Frater X | The Illuminati Hijack of History, Consciousness, & Freemasonry

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The great Frater X unloads the knowledge gleamed from his induction and progression through 9 different esoteric orders, and a lifelong curiosity in the manipulation humanity has experienced throughout time.

Among many things, we discuss the infestation of Freemasonry, unlearning our pre-approved version of history, and secrets of ancient America- as well as the longstanding connections between money, magick, and religion.

Check out Frater X’s podcast, The Middle Chamber and get his new book The Secret War Inside Freemasonry at:

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  1. gotta love frater x.

    I recently discovered Jocelyn Godwin, who has written volumes on the esoteric western tradition from a history-of-ideas perspective. Definitely worth reading for anyone who’s interested in this stuff.

    Lately, I’ve been wondering about one of the conspiracy tropes–namely that “the elite” serve as a touchstone for the rest of us–that they really know what’s going on, that they have the real skinny on the mysteries. They take on the role of the trickster god in the conspiracy realm.

  2. This is another great interview. Frater X is a compelling speaker and the two of you obviously have a natural rapport. You covered so much ground and touched on a number of facinating subjects. One of the many that interested me was geomancy and the notion that the early European settlers in what was to become the US may have known something of the acnient geomantic science that the Native Tribes evidently understood.

    My answer to this would be most definitely yes. Geomancy, or parts of the science, was practised in Europe until the time of the enlightenment and it has continued amongst certain groups evn up until the present time. Of course, as with many technologies, it has been used as a weapon in that it has the potential to destroy the coherence of another culture or civilisation. CHarlemagne used it in this way to destroy the pagan Saxons and, more recently, the Jesuits used it to overcome the goemantically sophisticated cultures of the INca and Imperial China.

    Absolutely riveting stuff. I could have listened to two more hours!

  3. If Freemasonry caused disorder and tyrannical control paradoxically by calling good people to join a “good guys” defense league; is it possible that through this false surface uniform power structure then brings out an organic rainbow warrior type of grassroots revolution that we are in the truthcast info sector?

    Isn’t this the great work? How the material and immaterial inter-relate?

  4. It’s too bad that so many people keep buying into this mostly bollocks view that Masons, Illuminati and Rosicrucians are heading up some vast, international, centuries old conspiracy to do this and that and the other, and that you have to qualify anyones association with Masonry to hopefully avoid the ITS THE ILLUMINATI, MAN! types from tuning out entirely. I’m sure that the higher ranks of the rich and powerful are up to all sorts of fuckery and always have been, it doesnt mean that everybody from top to bottom of those groups is some blood and death mongering psychopath to be shunned. I have some other ideas about the motivation behind presenting select groups as being behind everything that is wrong with the world, but anyway……

    Fkng great interview, I am so glad that you got weird, just the part about creating an etheric energetic vacuum put so much about magickal practice into focus and perspective for me, on top of the rest relating to magick that was discussed, so many pieces were put together. Being a self-taught, sole practitioner, there are gaps in my concepts, lot less now just because of that.

    Finally! subscribed, no more Youtube, this is where its at 🙂 I saw it mentioned about a couple of the other “big” shows having gone off the rails a bit, on another interview, it’s really too bad, but whatever. YOU are doing an unbelievably awesome job all around, fk those malcontents on YT too. Glad you are here.

  5. Frater X is always a great show. Wealth of knowledge. Greg, I’d love to hear you have some guys on who talk about movie symbolism. Interstellar and Jupiter Ascending would be cool to hear you guys break those movies down.

  6. Hey Guys, Suuuuuper late here, but I was just re-listening to this episode, and there’s one part that bothers me…

    Andrew Jackson was the first president who had an assassination attempt against his life. Per Wikipedia “On January 30, 1835, what is believed to be the first attempt to kill a sitting President of the United States occurred just outside the United States Capitol.”

    The assassin, Richard Lawrence, failed to kill Jackson, and Jackson proceeded to beat him with his cane. Richard Lawrence later stated, (per Wiki), “money would be more plenty” (a reference to Jackson’s struggle with the Bank of the United States)”, if Jackson was dead.

    So right there we know Jackson was almost killed for opposing the fiat currency.

  7. Greetings,

    Have you EVER noticed that when they talk about the notourious Freemasonry gang being good or evil, their logo, “Divide & rule,” dividers and square rule, never seem to be mentioned, or the fact that the “checker type colours of their club houses are placed on the hats and vehicles of their gang members, also known as ecleaseastical thugs or policy enforcers”? ? ?
    These very same ecleaseastical gang members also like to dress up in robes and headwear to run their court system, just like a priest; oops, that’s because they ARE Priests…

    These gangsters operate in the “legal realm & NOT the lawful”, hence they are undisputably “OUTLAWS.”

    What’s goin on campers?


    VERY much like the old Fabian logo of the wolf jumping out of the sheep; these criminal thugs run hand in hand…..

    “One must be vigilant.”

    In Lak’ech.

  8. Interesting thoughts, macca. With reguards to the “Devide and Rule” within the Freemason logo I was wondering what you considered to be the symbol of division? I know of the square and compass logo as being the main logo so I assume the compass stands for the division part of your argument but I guess I am missing the symbolism parallel between the two. Could you clearify/explain it to me, please?

    The black and white checkered board symbolism I understood as duality and the black and white nature of law so I can see it being used on law enforcement and judicial persons. The laws and judiciary system dates back to Marine Maritime. So many things come from Ancient Sumer/Babylon or even earlier times, which I believe where Freemasonry gets much of its symbolism.

    Good stuff.

  9. G’day Wiz,

    Please let me contribute some actual life experience; I have been fortunate enough to spend 10 years completing a half world circumnavigation on my very own “hard earned 30ft Sailing Ketch.”
    Luckily enough, crossing the Pacific before the Fukushima disaster.

    With this said, One can shed some light on the maritime experience!

    “Dividers are crucial for accurate navigation.”

    There’s no Compass that I’m aware of, in “their” Emblem.

    The Freemasonic Emblem consists of navigational “Dividers”, and a Builders square “Rule”.

    “Divide and Rule”, (all through, departmentalisation.) EASY PEEZY….

    Do you know how to shift this thread into a more sticky domain?

    Namaste, to all my Brothers & Sisters out there! ! !

    Mad Mc

    1. Huh… no shit? I always knew of that as a “compass”… the thing you put a pencil in one end and the other is a point and you can draw pretty sweet circles with it lol I have only heard it refered to as a compass. Well it makes a lot more sense to me now!

      Good job navigating half the world in a boat. Thats quite an accomplishment.

      As for the more permanent place to talk about this, feel free to make a new topic in “THC+” episodes or Wildcard”.

  10. G’day Wiz,

    You are correct about the compas, and it having a pencil on one side and a metal point on the other.
    BUT, in the Masonic logo, the dividers are definitely double pointed, hence the absolute positive definition of “dividers.”

  11. Hey there fellow weirdos! I’m new to THC, so started listening to past episodes to catch up. I was really interested in the knowledge of FRATER X!! That dude is on point!! He gave me tons of rabbit holes to explore (super excited about that btw)!!
    There is a cool book, American Gods, written by Neil Gaiman that some of the content in this episode reminded me of! Surely some of you guys are familiar with the novel. It’s a good read. It may be a novel but it is chalk full of esoteric info! Just wanted to share that with you all! Thanks to all of you who support THC, before I stumbled across Greg and his awesome podcast; with out yall I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much!!!

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