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This one happened right around when I subscribed to Plus, back in the summer of 2018. Its a short sync at ~5 seconds, but the swift n hard impact of it really made it stand out. That being said, I'll try to explain it with only the context of my conscious experience back then.

So, I was on a road trip back to Reno, NV from Utah. Im wrapping around a bunch of hills on Highway 50, America'a loneliest road, in the middle of Nevada as I near the next last town for another 100 or so miles. I'm listening to THC while slowing down as I'm only a turn or two away from town, and Greg's guest mentions he's from Austin, TX. Suddenly some douche is all in my ass with his lexus, and I look in the mirror to see plates from Texas. "Huh." I thought as I looked forward again, passed the last turn, and see the "Welcome to Austin" sign as I pulled into Austin, NV.

Keep in mind that the whole moment happened in one breathe of a guest on the show. Then the sync was spotless. Like watching someone swish a basketball or sink a cornhole.

"...from Austin, Texas..."
*car creeps up*
*look back. Texas*
*look forward. Austin*

Very fun sync. It made me giggle so much that I pulled over at Stokes Castle to smoke a bowl, let that car fly past, and thoroughly enjoy the moment. Stokes is rad too. Made by an old banker, railroad, mining magnate for his Yale educated son to manage business in Nevada. Went poorly & the "castle" which was hand-hewn from nearby granite and constructed via winch, was only lived in for a month! Wealthy families never change :p

Posted : June 11, 2021 3:07 PM