today though.

Many blessings.


I had been thinking John Taylor Gatto was due for a THC experience. This is a great substitute.
Carlwood coming through again!


I’m glad you’re reading so much.
It’s been years since I’ve read Gatto.

The purpose of public school is to program the populace to work, buy, consume, die.


Werd;) GC that is what’s up my friend! 1st job 13. Raised by my grandmother single parent. I did it cuz I wanted to help, she worked very hard. Being young and having responsibilities is key to building character. So happy I did it while young because I realized early on the system is fucking clown Shoes 🙂 Work hard….for yourself. The system can sux it! ?


Awesome episode and definitely synchronistic with my current situation!


Thanks Greg, everybody should be talking about these topics all the time. You The Man.


Great show, makes me proud of my lack of attendance in “high” school and when I did I was buried in my own books.


No discussion on American education would be complete without referencing Charlotte Iserbyt’s
“Deliberate Dumbing Down” material. Here’s a link:
It is a free e-book download. Her youtube interviews detail all her efforts to alert the public and put a stop to the total mind control techniques of the “system”. Be sure to watch her expose” of Yale’s Skull and Bones for an insiders list and discussion of who runs America!

papa dave

Hi Greg, first of all a good show. In fact, your last few have been “en fuego”. Anyway, mine is a bit of a sensitive question and a comment, not particularly with Mr Rodriguez presentation, just it’s content. first, this appears more naturally geared toward middle-class families and (dare I say) families more socially and financially secure. I don’t believe this to be purposeful, just apparent. hopefully, these researchers and educators see this need and act accordingly. Anyway, secondly, a word of gratitude to you and all the HC chatters. been a plus member for a year. $ well spent young man. And as I’ve been listening to your show closes recently and I gotta say…your words recently about getting off my ass and tapping into my dream (aibeit a new dream) of starting a podcast. This is ongoing and i’m really excited. So thank you Greg. I hope using this forum is ok? As an old dude, tweets and facebook are new so…Great Day, Great Shows


I got that too. The problem here, as I see it, is that to get out of “The System”, you have to hit a non-govt-funded school,( $1000/term min) or home school, which could hurt if both parents are lower earning, ’cause one has to stop work; can survival be had on one income? If your incomes are low, maybe not. It’s what is called The Trap!
This is why only people with relative wealth were educated early in their lives in the past, before compuls, Govt, systems. I do not mean dollar wealth so much as self sufficiency/sustainability wealth.

It’s a hell of a bind for those stuck in urban lives in a Western system; options are few and far between.


It’s a matter of what your priorities are. I didn’t have children to be government-charge mind-controlled sheeple.

People don’t want to give up their “shiny front”. Children suffer.


And it’s not true that only people with “relative wealth” were educated before compulsory education.

A quick search will quickly disabuse you of that notion.



Yeah, good call. I was thinking outside the home education, but in the right countries, I can totally see solid 4 grade style literacy and numeracy being taught in the home, post enlightenment era.

Also, going back far enough, literacy was viewed by people of oral traditions as a kind of ‘witchcraft’, because they could see no other useful purpose for it. The Australian tribes spoke sparingly and had no letters, but their bushcraft showed a dazzling intellect.

So, I guess there is education and education, so to speak.


As a former college instructor, and a life-long Waldorfian (having spent fourteen years attending Waldorf Schools K-12), I whole heartedly agree with the cog mentality promoted by the system of public education in this country. Unfortunately, standardized testing is creeping into college as well – and any voiced opposition to it is treated as heresy. Which leads me to my second point. Having been the odd-man-out for my opinions, I was slowly but surely eliminated from any social gatherings with my department. After ten years of teaching with a flawless teaching record, I was assaulted in the school parking lot by five men, and had the audacity to push back so I could run into my office. This resulted in a surveillance video being altered so as not to show what happened, and myself being fired for the crime of battery. There is a “no tolerance” policy, hence as an instructor at the college, I was immediately terminated. So much for the union that saving “bad” instructors like myself – if the politics are such that you’re a black sheep – then the union be damned, they’ll find a way to get rid of you!


ejucashun eh? wotz it all abowt?


