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New trade leads to ancestral journey

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Wow. Some huge syncs this summer coinciding with the middle of my 1st saturn return at 28 years old and the death of my grandmother. This is the story & photo evidence of one pretty strong example that happened on my way east out of Montana.

So some backstory, I moved to MT a few years ago to be around my increasingly sick grandmother and to get away from a sick lifestyle of my own I had been indulging in for too long. I started out bartending & managing at a restaurant, which was a great experience but short lived for many reasons. I then picked up work at the local saw mill and a TON of things began picking up: I started out making more than I'd ever made and went up from there, I was taught the basics of carpentry and finish work, and made a lot of really strong connections with fellow free agents of this wild new world. Very fortunate move overall.

As I was starting out staining furniture there, I went to thrift for some old clothes I didn't need to care about getting dirty. A few good ones popped out, but this lime green shirt really caught my eye. The color, feel, thickness, and logo were all perfect. One of those shirts that just feels good to put on. The logo was a martini glass beginning the name "Vic's Place". I've wanted my own tavern for a long time and also have an eye for good marketing (even though I hate it). So that really sealed the deal. Sold.

As I'd worked in it, I'd always wondered if I would ever find Vic's and get to sit for a drink. Figured if I found it in a thrift shop, it must be fairly local.

So a few years go by, and that brings me to this last summer of 21'. My grandmother had just passed and she had asked that her ashes be spread here and in Lake Erie via Detroit. She grew up in Michigan and talked a lot about it. So when no one else was willing to take her ashes out, I took the deed upon myself. I packed the truck, took a week off, and headed out for Detroit.

One of my first stops was in Havre, MT for lunch. I had a caterer at work who was from the town and would reference it often. So it already had a place in my mind over any other E. Montana town. As I slowly passed through in search of food, I was stopped by a sign with two big, bold words:


I had spent a few months in Guadalajara during my early twenties and fell in love with the accessibility to street tacos. So that spot drew me in real hard.

I enjoyed my tacos, tipped the pretty, young waitress who I overheard call my almost-thirty year old ass "the boy", and left through the same door I came in. The door directly opposing mine read "Vic's Place".

I shat a brick and went in to talk to the bartender. They were still opening up and not quite ready for service yet, so she had little to say. But finding that spot on the very first day of my first ancestral journey during such a powerful shift time in my astrology was quite a sign from God, if I do say so. Which I do, I guess.

So there's that! I didn't get much else out of it except that, but maybe I just have to visit ol' Havre again and go have a night at Vic's. We will see what happens!

Anyway if you made it through all that, thanks for listening πŸ˜‰

Posted : September 29, 2021 11:35 PM
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Hi ALo!
I love this story.
You’re a good grandson.
You found Vics Place after all! What a sweet little synchro-adventure!
If I was the bartender there, I would have chatted you up for sure, haha.

Posted : October 15, 2021 2:51 PM
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Hager you figured out what am this is leading you towards?


Posted : October 16, 2021 1:09 AM
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nickzeptepi wrote:
Hager you figured out what am this is leading you towards?

There's been a lot of huge shifts since. Most derailing me from old lifestyles. And a new importance on ancestry for sure.

Mainly headed toward reclaiming sovereignty.

Posted : November 17, 2021 3:37 AM