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Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Magick, Military Intelligence, and Higher Consciousness

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This week we talk to Dr. Richard Alan Miller who has studied a wide array of fringe topics, has held several impressive positions, and has had a multitude of experiences that should impress any THC listener. From magick to military intelligence, from conspiracy to higher consciousness.

Strap in.

Dr. Miller’s website:

Also, check out the books Dr. Miller has written here:

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First. Downloading & listening now.
Thanks Greg – Take it easy


41 minutes in.. dude is a trip man! i wish i laughed like him, full-body laugh!
I don’t know that I’ve learned anything, but let’s keep it going.


Does anyone else sense the overarching nuttiness of a good portion of former military guys? Every time I hear or read something by an “ex” military man, I can’t help but doubt their veracity. After all, this is the military we’re talking about.
I’ll never forget Silvie Ivanowa refusing to talk about Antarctica on THC because of the military’s heavy involvement. Not that she’s military..
I sense fuckery each time ex-military “truthers” speak.
No disrespect towards any vets, just a thought.


He’s more enlightening than even Hebrew. Hahahahahaha.

I’ve heard him talk quite a few times and I’m never sure what he’s saying.

I like him. He reminds me of the saying about intelligence and madness being sometimes kissing cousins.


When are you going to have Zachary K Hubbard on?
Truth Frequency Radio Full Interview- March 26, 2016 (2 Hour Interview, Zachary K. Hubbard)


Thanks! He’s a germatria decoder and his work is amazing.


I like Zach, but the non-stop gematria wears me down. I see how he connects dots, but I guess I just don’t have a great grasp on the science.


Just followed your link and spent best part of an hour listening to Zachary. From what I heard he can take any number, give it a Freemason connotation and link it to any event that ever happened on the planet. If I add any number to any event to anything I can always come up with something. Not convinced.

papa dave

Brother Greg, at my age i’m generally not given to hyperbole, but that was, for my soul, more than a podcast. i’d had a shitty evening on podcast start-up stuff and seemingly spinning my wheels. I needed a break. some dinner and the new THC. As I listened, my first impression was a man filled with joy. And while didn’t “get” some of the specifics, the message hit me in the heart. It’s like an old 12th stepper who was trying to help my poor ass said…”Son, you better get with this. Real ain’t real and it ain’t gonna be till it finally hits you that it’s true. When you get that, then it’s real. I was confused but I started thinking on real ain’t real. On and off for, oh shit, years I suppose. in truth, I still am. What does that mean for my experience listening to Dr Miller. That it’s not always just the word, sometimes it’s the Spirit of the word. Much Love Greg…papadave


People need to respect themselves.



Hard to keep on track.



I enjoyed this episode, but I believe the good doctor may have been in his cups….


He always sounds like that.

It’s from years of mindfulness practice.



Obviously he wasn’t drunk, lol. Just the joy and candor he showed was refreshing and enjoyable. Great show and guest, Greg! Have him on again sometime!


In response to that intro-call: Although they don’t specifically show the ‘Donald Trump on the Escalator” scene in that season 11 episode of The Simpsons, “Bart to the Future”, they do make reference to Trump having been president prior to Lisa being elected.


I really liked the topics and guest background, bu t yeah, I agree it would have been nice to have delved deeper into many of the topics you brought up. There were a few times I was left wondering if he even answered the question or if he was waiting for an opportunity to talk aboit something else he wanted to make sure he talked about. I would look forward to a future interview where he kept on topics.

I did enjoy the conversation and felt you had great questions lined up. I got. The feeling that you had to piece this interview together and your time was limited so you pressed on to getother topics covered, however, the editing was so smooth that I wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for being so familiar with your interviewing style. Good job.

I would be interested in reading his books if I could be assured his writing was more focused andbetter kept on one topic at a time than his interviews.I get the feeling you would need 5 hrs of conversation to get a 2hr interview of focused detailed topics.

