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Community Building

Because we're better together.
Community Building
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THC Entrepreneurs

Let this be a place for THC+ members to talk about their personal attempts to get out of the rat race, and support the journey of others trying to do the same.  Have you started a small business? Did you create a product you're passionate about? Are you looking for feedback or advice about something you're working on? Share your ventures, ideas, dreams, and goals here.

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my city ideas


THC Explorers Club

Know of an interesting site/cave/mystery/haunted place/etc. and want to go investigate with a few other like minded people? Post what you know about the area you want to check out and hopefully some nearby THCers will be willing to take the adventure!

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Bay Area CA


THC Meet Ups

Use the calendar at to create events. Use this forum space to talk about events that have been created. Past, present, & future!

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Berlin, Germany meet...


Rants & Raves/A Cure for Loneliness

When you just need like-minded people to talk to, feel alone, or want to voice frustrations.

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Weather control


THC Singles

So you're telling me there's a chance?

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hmmmm not much going...