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Missing 411 - what's going on?

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Greetings THC community! In this thread I would like us to try to find some answers to the question "What is going on in these Missing 411 cases?"

Let's define Missing 411 cases as a situation where a person suddenly disappears, with no apparent cause, by no apparent mechanism, for no apparent reason. The person is 100% unfindable for some amount of time, and then reappears, later, alive or dead, in a different place, without any memory of the missing time. There are other common factors which we can discuss as well.

I'll say at the outset that there may be multiple different things going on that fit into this category. And it is safe to not be 100% sure or confident on theories you propose. We are trying to work this out as a community, and nobody anywhere has been able to 100% prove their solutions yet. It's a tricky question! Also I'm just an amateur as well ๐Ÿ™‚

I'd love to hear from Greg and all of the community on this topic. This is a negative phenomena, and anything we can do to uncover what's going on, how to prevent it, how to protect ourselves, & inform others is valuable.

I'll list the common factors that movies like "Missing 411-The Hunted" describe here. They aren't all in every case, but they are abnormally frequent:
~Point of Separation
~Time of Disappearance
~Boulder Field
~Near Water
~Weather Event
~Disability or Illness
~Canines can't track
~Found in area previously searched
~Missing clothing
~Unknown cause of death
~Geographical clustering

So I've listened to 'a bunch' of Greg's shows on this topic, and seen documentaries, & while I'm not really a 'researcher', I think I've heard enough discussions and theories to summarize them here. This stuff is all totally up for debate, I just want to get us going on some tangible theories.

A) Predator - There seems to be a creature that is hunting & kidnapping people. One pattern of reports of people who got away is seeing an invisibility cloaked entity, human sized or larger. This entity is often seen up a tree, or moving among the treetops. There is a great report in "Missing 411-The Hunted" towards the end of a woman who saw it from her hunting blind. We can call it Predator because it's similar to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
But it is different as well. We don't know that it is killing people on the spot. We don't see blood or struggle. It's more like they are suddenly being lifted off the ground. Perhaps it's grabbing them from up a tree, either by hand or with a tool. Since they sometimes reappear later, it's more likely this is just an abduction/kidnapping, done more or less instantaneously.

So who is doing the kidnapping?

A-i) Is it an alien? (Let's say alien meaning an intelligent entity with a physical body which did not evolve on Earth and doesn't typically live on Earth) It could be a physical alien which visits Earth to hunt & kidnap humans. It could have advanced cloaking technology and hunting tools, mind wipe, memory implantation. It could even be a UFO-abduction, though it doesn't fit the normal parameters of the most common type of UFO (which itself may not be aliens...different topic...). If it was aliens that could answer some things like "why are weird looking camp sites with oddly arranged clothes found" - because the aliens are attempting to send a message. "why are they being abducted" - same reason as other people are abducted (which we don't really know, that's another topic).
But, some things don't make logical sense for it to be an alien. For one, it seems like aliens who visit Earth are supposed to follow a set of rules about non-interference with humans. Kidnapping & murder are breaking those rules, and this is happening consistently. Also, the people kidnapped are often "easy" targets - kids, sick people, elderly. Though we can't ascertain alien logic, you'd think a hunter doing sport on Earth would want a challenge. And it doesn't seem like much of a challenge, really, since they just nab them in an instant, and can mind wipe them.
Though it could be just one particular species of alien, which may have special privileges around rules they don't need to follow, & they may have their own reason for doing what they do.

A-ii) Is it Fairies? Fairies have a long history of nabbing people in the woods. They may lure a target out, trick them into consenting, & manipulate time & perception of reality. They may even be taking their targets into another parallel dimension. Some of the M411s describe people being lured off-trail for just like 20', or 1 minute, before disappearing. Are they seeing a projection by a fairy that lures them off, and then they are being quickly tricked and whisked away?
Maybe, but some things don't fit. We have fairy reports because people remember what happened & tell their stories. M411s don't have memory. It seems like the people are vanishing really quick, not after like eating a feast or intermingling with an elf. We don't see fairy rings in M411s. I don't think fairies are associated with weather phenomena? And the geographical locations don't really match.