Overall, it was very interesting and left me wanting more. Good job. I wish you had more time with him to back him back up when he slid off topic to get a better answer. I’m up for another listen and will even pony up a 500 TracPhone card for it 😉


I’m listening to the interview again and I get excited to hear the answer to a interesting question you pitch to him and by the time he finishes “answering” the question he is so far off course that I couldn’t even relate what he said to the original question. .. or even REMEMBER the question.

“Hahahahaha.. as a metaphor”

Sheesh… Doc… “Get a grip.”


I’m on the third time through.

No, he doesn’t usually go off course. He IS answering the questions.


I didn’t say he “usually” or always went off course but there were times he would start to answer the question and end up on a different subject and left me wanting more details about the directed question instead of slidding of topic with a metaphor to end up talking about something off the path that was outlined.

One of us is completely off base here. I follow his metaphors but the path he took afterwards sometimes had little to do with the original intended direction of the question.


Let me know where and maybe I can fill in.

Three times through, and it seems to me he did answer Greg’s questions.

He doesn’t connect all of the dots explicitly, but I’ve been listening to him for a few years. I may be able to help.


If I have time maybe I will try to listen again and take a few notes. I was just dissapointed a few times when Greg asked a few questions to which I very much was lookingforward to his thoughts, explain his insights and how he arrivedat them because he gave a ricocheted answer, followed up by a metaphor and then moved on to a rant in a different direction that felt more like a deliberate misdirection of conversation than any kind of decent answer. He seemed like he tried to cover up his misdirections with metaphors and verbal sight of hands more to me and since I felt tgey were questions that could lead to the most useful and insightful answers it left a bad taste in my mouth.


He didn’t answer the one at the end about MK Ultra and whether those projects were still ongoing or stopped. Instead of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or I don’t know,’ he ‘answered’ an imaginary question and said they were about ‘intent’. ( ?)


Yeah that kinda seemed sketchy to me as well!


Yes, I liked this. He was all over the place and Hard to follow at times, but I’m keen to listen to someone with such a lifetime of dam, bat shit crazy experiences!
He had an all over all doomed “it’s the end times” message, that I’m not quite ready to follow, and I can’t seriously take Ben Fullford updates. But, Richard has been there and done that, I have not.
Thank you Greg for pushing the boundaries. Appreciated.


Great show! Easily 5/5 in my book. Please have him back after his next book is out 😉


Loved it! That laugh just kept making me laugh haha. While definitely far-out, I believe his sincerity, and that he believes in what he’s preaching. I just ordered ESP Induction looking forward to reading it. Thanks as always Greg


Loved it.

So helpful.

He really hit some points that have been gelling lately.

For the people who couldn’t follow: get some base, do some catch up work, and try again. RAM isn’t changing now.

The cavitation ball is absolutely fabulous. Yes, the moment you’re living NOW of course changes the space “behind” it, thus changing your past. You CAN change your past. That absolutely has been shown in labs in small very concrete ways.

Regarding “spirits” for magick: ideally it absolutely should be our own higher and lower selves with which we are dealing. What a relief to hear him agree.

If “God” is that dreaming Buddha as presented in Qabbala, and we’re separated out from that, then I’m God and you’re God and the spirits are all me all you anyway. 😉

His take on the Hierophant was extremely helpful. I’m in a tarot study group currently reading 78 Degrees. The author discusses the Hierophant as the Id, which rubbed many of us wrong. Now I get it.

Anyway, for those who couldn’t follow, keep trying. For those annoyed by his “skipping around”, keep up.

Loved the Kucinich insights, loved the urban survival reminder.

Also love his plant magic book.

Keep it up Buttercup.
Thank you Carlwood.

I needed that.


If your addressing my comments and think I’m not “keeping up”, that I have to “get a base” and do some “catch up work” for what I stated then it seems to me that you are either too biased in favor of “RAM” or did not pay close enough attention to the interview to realize his immediate derailment on some of the topics.

For the topics that he DID answer I felt they were very insightful and intriguing. I even found most of his derailments interesting and noteworthy, however, I feel I would have been able to appreciate the information to the questions if he had stayed on the path that Greg laid out for him with direct and specific questions.

