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Our good pal and go-to magician, Gordon White, joins us for lucky number 13 and breaks in the New Year with just the right tone and message.

Check out his podcast, as well as his rich and robust magic school at RuneSoup.com

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Posted : January 7, 2021 7:30 AM
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It seems that Gordon always shows up when I need him the most. I am currently reading through The Chaos Protocols and trying to find some sense of the world. I feel that I tent to side with Greg on a lot of this stuff and am spiritually and psychically dull. But I will be damned if I am not trying to find something that resonates with me a bit more. I feel like in my search Gordon has been the one who seems to press all the right buttons and makes the most sense when helping me out spiritually (whether it is his intent or not). Overall a great episode from both our humble host and gracious guest and here is to hopefully many more to come! Great job gentlemen!

Posted : January 9, 2021 3:34 AM
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Gordon is one of my favorite modern thinkers. His way of connecting dots is very tactile for a magician lol.
I have a bone to pick with this digital currency boogey man though. It's coming up a lot here and on gordons show. Frankly I don't think it's been thought over and scrutinized closely enough.
Mainly, what do you think we have here?
I'm an alternative person in the middle of conservative county's. I'm a mixed race person in the middle of white faces with kkk grandpas and great grandpa's who only came here to hunt Indian bounties. I feel I'm the modern average, A modern average. But as time goes on I'm seeing more of me. More mixed race people, and almost everyone is mixed culture now.
City youth in a failing economy are bum rushing conservative areas to afford a home or start a business due to end stage congestion of capital. We aren't moving to be near people like us and form communities. We move where we aren't liked because it's cheap and hope our types will come along and bring a community to us in Deadmans alley.
What I'm saying is that the social rating system sounds very much like old timey conservative culture. Where prejudice is spread out over every little thing to the point we go back to worrying over which fork to use at a dinner with the in laws.
And that system isn't gone. The only reason people are stressed about it is because they moved to areas where a aligned community already existed, maybe for work or for college or whatever.

We need to talk about stocks and banking.
Originally the bank keeps your money not just for safekeeping, but because they're informed investors and you are, supposedly, a backwoods pig farmer. We have seen our interest rates shrink down to the point that the monthly fee wipes out any gains.
Que the rise of micro stocks, bit coin, and all the rest. With stocks we make more interest than the bank ever delivered us, proving the fundamental promise that is the relationship between the bank and us is broken. Which has lead our parents generation to chase 401k's with a company that will match you as you pay in (as you put money where you can't touch it and bankers make profitable deals with of which you see. 0001 cent)
Even just pay pal and venmo have moved more of our money into the digital. The banks themselves don't mail your money out when you pay a bill. They move numbers.
Consider that to buy a home, good vehicle, or start a business, or even go to school so you can contribute to society, you will need a loan.
To get a loan you must have a credit history and thousands saved for the down payment, showing good behavior and/or and understanding how to play the system.
Of course school is a little different, but that depends who you are and what school you're attending. Which, again, approval and assistance from the college depends on your past behavior being state approved, or favored by the institution. When you graduate there's a chance your degree will be useless so again your worth and effort is derided because it runs against the common grain.
Its not a change, it's a clarification.
Of the reality of our embedded control structure, and of our goals.
Its time to think of what you spend on and where. No more patronizing the bigots and worker abusers
Its going to matter even more now and at peak digital nightmare, whatever that will look like.
We are the govmt we didn't get as far from that as we think.
We are the people you meet every day. We are the people telling cops they don't need to question, and raising each generations monsters. It's us. It's not the state giving you the stink eye at the 7-11, it's not the states fault there's not as many like minded people where you live as you'd like. it's you and me, so mind where you place your coin.
If you create intentional communities we will have sectors of like minded people, making it a friendlier distopia
If we stop tolerating bad behavior and discouraging the behavior WE don't want to see there IS an effect. We talked and chided for civil rights and LGBT rights, we can inform and chide our way out of this police state. Without the Jack boots on the ground there's no enemy to struggle against.

