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Joint Session Bonus Show | The Meet-Up, R.I.P. Mark, & The Mandate

Show Notes

Another Joint Session to turn the floor over to the listeners and thank the Plus members for keeping the S.S. Higherside afloat!

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Disappointed I missed the SD meet-up. I’ll try and get my finances more in order in the event there’s a future THC meet-and-greet.
-t. poorfag student.

Ceven Seven

Work for a large company which had a mandate on Oct 15.
There are a lot of senior staff who coincidentally put in there retirement and resignations for the same date.
I work in R&D so senior experience is gold to such an organization.


Being a single parent unemployed as a result of a work injury prior to Covid, I would recommend keeping a low profile on speaking out too loudly concerning the politics going on worldwide in your job. I used to make over six figures and now feel that I have been black-listed for just about any technical trade and I cannot get any suitable reason as to why no one will hire me. I am over-qualified for everything that I am applying for. Hiring systems everywhere seem to have changed during the previous lockdown and now there is no rhyme or reason to how people are being considered for employment. In this computer age all things are out there, even the things that are supposed to be protected. We seem to be fast approaching a climactic event where everything will be restructured, reorganized, and redistributed, and speaking out or acting in a fashion that focuses attention on your participation in counter-culture activities against a new world order tends to put you in the crosshairs of undesired consequences. The individuals at the top see us as nothing more than consumers and livestock to their endeavors, so we should all be cautious. The indoctrination of the world through media has made enemies of even families and friends. Long story short, appreciate your ability to be able to work and provide for yourself and loved ones, because it may be taken in the near future for non-compliance. I agree with Greg, never resign and do not bluff unless you are willing to gamble with your livelihood.

Janice Phillips

Agreed! Make them fire you and put it in writing WHY they did! You may be in a world of hurt for a few, but it won’t last long and you’ll find a BETTER WAY FORWARD! I promise! Do Not Concede! Do Not Submit! Do Not Bow! Stand firm, freeky peeps! Stand firm.


I agree with Greg, don’t resign. And bit of feedback on what I learned recently…

I’m HR Director for a company in CA and I just completed my annual state and fed HR Training put on by the largest and very powerful employer defender in CA and NY… very proV. The ploy is that the Mandate is coming down for employers with over 100 employees. HOWEVER… OSHA has the responsibility to figure out how to safely implement this decision which takes time. I would look into and request the OSHA implementation policy from your employer if they push the mandate.

They bypass any discrimination because the mandate applies to everyone! And many employers are putting their non-compliant employees on ‘indefinite unpaid leave’ ..that works around any wrongful termination issues and the need to payout unemployment. I would stay as long as you can and push hard for CLEAR and EXPLICIT documentation from the employer in the event they do this …they will need to provide an explanation.

We also discussed disability/health exemption to the mandate but I’m not sure what is needed to obtain this type of exemption from your doc. And as far as the religious exemption… the HR Instructor was VERY confident they could defend the Employer and win over a religious exemption but perhaps another legal firm would not be as confident. There are a few sites that are providing templates of legal forms and documents available for these types of exemptions to provide to schools and employers, I would get those in hand and provide if nothing else to buy some time. Some employers may be more more strict than others.

And I’m curious what unfolds in the world on Oct 15!!!!

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