A-iii) Is it humans? Could this be the super rich hunting people? If they do have access to "UFOs" or some type of flying craft, they could be hunting based out of those craft. They could have cloaking tech, hunting tech, mind wipe drugs. Are they swinging around in the trees and nabbing people? This could explain why they are kidnapping people - it's a source for their human trafficking networks. Maybe they are a set of skilled hunters who kidnap and sell humans to networks, using advanced technology? This also explains why they don't have to follow the Universal Rules that aliens seem to have to follow. Maybe they even inspired the Predator movie as a sort of sideways partial disclosure.

A-iv) Is it Sasquatch? The geography matches. There is some cross reporting on seeing both phenomena at the same time. I think sometimes the Sasquatch smell is reported around M411s, and weather phenomena with Sasq. But someone should verify this with stories, my memory is fuzzy on that. It's possible that Sasq kidnap humans at some regular rate for who knows what purpose. And Sasq may have the ability to cloak, teleport, use UFOs, etc. We know that Sasq is really good at throwing rocks from a distance, while remaining un-seeable, with high precision. Are they using the same skill or tool here that they would use to nab a person from a tree? Are humans infringing on their territory and getting punished?
Maybe, but there is some mismatch. If Sasq really smells so strong, it would be reported in almost every case where a witness was in near proximity. Any tracking dog would notice that smell. Sasq are thought to move kind of slow and lumbering, which doesn't really match the quickness that people disappear. You'd think that the person would be able to struggle & fight back sometimes, especially if we've co-evolved with this species naturally on Earth. Maybe Sasq move really different in the trees though. It's also debateable as to whether Sasq has consistently demonstrated any real intent of harm to humans, especially children. Usually it just seems to want to scare people away. If they wanted to scare people and were willing to kill, you'd think they would leave some intimidating remains behind.
If we want to say that Sasq has UFO tech and real cloaking, it makes a bit more sense. But there are still questions of why, and why return some people, and why leave fake campsites and orderly clothes.

A-v) Interdimensional beings? Could this be transdimensional intelligent entities who are plucking people into their dimension? The speed matches. It would explain the lack of evidence and trackability. This could explain the weather phenomena, as a byproduct of a portal being created. The geography somewhat matches what we think we know about portals. It would explain the time loss, and being replaced at a different location, since time & space are different in the other dimension. It could explain the memory loss, if the person was unable to process memories from another dimension, or if the entities just used some tech. It could explain the invisibility, since they may only partially exist in our universe.
As to why, I think it might be foolish to try to ascertain a human reason to anything an interdimensional being does. It could be research, pleasure, sport, accident, boredom, they could be healing people, or getting rid of baby Hitlers, or filling a zoo, who knows??

Posted : November 18, 2020 9:09 PM
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(Reply added because I hit the character limit)

B) People are freaking out, losing their mind, and running off.

B-i) It's all just people trying to escape their lives. While some people do disappear into the woods, this really doesn't fit. M411s don't have motive, skill, preparedness. They would think of a cover story. The paranormal phenomena wouldn't be happening.

B-ii) It's a mental break that can happen to people, possibly even a demonic possession type thing, and they really do lose their minds and run off. Possible sometimes, but you'd think it would happen multiple times then to someone, or there would be some other associated mental health issues, or behavioral patterns. And the people who come back are often healthy, normal, fine, clean.

B-iii) There's a chemical phenomena involved. Maybe a fungus, like in that X-Files episode where M&S crawl into that mushroom den. If this was the case, other people in the vicinity would probably be affected. It would happen with some regularity in defined places. Someone during the search would probably encounter the mushroom, or disappear themselves. You'd probably have a trail left by the victim.

C) Consider that it may not be happening just in the woods. We may need to isolate the phenomena to these restrictions in order to see and study it. But it may be that the same thing also occurs in cities and rural environments, and anywhere else! People disappear all the times in all environments. For some reason we are placated to the idea that this just happens and hopefully it doesn't happen to us or our family. Maybe M411 happens throughout human existence. This would change our perception of the qualifiers and we would have to consider other solutions.

Posted : November 18, 2020 10:10 PM
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i think it could be dark faries, dark elves or aliens. one more thing to add is trees are portals and can abduct humans. there are dark forests and the portal takes you to underground places. they showed it in the new bill and ted movie, they go in a portal and go underground, there are dark elves there. then they get out, its posible to excape.

Posted : November 20, 2020 1:32 AM