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Greetings from Sioux City, Iowa

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I was a writer throughout middle school, high school, and I was really interested in Greek mythology but also during high school I started to daydream/have delusions about myself becoming a  demigod. Between high school and college I had a couple years in a row where I had unexplainable mental health episodes that no doctor in Sioux City was willing to diagnose. As I got into college I decided to try to turn those delusions of becoming a demigod into a screenplay. I had planned on going to California with that screenplay to try to find somebody that would want to buy/produce it. I obviously didn’t have a whole lot of knowledge about how Hollywood worked or anything, but as I started to set goals to go I kept running into obstacles in reality. I got busted with a quarter pound of pot and got put on probation in Iowa. I won’t get to into that but I eventually just decided to violate my probation and go there anyways. I was homeless for a few weeks until I met a guy that offered to be my manager and ended up offering me a place to stay and took me yo meet with people he said were producers. To this day I don’t know how real that was or if he had ulterior motive or if he was genuinely trying to help me. But I ended up having another one of those episodes and was hospitalized again. The doctors in Los Angeles diagnosed me with bipolar. But by this time I had come to the realization that this was more supernatural than just mental because a lot of the things that happened to me just couldn’t have been coincidental. About a year down the road I had another probation violation, I had a warrant out for my arrest and turned myself in. This time I was in the middle of a manic cycle so they decided to put me in solitary confinement for 60 days. My mental health seemed to deteriorate in solitary, and I started to pray to god, and then I started to have voices in my head, but they didn’t seem to come from any of the Abrahamic gods. The voices in my head have been known to guide me through situations I normally would have not known how to handle, and have done things that have proven that they are supernatural/celestial in nature. I have been listening to THC these last couple of weeks and a lot of the things I heard in the 1st hour shows were consistent with my own reality that I was never able to explain before. So I decided to give membership a try, and here I am.

Posted : October 15, 2023 10:31 PM