I did enjoy the interview but I feel your comments are an unfair assumption that others “don’t have a base”, “need to do some catching up” and need to “try again” while its clear that he was not answering some of the questions.

I, personally, had no trouble “keeping up” with the interview at all… in fact, I kept up so well that I realized immediately that he didn’t actually answer the question that was asked. I even could follow along when he skidded out of control on some of the topics, and I even could appreciate what he was talking about when he did so.

I am happy that you found this interview as interesting and insightful as I did, however, just because some of us pointed out obvious instances in the interview where “RAM” left us a little disappointed by not answering some of the questions and staying on topic, its not fair that for you to make comments to the affect that its somehow us who are faulty in this instance… and not you or”RAM”, who is clearly a hero of yours.

While I think I may have taken out too tall of a soapbox for this reply already I would like to add that your attacks suggesting a lack of knowledge, research and ability to follow along, which in turn you are trying to infer you are of higher-mindedness of those who are addressing, you are actually proving quite the opposite by, not only proving your blatant inability to appreciate the strengths of a person you hold in very high regard while also recognizing their faults/mistakes at the same time, but actually lack the mindfullness of the situation and viewpoints of others to the point that you lash out at them with the intent to suggest they do not pocess a high enough state of awareness or level of intellect with the attempted inference that you ARE of high enough awareness and intellect, which implies you feel you have a higher level of intellect and awareness than those of us that simply pointed out a few topic derailments in the interview Thus, I reiterate, by the very act of writing your comment you actually proved the very opposite of what you tried to imply.


When you use 54% of your brain, you’re never off topic, it’s all relevant. That’s a metaphor! 😉


kmart…definitely kmart


Ahh, nice. How insightful and relevant, and i like how you stayed on topic, Trint. Thank you 🙂


Mm. No.

You felt like the questions weren’t answered and that he was derailing the interview.

I saw where he *did* answer the questions. He did a lot of reframing, which was necessary to get them answered, and which apparently a lot of people can’t follow.

That’s unfortunate.

Maybe you could present a question or two that you feel he didn’t answer and I could connect the dots so you can see that he did?

Or you can continue to be arrogant and insulting.

I love it when the people who don’t get it claim more understanding than those that do.




“I love it when the people who don’t get it claim more understanding than those that do.”-That’s kinda my thoughts on this whole situation as well.

“Or you can continue to be arrogant and insulting.”-Again, it seems to me that your comments are more of a reflection of your characteristics and actions than those of others (specifically me in this instance).

I feel that I have already spent too much energy on this conversation. All of this because I (and others) felt RAM went off topic a few times snd was left wanting more details on certain topics? Really?

I am not going to pretend that I know what type of person you are, your level of intellect or awareness, whether you have a “base” or not or even if your point of view in reguards to the interview is better than my own or not even though they differ.

I humbly stand by my thoughts and statements with compassion to others’ opinions and percecptions, and an openminded willingness to re-evaluate my own beliefs when confronted with an opposing position. It sure would have been nice to have been afforded the same.


Let go of your ego yo. No one’s insulting you, and if they were, why let them have that power over you so that you feel the need to defend yourself? Let it go lol life’s too short to be worried about what others think/misunderstood


If you want to learn superb Tarot wisdom, check out Michael Tsarion on YouTube. His channel is called “Unslaved”. Best teacher I’ve ever come across and I’ve been (a) cross with many!?


Cbt. Cognitive behavior therapy or mindfullness I’m thinking is white sorcery. Makes me feel like Gandalf


Pure witchcraft for sure.

No wait- it’s explained- it must be science.



Greg, check out pagosa springs or Durango before u put yourself in overpopulated Denver. U did a great interview on crows channel. Agreed the titanic was a 9/11


Denver folks say kremmling is good too


This interview reminds me of Sean Stone’s interview with Michael Aquino. Dr Miller’s association with Tim Leary and the OTO
leads me to believe he knows a lot more about what is going on then he revealed during the show. Greg, the Dr was impressed with
how much you knew and the quality of your questions, and as the interview went on he loosened up and revealed quite a bit more
information. I think at this point he had an uh oh moment and realized he may have revealed too much (not that THC listeners haven’t heard much of this before) and at this point he excused himself for the cable guy. As for the good Dr. I believe he quite possibly seen too much and it has taken it’s toll on his sanity. The rabbit hole is not for the faint of heart and or those with weak intestinal fortitude and if we can filter out the fear mongering and obvious disinfo we may find some nuggets of gold from Dr Miller.


