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Neuron Crux
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Probably should have posted here before now. That's one tragedy of working in the corporate world, not enough time to dig as deep as one would wish.
Typically I would get off work, get stoned, listen to an episode of THC, and fall asleep, only to repeat the process day after day. For nearly 10 years I worked in the world of corporate event planning and operations. We would plan events and promotions for some of the largest corporations in the country. I worked a lot behind the scenes and had some very wild experiences at some of the biggest parties you can imagine.
All the while, I had a dream.
A dream which I had not committed myself to until just recently.
Since I was 10years old I have loved magic, juggling, and the sideshow arts.
I studied magic all throughout my teenage years, and even made some decent money with it, all the while working menial jobs as my main source of income.
Now, that is all beginning to change.
I definitely value my experience as an event planner, because it has opened many doors for me in the entertainment industry, and has taught me much about dealing with clients, and many other valuable lessons.
But the time has come for me to embrace my dream, and become a full-time working performer.
I recently had a friend build me a basic website, as I know nearly nothing of such things, and I have started getting regular bookings at renaissance festivals, small theaters, private events, etc.
I'm not looking to get famous doing this stuff, just earning a living and bringing wonder and happiness to people is all I seek.
I still contract out my planning and logistical services when needed, but now I truly consider myself an entertainer by trade.
My areas of speciality include close-up and stage magic, mentalism. hypnosis, fortune telling, juggling, contact juggling, staff spinning, fire eating, and several other allied arts to name a few.
If anybody else is into this stuff, or ever needs an entertainer of this type for an event, then feel free to hit me up.
Below is a link to my website, which is still under construction. I'm learning to do all my own video editing and everything now, in attempt to promote myself. There is a short video for those who wish to check out a small sample of my work. Enjoy


Posted : July 4, 2018 4:02 PM
Neuron Crux
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For anyone who might be in the Baltimore / DC area this friday, july 27, I'll be performing a magic and danger sideshow-style act at the world-famous Denny & Lee Magic Studio.
That night is the blood moon, and we'll have magic, comedy, fire eating, nail beds, and a whole lot more.
Tickets only $10


And for the Deadheads out there, I'll be at the Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash at Trip's Farm in Terra Alta, WV Aug 3-5
One hell of a party.

Posted : July 23, 2018 8:14 PM
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The corporate world is soul sucking, it's great that you've came out of that! Good luck with everything!

Posted : July 24, 2018 1:53 AM