Gerald Clark Interview on the Anunnaki New World Order Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Gerald Clark | The Anunnaki, New World Order, & The Hidden Battle For Humanity

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Anunnaki expert, Gerald Clark joins THC to discuss not only this ancient origins tale, but also how it relates to so many unexplained or confusing areas of our past, present, and even our future. Whether it be the ancient emphasis on the zodiac wheel, the hidden motivators of the secret cabals, or the Ebola virus….it all seems to be connected to these mysterious overlords.

In the Plus show, we talk more about how the chakra system, reincarnation, the electromagnetic spectrum, the DNA of Egyptian mummies,  the Malaysian plane conspiracy, ISIS, the monetary system, and the stand off with Russia all relate to this ancient tale.

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PLUS Content

An extra hour-long deep dive continuation of the conversation with our guest. If you liked the first hour, how could you not enjoy more!

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  1. That was a damn good episode, definitely a new favourite!

    I first discovered the Enki/Enlil stuff with your phenomenal guest Michael Tellinger; that episode created a HUGE shift in my way of looking at, and thinking about our world, and Gerald Clark takes the Tellinger stuff to a new level. I loved how he put it all into a modern context and connected loads of dots that are currently making news to this theme; from ISIS to Ebola, Russia & Ukraine all connecting back to the Enki/Enlil story. It made a hell of a lot of sense….

    One thing I’m still on the fence about, which he discusses is the whole pineal gland/chakra system stuff. George Kavassilas and others are coming up with some pretty convincing theories that the pineal gland and chakra system are the artificial antennas placed there by the Anunaki to plug us into the cosmic matrix – a multi-dimensional implant that tunes us to the matrix’s frequencies keeping us trapped….
    All food for thought I guess.

    Either way this Enki/Enlil stuff is one of my fav topics and Gerald Clark took it to a really exciting and new level. Great stuff

    1. So true.

      Greg’s outdone himself here, and for that matter, so has Gerald.

      As per your question re antennas, you’ll find in other GC interviews that he does talk about this. If anything, GC is an expert in this very area given his electrical engineering background coupled with work for which GC has received numerous patents.

      I can’t remember specifically which interviews this was discussed in, but I do vaguely recall an interview in which the subject was broached with Denise Goforth on Beyond Ordinary News – that’s if you’re interested.

      Thanks again, Greg. As I said on Twitter, this one had me in the fetal position – even though I’m very familiar with GC’s work. It’s episodes like this that make you glad to be on board as a subscriber.

  2. Greg, you’ve got to really hold these guy’s feet to the fire a bit more. We all want ‘truth’ (well, some of us do!!) – they need to prove how they know this stuff and then we advance a bit. Otherwise we’re just smoking round the campfire – which is cool too but w shave Coast to Coast for that.

    He made a lot of mistakes – most basic was his understanding re ‘Allah’ and ‘Yahweh’ who he related to actual personages but this cannot be. The Arabic word Allah for example just means ‘God’. It’s not a name at all, Arabic speaking Christians, Jews and Pagans use it to refer to the concept.

    Don’t get me started on his knowledge of ancient Biblical texts. I found this one kind of not as rigorous somehow.

    1. if your gonna make a point-make one people can understand.
      gerald was flawless, i wanna get you started on your knowledge of ancient biblical texts-
      i mean what is your point anyway?

      1. Whoa chill man. You don’t get my point – no probs. No biggie. Maybe notch the tone down a bit though if you want to instigate a debate – no need for any of us to have an attitude.


        1. GC is one area describes the “ancient Jews” as Enlil’s chosen people, but later quotes “Lucifer” as the bad guy kingpin using a Bible reference. Later he admits the Holy Roman Catholics censored the truth. He fails to see that followers of Enlil created the Bible intentionally to distort the truth.

          Lucifer is the god of awakening and seeing the light in the darkness. I know it’s unpopular to say the elites aren’t Luciferian, but they actually follow Set/Ptah/Enlil and Lucifer is their greatest enemy. Thus they slander Isis/Hermes/Lucifer.

          1. Lucifer, who is called the Morningstar, is associated with Venus the goddess of Love. And Set/Ptah chopped up his own brother, scattered the truth, and buried it. Sun-Set brings the end of the Light = Set kills his own brother Osiris god of Light. How better of an analogy do we need to realize to realize there is a group willing to kill their own brothers and bury the truth- who could that be?

            The followers of Enlil, whose name cannot be spoken in public (kind of like Voldemort), have manipulated and distorted the truth this whole time! They still control the Media which is one of their main mass mind-kontrol weaponized systems. If their objective to to obscure the truth, and they write in their Bible that the goddess of Love is in Evil, and their god killed the god of Light, then you begin to see the greater picture that the enemies of the elites are those humans awakening to Light and Love. Archons and Enlil followers alike cannot practice “Do unto Others” because their whole game is zero-sum: Exploit others for personal gain.