Posted : January 9, 2021 12:16 PM
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How do people keep forgetting school is a tool of abuse with a flimsy veneer on it when we come to talk about this distopian stuff? There's so many shows on higherside alone discussing the fatal flaws of our school model, and the alternatives.
Go homeschool. Take back your schedule, don't let thr teacher usurp your authority in your own house in your child's mind.
Find groups. They will be popping up. There will be a circle for every familys tastes and that means connection among kids and their parents, who get to connect with other adults,finding support and assistance. And that's community.

Posted : January 9, 2021 12:28 PM
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Long-time listener, first-time caller.

Gordon's appeal to PROs on both Higherside and RuneSoup made me stop cutting bait and actually fish. Glad to join both subscription groups.

This episode was exactly what was needed right now. There were so many gems in here from Gordon. Two to point out resonated strongly with me:

  1. It is not the time now.
  2. They can not win.

    The first one refers to the allegory of the fisherman showing up at 1 PM. And Gordon connected that to protesting and conversation with his family members.

    The second one is the key. I don't think I have heard an initiate exactly say this. The doomer in all of us just assumes that the WEF, Schaub, and the technocratic state has this in the bag. Gordon is the first person I heard say essentially "No, this will fail." And claim it with authority. Thank you Gordon!

    So while Allison McDowell lays out the plan meticulously, Gordon reminds us that they will not be successful (but will still make a mess.)

Posted : January 9, 2021 8:28 PM
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fenrisulfr2020 wrote: How do people keep forgetting school is a tool of abuse with a flimsy veneer on it when we come to talk about this distopian stuff? There's so many shows on higherside alone discussing the fatal flaws of our school model, and the alternatives.
Go homeschool. Take back your schedule, don't let thr teacher usurp your authority in your own house in your child's mind.
Find groups. They will be popping up. There will be a circle for every familys tastes and that means connection among kids and their parents, who get to connect with other adults,finding support and assistance. And that's community.

Hi Fenrisulfr and all!

I agree. And I am a teacher. However, do realize, many of us (well I can only REALLY confirm myself) are doing amazing work with the hand we have been dealt over the past years.

Historically, I smelt something fishy when Google and Apple were trying to get tech in every kid's hands way back in the late oughts. And it has only gotten worse (obviously!) Truly, a good teacher needs limited tech. Paper, pencils, books (real books), and some basic science tools (although nature can be a big part of your lab). Maybe I also need to stress musical instruments and art supplies as well.

And if this isn't happening in your school consider the home option. However, just note tech this year has been a necessary evil (with an emphasis on evil). So don't judge it all based on 2020.

Also, parents, it is a two-way street. For a better classroom experience for your student, please get the "personal" tech away from your kids during the school day. There is no reason a kid needs a smartphone in school. None. If you NEED to contact them to get picked up, check out the Alcatel flips. Or call the office. Since phones became common in American schools (2010 and by 2013 every student has one) the teachers see a rise in anxiety, lack of focus, psychological issues, suicide ideation, self-harm, and overall anti-social behavior.

If they are stuck learning at home full or part-time then get rid of their phones AND video game systems. If they are stuck in a virtual class have a talk with them about the dangers of multitasking. They SHOULD be in class (even though I know this virtual class model is horrible, there is a best way to do it if you have to. But kids do have it hard in 2020!)

Yes, correlation doesn't equal causation, blah blah. But intuit this diagram. Note the iPhone came out in 2007 for early adopters and was prevalent in 2013. Check out that red line in 2013.

BTW, a decrease in homicide seems good right? Well if kids AREN'T getting together live since they are glued to their phones in their rooms how can you kill them? Oh, I guess you actually can! Cyberbullying is a beast. Even the American MSM sees it!

Posted : January 10, 2021 3:19 PM
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I loved the part about Intention. It really resonated. I have had chronic conditions most of my life, with acute and chronic pain. But it was only when I started to lose my balance, my hearing and my vision (due to adverse effects from antibiotic therapy) that I realised "I am losing my senses." I am not "healed" although I did recover somewhat; but I feel that it was the beginning of a period of much more profound healing in the way Gordon described, and that was and is far more important to me today. This past year has actually been amazing for me in many ways. I had already dispensed with so much of what people felt deprived of this year, (including orthodox medicine) and had devised a meditation program which has had extraordinary effects.