Sorry to hear Gatto s too sick to conduct interviews. There’s something tedious about David Rodriguez’s voice, that happens with some of your guests, makes it hard to listen for two hours. Gatto is a much better speaker.


Hey Greg!
After hearing a couple of weeks ago your interview with Cara St. Louis I was excited to find out about John Taylor Gatto’s work. Since then I have been digesting all he has to offer. This morning in fact I woke up with the thought of re watching the 5 hour interview he has on YouTube dissecting the history and ideological justifications for it. After that I was on your website (and I don’t believe in coincidence) and your interview with David was postedwhat a treat! My research into education and the crippling of children started at a very early age when I was raised on my mother’s stories of being raised in a Catholic orphanage run by nuns in the 60’s. As you can imagine that trifecta can be an enormous hurtle to overcome. Her stories consisted of the use of her and her fellow orphans for pharmaceutical and surgical experimentation. Since orphans are wards of the state they have no rights and this obviosly can be seen today in the overmedication of foster children. This included a number of her friends receiving lobotomies at the age of 10 and cocktails of psychotropic drugs. My mother was put on a medication in the third grade when after being molested by another orphan in a larger age group. She fought back her attacker and was subsequently deemed violent and irrational. This led to her taking the medication which kept her asleep for the entirety of the class until 18. While her classmates in high school were protesting for civil rights or going to woodstock, she was asleep in class un aware of the world around her. A great example of this was that she didnt know who jfk or Martin luther king jr was and didnt find out about them until a time far past their assassination. When waking up from her medication stuper at 18 she basically had the mind of a 3rd grader and found herself in a world unrecognizable to her last memories of the world which mostly consisted of the 1950s. No longer a responsibility of the state she was cast out into the world of 1970s NYC that one president described as an example of the blitzkrieg. Teaching herself how to read by reading Little women over a dozen times she finally got her GED after the fourth try. This inevitably led to her home schooling me and my brother and sisters while attending public school at the same time. I got double education in a way and managed to be more of a crital thinker of my educational experience. It was not apparent until college when talking to my colleagues how much father ahead and aware I was of the world then they. I hope to build a Hogwarts style school one day using open source learning as the basis.
Anyways thanks so much for your work and as a plus member I am ecstatic to have real conversation at my finger tips. As a fellow stoner and cannabis educator I am so grateful for your persistence for the truth and diversity of ideas brought to the table. Now back to smoking a little smoke and drinking a little drink and indulging in the pod casts.


I’ve been homeschooling my daughter since birth. She ‘s eleven now and she is close to being a self-teaching learner at this point.
I highly recommend homeschooling, unschooling or relaxed schooling.

Greg, since we are on the subject. I assumed you may have had a “college education” judging by your language skills on the shows. You definitely exemplify success and good values.
You are a superior example of an educated interviewer, in my opinion. It is funny that the only mistakes I’ve ever heard you make are how you say “EXpecially” instead of “especially.” Your gonna end up getting me to say it!
Love ya’, Greg. Just pulling your chain really.
Keep up the good work. Please keep doing what your doing.
Thanks for the helpful interviews.


Awesome… this is what I was thinking about education since when I was a teenager too… any time there was some form of questions of ‘rebellious’ thoughts you were stigmatised and even ridiculed for not fitting in. Even if I corrected the many, many historical facts they got wrong or knew more about the matter because I actually had read the books about it, instead of reciting the government approved ‘learn themes’ – in Europe they have these systems where the govs write out in full what students absolutely need to know… it’s sometimes stuff that isn’t even remotely relevant.

What this society is creating is people who work, consume and do nothing else than follow the grind.
Great episode!
(And I gladly consumed that too, … 😉


as a 23 year old parent of a 4 year old little girl this podcast was wonderful man. Thank you for this, easily my new favorite THC episode. Some real world breakdown no speculation to be had all cold hard truth. I loved it man keep it up greg.

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