            The real fight for human consciousness/mass awakening is with those newly awakened Love & Light, golden rule practitioners who will actually challenge their darkness/obfuscation/manipulation. They manipulate the “New Age” love & light people to be Anemic, and not fight darkness but simply accept we’re all one. Yeah, we can’t be “one” with Chosen People who regard us as inferior and attempt to exploit us. Rebel against their Lies and watch them back down like agents running from Awakened-Neo.

  3. Greg,
    Great show! I really enjoy these pod cast!
    This topic is one of the one that fires my mind up, and really we can say that these new ideas of old concepts are more logical then the mainstream interpretations.
    For those out there looking for the (TRUTH) try to remember that even using the most scientific approach one can only come close to the truth but one can only ever interpret the information available, the scientific method explains this very well.
    “Become water my friend” Bruce Lee

    1. yeah ‘truth’ is relative and maybe non-existent – you’re right. ‘Reality is what you can get away with’ as RAW would say.

      Maybe I should have said in my post above ‘reasoned line of argument that would convince me to adapt it to my own truth’ – that didn’t happen for me but you know what? It’s all cool…. it did happen for others here and that’s cool too…. there’s no conflict, we’re not fundamentalists or religionists are we?! We can have different truths and we can express that and even talk about it!

      Life’s great!

  4. What a fabulous show Greg! So fascinating exploring the earliest known knowledge that predates the bible by nearly 2000 years. I love delving into these freaky waters. Also I hope you both have a blast on your very well deserved holiday, and who knows maybe something freaky and extraordinary might surface at Mt Shasta! I hope so! And just lastly, the finale song was beautiful and very fitting after such an episode! Keep up the awesome work Greg, it’s fantastic hearing your show evolving. 🙂 xx

  5. That was an awesome show, Greg. I love hearing about the Anunnaki but haven’t dove into Gerald’s stuff. Even though I really like the Anunnaki story, I don’t know what is true and what is false. There is a man named Michael Heiser, biblical scholar who has criticized ancient alien astronaut theorist, that contends that Stichin’s translation of the Sumerian tablets are not accurate. It would be great for you to get him on to get his take on what Gerald was saying.

    1. Please no – not that literal fundamentalist. A more arrogant guest I could not imagine.

      He made a career attacking the great man, Z Sitchin. Claims that you need academic qualifications to be able to translate ancient texts. BALONEY!!!

      Sitchin was a unique scholar. He didn’t need a Phd from some shill university. Heiser is the Anunnaki’s supreme adversary and a gatekeeping stooge.

      Neither he nor his sponsors want the truth exposed. Shining a light on these cockroaches is the only way forward.

    1. I had Josh Reeves booked, and he confirmed the day before hand. I did all the work and had my 4 page script read, and then the guy didn’t show up and hasn’t responded to my emails since. I’m a bit pissed about it actually.

  6. Came here for David Paulides & signed up for THC+ to hear the bonus hour fully intending to unsubscribe afterwards. Shows like these keep me listening! Thanks for another great show.

  7. Very cool stuff on this podcast. You 2 crammed alot in to 2 hours and like a previous commenter said i’d like to see how Gerald arrived at his conclusions instead of believing them outright so ima get his book. He does have a book out doesnt he? I hope so cause the material was fascinating and really fit into my world view. Also enjoyed the sexy violin stylings of the end musician. Gnna have to check out her work somewhere as well. Cheers Mr Carlwood. I love me some THC+

  8. Greg!!!! Awesome episode !!!! My most favorite yet !!! Any clue where I could start finding these texts or more education on Sumerian culture etc. ?

  9. this dude has amassed alot of good knowledge in his life. Great podcast i loved it. Alot of information i have heard before but put together by him extremely well. I have read slave species of the gods which has all this information but it was not as well put together as this guys stuff. I will be buying his books.

  10. Hello and good day to u !
    Need help!
    I want to download this too the pod cast app u recommended. But it only Open’s it on phone. And can not find it on the app. Really want to listen to the Hole show.
    So if some one can give me pointers on how to make this , I be glad.
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    P.s. yes, I have download the one outside the arcade.
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  11. This is almost mainstream now and there have been many alternative interpretations of it. Zitchen is major query and tells good story to have us believing we were created slaves and owe our lives to some aliens who can’t stop arguing with each other. This is good way to have us accepting our lot. Take it with a pinch of salt and find out how powerful you are – more than anyone who is trying to lord it over us! That’s why all these stories are trying to keep us down.

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