Anyway, the show was wonderful even though it made me feel guilty about not joining Rune Soup, (I had only listened sporadically in the past, and sorry, but I found it a little too Ivory Tower-ish.) Yet it was the swapcast on Rune Soup at the beginning of the scamdemic that made me listen to THC. I was so impressed by Greg's response to the situation, and interviewing people like David Crowe, that I became a member. I had tried THC quite a few years ago, but wasn't impressed, but I noticed since there has been a maturing of subject matter and Greg is an infinitely better interviewer. I wish Gordon was a monthly guest, they really do seem to bring out the best in each other and it is a Joy to hear.

Posted : January 14, 2021 5:01 AM
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I just wanted to drop an anecdote here for The Carlwood about someone I met recently with hearing loss in his right ear and how he found his spirituality (in part) from it. He lost it when he was a child as well— not sure what from— and he also works with audio for a living as a musician. When he started playing guitar, he realized that his loss was a gift because he was more sensitive to vibrations and found he could “tune in” better to the right notes & how he wanted to express himself. Then, when he went through a spiritual awakening after an accident, he realized that not only was he sensitive to vibrations, but to entities and learned how to control when he “tuned in” to them. Now, he makes custom meditation tracks based on your astrological chart, numerology, and has figured out how to tune his instruments to align with the planets. Some pretty fuckin next level stuff. But basically, he found a way to maximize this “disability” into an extra special ability.

So, Greg, although you mainly work with spoken audio for a living, have you ever worked with music as a spiritual/healing medium? Really felt the vibrations and how they resonate in your body? Like with binaural beats or even music you really connect to on an emotional/spirit level? I’m still learning about this, but I really feel music combined with intention could make for a powerful healing combo for those who have the Rhythm inside them. Hope you can pick up what I’m attempting to put down— I certainly have some research to do on this. Take care!

Posted : January 19, 2021 3:33 PM
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The thing Gordon had to say about the ear, and not hearing something outside of the physical sense, is absolutely spot on. I have been thinking the exact same thing, for years now, about you saying how you are spiritually dense being directly connected to being deaf in one ear. Call it deep, but I don't think it is all that deep, I would say it is more like how dreams speak in symbols ie. you dream about something with your car but the meaning pertains to your body because they are both vehicles, the car is a vehicle for the body while the body is a vehicle for the spirit. See?

Edgar Cayce came into his abilities when one day he became ill and lost his voice, and after some time, the channeled voice came though and explained that he had to use his voice to speak for the spirit, and gave him the remedy which applied brought back his ability to speak, and before long he started going into the trance and helping people.

The level of consciousness that sets the patterns and experiences as we come into life uses the same abstact symbols as dreams, and Gordon nailed it. I laughed the whole time he was exlaining it, it tickled me to hear him say it. Its not to be taken literally in the literary sense, but is quite literal, nonetheless.

A person who doesn't want to see something eventually has failing eyesight, a person who doesn't want to hear what other people have to say will eventually become deaf. These concepts come out of the Cayce material, the Seth material, and the Law of One.

Gordon sees it from the shamanic approach, which is fine, but I see the same thing from several different avenues. Perhaps what would make a good precursor to such an intentional healing as you might be looking for, would be a deliberate, and regular practice of some modality (reiki for example) with a group of people until you actually get the real sense of the energy.

Tactile sensations come before the rest of the spiritual mumbo jumbo, and what Universe wants from you is the tenacity and determination to feel it. Some think this is backwards, so be it, but the experience of it being real will come before any so called enlightenment it could bring.

I hope a mod or someone will bring this to Greg's attention. I am kinda late to the game, had a few weeks without a device to listen to the show.

Posted : January 22, 2021 2:25 AM
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Joined a couple months ago and just finished a multi-day GW marathon…

I'm such a noob when it comes to this stuff that the first time I heard "magician" I thought he was pulling rabbits out of a hat

I'm really digging his take on most everything even though it's waaaay outside of my wheelhouse. It's going to take me some time… Just yesterday, I'd never contemplated that magic could be a thing, or that there was more to astrology than your weekly horoscope…

The only criticism I'll make is: can we acknowledge how wrong he was about Trump being a 2 term president? I was surprised to hear him say that (in the previous podcast?) because even a dummy like me could see that "the machine" was puppeteering Biden into place.

Posted : March 8, 2021 3:02 AM