It’s been a few days since I’ve listened to this one, but there were a few things of interest I wanted to comment on.
I seem to recall at some point during the talk, Dr. Miller aired some complaints towards the current leadership of OTO, while also dropping a tantalizing fact that he was a student of the Burlingames. I would have LOVED to hear more details about his involvement with Ray & Mildred Burlingame, and what he may have known about the Solar Lodge (and ostentatiously the Solar Lodge’s tangential connection to the Charles Manson Murders).


While listening to this late last night when I couldn’t sleep
I had never heard of a cavitation ball but the image in my minds eye
was immediate – I had a vision of sine waves and the ball travelling along
the crest of the wave of now with other waves oscillating on different frequencies
and the ball was able to swap to another wave at the junction
And then when he mentioned the use of metaphors being a powerful tool for making
connections between things, I had a vision of that connection being like an instantaneous wormhole
where this and that are connected by a temporary thread that unravelled in the middle over a period of time

Greg if you’re seriously considering moving to the Mile High City or somewhere along the front range
know that we are in the middle of another serious housing bubble

In market speak, they say that the suckers always come rushing in at the end
and three of my closest friends have upgraded their housing within the last six months
which tells me that something’s gotta give…
My mom used to work as a controller for a drywall supply company and saw tons
of orders around CO Springs and along the front range before the 2008 financial crisis – keep in mind that the CIA
has had some long held plans to shift work to Denver, which might also be contributing to this madness.
That said – I’ve lived here my whole life and freaking love this state!


Gotta love this…(got it off his website)
His spirit is beautiful and imo, that’s what’s really important.
Enjoyed the interview. Thanks.


Good show. Greg, that show may be more important than you realize. I too wish there were more time to probe at specifics, to follow up on any of the myriad issues he brought up. One of the reasons I believe in being a member is to have that greater resolution, depth, and probity. But I can see you are just as frustrated, but be proud your show and how you put it together was a success.

This was a gentleman who knows to speak the language of the birds to an extant, thus why I am all the more intrigued. Would I could just hear an hour on structural water, for example, to say nothing of the “boys from Brazil.” The man was even honest in his dishonesty,m if that makes sense. He was appealing to ears more nuanced,, and like Hermes, thought himself a trickster. Nevertheless, he did say many things that pulled me away from my attempts to dismiss his information as just more enigmas to wrap around our riddles.

Perhaps he can do a show again, but perhaps the very nature of the man is not one to be pinned down. Perhaps, like so many of us, he has reaped but the surface of that which we all crave to understand in its roots.

But his continuing discussion of metaphor was the key, and why I give this man more merit than perhaps an average guest. His discussion of hot chocolate as the perils of centralization of sovereign agents into cartels that do not have our best interests was just a plain and simple one.

I almost wished you asked him about the Earth’s shape, and the secrets he thinks worthy of reflecting upon, instead of feeding him questions about what we think our the noteworthy examples. But you did your job well with a challenging guest who did not want to penetrate into any one topic, perhaps even because he might not have such a direct answer.

What he did know was instinct, how the mystery traditions train a man to understand what intuition is, and why it is so vital to our overall cognitive process. Your best question, and most direct, was asking about those “boys from Brazil”, and in asking if there was a remnant Nazi presence, something that Dr. Joseph Farrell will wax long on. His answer in a hearty laugh mentioned Zionism, and then he began seguing into Gaza, and then blazed off into other territory, but that was perhaps a most interesting moment.

Indeed, in a conspiracy culture trying to figure out if the Jesuits, Masons, Templars, Zionists, aliens, antediluvian cousins of man from the hollows of the earth, or whomever, are behind our problems. Know they enemy?

This area is important.

As a big fan of Joseph Farrell, I have not been satiated with his answers on connecting the dots, nor do I think Dr. Farrell tells us all he actually believes, but to live in world where one can still go to jail in our most modern Western nations for questioning the truths or myths of World War II, one has to wonder about our current mental paradigms, whether it means the good guys won the second world war for some noble purpose, or whether it means the world is not a globe as centuries of conditioning presents to us.

What is important is not to have those immediate answers, but to have courageous people who continue to have the right and boldness to ask and challenge those bedrock facts that allegedly unify humanity to some common history that we assume to be true a priori.

What have we not been told about Jesus Christ, for example? A topic important because 2,000 years after his alleged existence and affairs in life, his legacy remains the dominant religion on the planet, and it once — if it does not still — controls many a mind, including (ironically) those of so many Flat Earth advocates. And yet what do we know of this simple subject that is not shrouded in myth, disinformation, and millenia of speculation and debate? Will 911 truth be thus? Will all conspiracies, including those we practically almost understand in their entirety be actually known as explicit fact?

It is amazing to me that so many who will bravely question the JFK conspiracy will not yield to 911, or those who will agree 911 is a farce, will not challenge the tenets or dogmas of history, and how even so many of the most skeptical of us will not challenge those most axiomatic and thus most entrenched dogmas and assumptions of reality.

The rabbit hole always continues, but without corroboration and epistemological litmus tests, those who would seek truth in a world of lies might be condemned to a perpetual debating society, listening to shows like yours and countless others as if it is mere entertainment.

And that is what worries me. Our generation is a wiser one than those who preceded us, those who broke the world, but our generation is also a softer one, more inclined to wonder and feel a rising is happening when all we might be doing is shouting to the wind.

Your show is important, but at one point we must ask ourselves what purpose guides us after the first veils are lifted from our eyes. Will we continue to talk of black goo, and just laugh off how perplexing the riddles are? Riddles which in fact are chains which bind us?

Or will we rise to break our chains?

I do not have the answer. What sacrifice, what organization, what trust can be forged? And if we aspire to build a better world, how can we take that first step without information so basic as who is the enemy? What are the goals and stakes?

And all this while a much more informed, connected, empowered hierarchy controls the very channels and tele-screens on which we shout to the wind in forums like one, in posts like this.

Conspiracies are perhaps fun to speculate on, and the spirit of this show is such that the point of the show is to kick back and enjoy both information and disinformation coming to fuse into a kind of info-tainment for the philosopher soul.

But as your guest mentioned the scarcity of water, do we think we are changing the world by informing people, bringing forward a discussion, or are we promoting the Brave New World unwittingly by giving a subtle resignation to those that would have believe that “so many things are going on” and “we will never know”, or worse, we cannot know truths with any certainty anyway, so might as well amuse ourselves figuring it out, like a puzzle designed without a solution, whose real purpose is not to be solved, but to keep the puzzler always puzzling?

Is our world a Rubix cube that changes constantly even as we solve it, so that the best of us never take that martial action or assume our sovereign power with strength and courage we cannot yet imagine, just so we can keep playing at the puzzle game?

A director of the CIA once boldly stated — and I paraphrase badly — that their job would be done when the American people could always be allowed to think they knew what was going on, so long as they were not allowed to know what was going on. The distinction is subtle, but important. The goal was to keep us uninformed, as he continued, and he stated it so bluntly.

But the point remains. My guess is most of the people who listen to your show want to know the truth, and are not content to spend lifetimes in speculation. These are just shouts against the wind, no condemnation of your show, or the truth movement, or anything of the sort.

I just wonder if is not time to evolve as a community — the greater community of philosophers, reformers, and world builders — to begin something new. We need to rise above the cognitive dissonance and know our world, if only for the first time.

Man is born free, yet everywhere is in chains.


We need to break those chains.

Good show. Keep up the good work.


Happy belated birthday! This podcast is one of the highlights of my week (every week), and this guest was absolutely fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable!!


Great show!! Thanks Greg!

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